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  • Effective team decision making
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The facilitate job fairs encouraged and motivated the teams to share their live experiences with the teams. This report helps us in many ways our ways of communication with our teams like:
Of course, effective team decision-making assumes an effective team, one where there is trust and respect for each other, as described in chapter 6. The foundation Coalition (2001a) describes a range of circumstances that should be present if a team is to be effective in decision-making. These are drawn from Kline (1999), who points out that ‘Everything we do depends on the thinking we do first’. The ten components below outline the components required to create the right thinking environment for a team.
‘ Place. Choose a physical environment that is welcoming and creative (but not too noisy).
‘ Ease. Ease creates; urgency destroys ‘ leave time to do good work rather than rushing at the end.
‘ Diversity. Honour the differences within your team and take advantage of them.
‘ Attention. Listen with respect, interest and fascination to your team members.
‘ Information. Share your information and knowledge with the group in a timely fashion.
‘ Incisive questions. Challenge each other’s’ assumptions that limit ideas and solutions.
‘ Appreciation. Practice a 5:1 ratio of praise to criticism of your teammates and their ideas.
‘ Encouragement. Move beyond competition with your teammates to collaboration.
‘ Feelings. Allow sufficient emotional release to restore thinking; honour other members’ feelings.
‘ Equality. You will have your turn later; listen attentively now.
‘ If you practice these ten steps, then you can move your team into the performing range where decisions become easy.
‘ My Community My Future, it tells positively about the role models and the stories related to them. Thus in respective teams we can also do the same and share our role model experiences and learn from them.
‘ Get the low Down, helps in knowing about the opportunities available
‘ It helps in knowing your hidden skills, the skills which you already possess. Thus within your team you can discuss about the hidden skills.
‘ This helps us in developing team spirit and working cordially with our colleagues. It also helps us in developing stronger and comfortable relationship with our superiors in the team.

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