Essay: Employee engagement, Maslow's theory and expectancy theory

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  • Employee engagement, Maslow's theory and expectancy theory
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The first theory which is applied by Walt Disney Company is employee engagement. According to Dana Wilkie (2014a), it is named as the happiest place on the world. Naveenshahi (2013) said that Disney often focuses on people and creates a happy environment for their employees and makes them loyal to the company. To achieve the high engagement of employees, they hire and train the employees, create enthusiasm through communication and always put people at first. Walt Disney has a well-being employee engagement as there are some examples show that employees often put customers at the first place, work hard on their jobs. Mr. Kurlin who is one of the cast members picked up a thrown coffee cup while he was walking towards his working place even though it was not part of his work. Furthermore, there was a little girl lost her Bell doll at the park. The cast members helped her to found it immediately after hearing this news. Before returned it back to the girl, they passed it to the clothing department to fix its hair and change clothes. (Dana Wilkie, 2014b)
Secondly, Walt Disney Company has been applying the Maslow’s Needs Hierarchy Theory. In Walt Disney, there is a ‘Spirit of FRED’ award which is one of the 180 recognition programs. Through this program, the employees are helped to gain, enhancing the attitudes of the employees and helping them to create a feel of belonging. Moreover, Walt Disney maintains the rules to keep its employees with the right attitudes which might reinforce the job requirement to fulfill the standard of high performance company. Furthermore, in order to evaluate the employees, the company’s managers oversee employees’ performance by providing the guidelines. Furthermore, Walt Disney also offers the employees complimentary theme park admissions, giving them a chance to buy stock, personal assistant network, awards for services and offering the scholarship programs to the children of the cast members and chosen employees.
Thirdly, Expectancy theory is applied by Walt Disney Company. In hiring, it gives the chance to all the people who are interested in this job, so it hire people without regard any religion, gender, race, sex, colour and others. (The Walt Disney Company, 2015a) In training, it offers training opportunities to the program participants through the ‘Disney University’ as it ensures that training can enhance their knowledge and skills. (Hong Kong Baptist University, 2009a) Besides, it also provides a compliance training which is included Business Standards and Ethics Training. Through this training, it can make sure that all the employees and cast members can act ethically as they have the knowledge. (The Walt Disney Company, 2015b) Furthermore, Walt Disney Company provides a total rewards package to all the employees which can help them to have a better life and grow professionally. The total rewards package is included 6 categories which are understand salary, offering health benefits, providing learning training, offering time off, providing financial benefits and some extra unique benefits like employee discounts. Not only that, Walt Disney Company rewards its employees depends on their performance and hard work. According to the employees’ good results, it indicates that there is a positive effect in Disney Walt Company as the employees work hard in order to enjoy the rewards. (Hong Kong Baptist University, 2009b)
Lastly, Walt Disney Company also applies the goal setting theory. It uses a goal setting tool which provides a special strategy for its creative writing team. In order to achieve the goals, they must always have creative ideas. Thus, they use this goal setting tool which is included dreamers’ room, realist room and critic room to help them achieve the goal. In the first room, the employees might dream, image freely and think about future without any criticize. Moreover, in the realist room, the employees will discuss about which should be the most realistic ideas. They do not criticize each others’ ideas when they are discussing which is possible to be the best idea at this stage. In the last room, they separate and criticise the ideas. By using this goal setting tool, it can ensure that the good ideas will be flow more freely and smoothly and will not be crushed in the beginning. As a result, it may help them to achieve the goals which is stimulates creativity. Not only that, Walt Disney Company’s goal is to achieve the excellent performance by implanting citizenship into their daily decisions and leaded by three main principles which are Act, Champion and Inspire (ACI). It acts and creates in an ethical way and thinks about the effects on people and planet, always make the kids and families be happy and inspire the kids and families have the positive change in the world. (The Walt Disney Company, 2012)

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