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Essay: Health and safety implementation proposal

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During a health and safety implementation proposal in the site it is compulsory to ensure whether the proposed plan safeguards the employees or public by eliminating, minimizing or isolating the hazards.
Eliminating the hazard
If it is possible it is safer to make an implementation proposal which eliminates the hazard completely.
Isolating the hazard
In some cases it is not possible to completely eliminate the hazards in these circumstances the workers could be separated from the hazards by using proper barricades or signs.
Minimizing the hazard
If it is impossible to completely eliminate or isolate the hazards. In these situations the hazards could be minimized. This could be used as a last resort because the employees could be still exposed to hazards.
It is compulsory for the Health and Safety Officers to consult the workers when planning for health and safety. Workers who carry out the work in the site are directly affected. This lets the workers to express their views about the issues that they are facing in the site. If workers views and ideas are considered, it could be easy for Health and Safety Officers to identify all the hazards in the site and choose an appropriate control measures.
There could be health and safety representatives or committee to communicate the workers views and ideas before any decisions are taken about health and safety.
The workers should be encouraged to immediately inform any issues that they face in the site. It does not matter whether it is a minor or a major issue. So there are more chances for preventing the accidents before happening.
Keep records of health monitoring of the workers which includes sick leaves, incidents in the site.
If there are any accidents it should be immediately informed to the relevant government authorities by Health and Safety Officers.
The cause for the frequent accidents should be determined and the workers should be well-trained in those areas to prevent accidents from taking place in the future. If possible provide an overall training to the workers in the site or recruiting well-trained and skilled workers. This could also reduce the possibilities of an accident. This could be done by Health and Safety Supervisor.
Tool box talk should be conducted in a daily basis prior to start of work in the site. It usually takes 10-15 minutes and generally few tips are given to stay safe in the construction site. Try to conduct tool box meeting in an area where there is a less noise in the site, to get the full attention from the workers. Encourage workers to ask questions in end of the meeting. Health and Safety Supervisor should take the responsibility over this.
The following things could be communicated to the workers.
Hazardous zones, hard hat areas, safety routes within the site, handling tools or machineries safely and list of places where the work is done at heights because to protect other workers who are not involved in the work from falling objects from height.
The risk involved and the experience of the workers determines the level of supervision required. More supervision is needed when workers are inexperienced and unfamiliar with the work they do in the site. Regular inspection and testing should be done by health and safety supervisor to observe the condition of the equipments and machineries. If required repair or replacement should be done to avoid injuries due to malfunctioning tools.
Regular supervision should be done weekly or monthly by health and safety supervisor to identify the conditions of the floors, stairs, routes, lighting, welfare facilities (clean toilets, resting places and hygienic food) and first aid. It is better to maintain records of inspections.
Maintaining records and collecting information up to date could help to improve implementation techniques and control measures. Expert advice and opinion or relevant research could also help during implementation.
Health and Safety Officer has to ensure whether all the workers are covered with health insurance.
The main aim is to provide a good understanding to S.H.Ltd about all the procurement types in order to select an appropriate procurement type for the construction of the apartments and also to realize the importance of health and safety in the site.
All the possible constraints in this project have been determined and the outcomes of choosing the appropriate procurement type according to those constraints have been listed.
Risk assessment has been done and the required control measures have been determined which reduces the occurrence of accidents in the site.
The implementation proposal has been made which could reduce the damages by a significant percentage but not completely.’

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