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Essay: Feasibility study on the GCC markets.

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A smart company will always be proactive in order to survive in the market. Planning a strategy to expand the company and get more customers from different places will guarantee the company’s future.
Our purpose from this proposal is to make a feasibility study on the GCC markets. Then, provide some recommendations on expanding the spa and opening the new branch specifically in Oman.
We have noticed in the last few years a decrease in the spa’s customers. We’ve done some surveys on the targeted customers. It turns out that the problem is that there are many places that have the same service in Saudi Arabia. Although our company was unique before the other companies join the same industry. Rivals are providing this same service in hotels, resorts and centers. Having lots of aggressive competitors affects our company’s growth in terms of customer orders, as a result, we are facing a huge decline in profits. Our company can’t compete like other companies because the competitors are increasing with time. Also, customers always look for the newest companies in the market. One of the major problems is that we don’t have many resources to compete with them. Discounts will cause more losses for the company as well as it is a temporary solution which can’t solve this problem. Because of this problem we are thinking to open the new branch in other country, In order to expand the company’s reputation and customers and that will positively affect our company in Saudi Arabia because the customers will know the extent of our competence in our success in other countries. We will conduct a feasibility study to guarantee the company’s success. Choosing the right place is very important for us. A country which has fewer competitors with huge demand is going to be the selected one. Feasibility criteria will be based on competitors’ availability, customers’ presence, and the right place which can provide comfort and relaxation to the customers. In this way our company will return the strength and reputation through expanding the spa in one of the Gulf countries. Probably the selected country is going to be Oman because it has a nice weather and natures which will make our customers more relax. This can help when making the spa’s design because the nature and beauty in the landscapes it easier and cheaper. In addition, we’ve noticed a lack of competitors in Oman which will benefit us in increasing the company’s profits.
Feasibility study:
The feasibility study is based on how the success of the project taking into accounts. It includes geographic, demographic, economic, political and technological factors. This will help in scheduling the project in order to plan for a better future. Also, to Gide managers to achieve their goals and to see the possible pros and cons before investing company’s funds in the project in order to avoid making wrong decisions.
The purpose of the feasibility study is to reduce the risk and increase the chance of success by examining the goals and plans.
The Sultanate of Oman
Geographical and Demographical Features
in the Arabian Peninsula Oman is located in the south eastern corner. Oman, the third largest country in the Arabian Peninsula, has land borders with Yemen, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates. Oman lies on the Tropic of Cancer; the total area of the Sultanate of Oman is 309,500 square kilometres. Oman’s Languages are Arabic (official), English, Baluchi, Urdu, Indian dialects. and The Sultanate`s population is 3,154,134.
Political and Economical Features
. Oman has no democracy; all power is in the hands of sultan Qaboos ibn Said the head of state. In the early 1990s, the sultan instituted an elected advisory council, the Majlis ash-Shura, though few Omanis were eligible to vote. The judicial system is to a large extent based upon the Sharia.
Oman has grow by 4.5 to 5 percent In GDP conservative at the same level in 2013, Inflation is 3.2% percent. The average price of Oman oil is $ 106,. Oman is ranked 6th out of 15 countries in the Middle East/North Africa region,
Since and Technology
according to a government request a study of technology go over several areas which affect on technology and since in Oman such as agriculture material and sea resources which have strong agreement from students in universities that rise up to 13 percent between 1997-1987 in engineering and since major at the universities. in health major Oman start developing in universities by having majors of mathematics and labs in addition to the museums which start to published in Oman in 1983.
Economy of Kuwait
Kuwait is one of the most important countries in the Middle East, and one of the largest countries in oil-exporting in the world.
Kuwait’s economy has many components and outstanding factors contributed to the formation of industry, and economy is important and influential and attractive regionally and globally.
Technology and Political system
During present years Kuwait has been a modern city. kuwait has many historic landmarks and have a lot of facilities and tourist resorts. Kuwait became a distinct country nowadays.
The government system in Kuwait is democratic, Kuwait has sovereignty and Constitution follow it..
Geographical and Demographical features : Kuwait is located in the north-western corner of the Gulf.Kuwait has importance of trading because of its location.
The number of Kuwait’s population is 3,328,136 people.
In 2012, the GDP reached 981 billion dollars in 2011, and that growth of 4.2 percent, the figures surpass its predecessors in 2010, where the gross national product of 942 billion dollars, a growth of 1.3 percent, according to a report of the UAE economy.
Technology and Politics
UAE has high spending on IT education, to access to free educational row of paper the government is seeking the UAE through an initiative launched and this is what already has been done.
United Arab Emirates has seven emirates each one has local government, Khalifa bin Nuhayyan is the chief of state (since 2004). The Sharia system legal system -Zayid al of the UAE.
Geographical and Demographical features
The total area of the UAE is 83,600 square kilometers (including the islands). UAE’s Languages are Arabic (official), English. and The UAE`s population is 3,154,134. The currency is dirham (U.S. $ one = 3.672 dirhams).
Economy and Technology
In the Middle East Bahrain is one of the most advanced and sophisticated countries, Petroleum Company (Bapco) in Bahrain Used automated equipment for the oil operation. According to the Bahrain News Agency, The rate of economic growth of the Kingdom of Bahrain rose 4.6% on an annual basis in the third quarter of the year, after it was grow down from 5.3% in the second quarter.
Political system
The chief of state is King Shaikh Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa. After his accession he championed a program of democratic reform shortly. Bahrain has delivered, and has has also offered support for each stage of Iraq’s political transformation. Bahraincooperated effectively in humanitarian support and technical training to support the reconstruction of the Iraqi banking sector.
Geographical and Demographical features
The population size increased to 1.19502 million. Bahrain’s located 767.26 square kilometers. Kingdom of Bahrain consists of five provinces are: Manama, the Central, Muharraq, and Northern, Southern. Bahrain’s languages are Arabic, English, Farsi, The Sharia is legal system of Bahrain.and Urdu. And
Economy and Technology
Qatar is developing a new industry in the last several years, The growth in the demand for solar applications expand in Qatar. Qatar protects the local banking sector thro represents investments, entrepreneurships and employment opportunities. Also Qatar as 6.6% in 2012. high real GDP growth
Political system the head of state, There is no electoral system in , Emir is Al Thani family The ruling Qatar. Political parties are banned.
Qatar enacted its provisional constitution, after its independence from Britain in 1971. After Qatar’s independence, it’s embodied the first provisional basic law of governance.
Institution to be compatible with the Also Qatar was amended its provisional co.requirements of this new era
Demography and Geography
Qatar is a peninsula located in the middle of the west coast of the Arabian Gulf, with a number of islands including Halul and Shira’aw and Ashat … And Islam is the official religion of Qatar.
Qatar has a million and a half of people, “according to estimates of the General Secretariat for Development Planning in 2009.”
In this report we are targeting several audiences. The primary audience is the consultant of bonanza spa from SAK company he is responsible for the big decisions in the company. Starting bonanza spa in Oman may cost $100,000 or more. As a result, the company which is going to support us with the capital has to look at this report.
The secondary audience includes Mr. Tamer Alrashed he is the CEO of “Bonanza spa” and has the power to ask for an action to expand the spa. Dr. Haitham who is specialized in physical therapy to help us in diagnosing the patients’ situations. Also, the human recourses department to provide us with the required statistics in order to make accurate decisions.
Topics to investigate:
In this report we are going to discuss the issues that matters when opening the new branch in Oman.
* Does it have the required tools in terms of the technological stuff?
* What dose bonanza expects the economic growth in Oman?
* What are the main problems our company will face when opening the spa in Oman?
* What is the best location that can help to make more profit?
* Is there a political stability in Oman? Can it be under threat in long run?
* What recourses a spa should have?

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