Essay: How companies meet the needs of people of various ages

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  • How companies meet the needs of people of various ages
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Also when you become old, you may become insecure, so it’s wise for employees to give them space. Marriot Hotel help people who are quite old by giving them Elderly package which is an offer that will benefit them in ways of comfort and price. . This is why the age category is delicate to manage for the accommodation industry because young and old people both have needs that are difficult to be met due to their personality’s, this is why credit needs to be given to the accommodation industry in how they accustom their environment to customers’ needs of all ages.
Tourist from abroad
The accommodation industry are a hotspot for tourists that come to the UK from abroad, because of the many beautiful attractions UK have, this attracts all sorts of people from different countries and culture to come to the UK but they would need somewhere to stay, which will be Hotels, B&B and Hostels. When tourist arrive to check into hotels they have lots of needs to be met for their stay to become comfortable, such as the common thing where tourist cannot speak English or they have trouble understanding the Language, hotels will need to correct this by offering them English book translator for their language so they could understand. The accommodation industry is a big sector in the UK that the economy relies on to make a good impression to visitors that arrive in the UK for a holiday and hopefully enjoy their stay enough for them wanting to come back. This is all about the UK making money. Firstly the accommodation industry will invest huge funds in Staff training into their approachability towards new tourist arriving into the UK and their body language towards them because it is key for the tourist feel that employees in the accommodation industry look interested in them and helpful. This is great to build good reputation. When you have tourist staying in the UK for the first time it’s nice to make them feel welcome, offer them free gifts, these are the things tourist will look for when visiting a new country whether or not UK will be a place they would come back to in the future and return to the Hotel. Hotels like Hiltons have language centre that will assist tourist from abroad that have trouble with the English language. Also some tourist might come from countries that have a tradition of being respectful, when they come to UK and check into their hotels they would like staff to show them kindness and respect.
How companies meet family’s needs
Companies such as the Hiltons do pre-arrival call to check with the family that they are comfortable with the journey to the hotel and if they have any specific request. This method allows the family to feel special that Hiltons wishes them a good journey, great customer service. When families check in they like to feel welcome this is why businesses like Hilton offer new family customer’s inexpensive gifts. Hotels like Watergate bay offer children zones to give kids a place to play about with other kids, whilst parents are nearby in a bar watching over their kids and there are always trained employees who can deal with children, this is good for families because makes them feel good that their kids are in good hands. Hotels such as premier inn provide families inter connecting rooms for freedom and space, this allows parents their own time in their room without being disturb by kids. Majority of hotels offer children menus with healthy and child friendly portions. Other facility that a family hotel provides is a cr??che and other child care facility which provides the extra care for the child that a mother would need in a hotel. If you have a small child then sometimes you need a cr??che where you can put your child to play so that you can catch up on your sleep or work in the meanwhile. It is only in family accommodations where you can get facilities such as these. These are the certain lengths companies in the accommodation industry such as hotels will go to in meeting the needs of families and implementing investments that will help them settle in at their time in the hotels.
How companies meet people with a disability needs
Hotel Alex Firenze in Florence are determined to look after and aid people with disabilities. All Florence hotel reservations through Sage Traveling come with Pre-trip accessible travel consultation with one of our London specialists and Emergency assistance if something goes wrong during your trip. Most hotels in Florence Italy provide wheelchair users a deluxe handicapped room that can accommodate 3 people and has a roll-in shower. The option to bring in an extra bed to your room make this Florence wheelchair accessible hotel one of our top picks for a disabled traveller and their family. Hotels in Florence do an extremely great job in supporting people with disabilities including investing in money to modify the hotels so that it’s accessible for people who are disable. Ridgeway Bed and Breakfast Blair Gowrie offer a bungalow and our twin room is capable of coping with a wheelchair. The shower room and shower area are large and the toilet can be fitted with a raised seat. Also available is a chair for the shower. Grab rails are fitted where needed. There are facilities for one bed to be raised. A ramp is available over four steps to the front door. No steps inside the bungalow. The Hiltons have good reputation in helping people with disabilities and this enhances their chances or getting more customers, thus retaining more money and the way they maintain this reputation is that Hiltons make sure their guests make their way through their hotels, from parking and entranceways, reception and restaurants to the lift, stairs and accessible rooms. In Italy you can see the effort they put in in making sure people with disabilities are looked after and catered for. They have done this in making investments in machinery that aid people with disabilities such as ramps and lifts. They have made these improvements throughout Italy, especially in Florence to make the lives of the people with disabilities easier and accessible for them.
How companies meet the needs of Groups
When travelling in groups and finding a place to stay you would book in a hostels. Majority of hostels are budget hostels so it will be cheap to stay in which is good when you are planning for a place to stay in keeps amount of money you spend lower than you would of if you went to a hotel. Budget hostels are excellent accommodation choice for people travelling in groups because they tend to be more social and experiential than hotels, with common areas, group activities and shared living space think these are the features that will be ideal for groups of people to stay and have good time and YHA London Lee Valley is a budget hostel that provide this service. The reason why hostels meet the needs of friends that are in large groups is that in the accommodation industry hostels are the only company that have the necessary facilities to accommodate large number of people in groups to live in. In a hostel they give out good social atmosphere where you’ll have roommates and will share spaces like the bathroom, kitchen and common room. The more social hostels can have bars and restaurants, and sometimes even movie theatres, rooftop lounges, pools to make sure customers needs are met and that they are happy. Companies in the accommodation industry meeting the needs of groups, will have to spend a lot of money to meet their needs due to amount of people living in hostels. Reason why I’ve picked Hostels is because they have the necessary environment to accommodate groups and make their time there enjoyable.
Internal Customers
The main internal customer that businesses in the tourism sector rely on is their shareholders because they are the people who are willing to invest in your business so that you utilise the funds to make improvements within the business. The shareholder needs are that in return of investing in your company they want dividends, which is percentage from the company profits that go to the shareholder which means the business needs to be profitable in order to pay shareholders dividends and make them happy. The methods used by many businesses in the tourism sector to meet their internal customers’ needs is motivating their staff and making sure they feel that they are integral part of the business. Also listening to their ideas and implementing them so that they know their views are valued. Hotels such as the Hilton see their internal customers as vital part of the business even going major lengths and giving them dividends as well. Luxury hotel chain Marriot Hotel also provide this option for their employees because it is good way to motivate them and encourage them perform their best whilst working for them because they got big incentive to follow
How companies meet the needs of people of various ages.
Employees that work for businesses in the accommodation industry will know that approaching people that are different ages will have to change their body language towards them for Example when parents check into hotels with their kids employees need to adjust their body language towards them because of young children being difficult to communicate too because it has become common that staff don’t know how to treat young children and this isn’t the right, this is why the accommodation industry has changed thanks to government grants they have received, they are able to use this money to invest in specialized training for staff working in the accommodation industry to help their communication skills with kids and improve their body language towards them so that kids feel good rather than being scared, this is important investment because with these enhanced skills, this will rub off on the parents if they know that the staff are having good relationship with their kids so might give parents incentive to return back to this hotel in future, thus giving the hotel more revenue. Businesses in the accommodation industry who practice these methods are holiday inn and travel lodge, this enhances the employee skills. They know meeting the needs of older people will become more difficult due to their stubbornness or because of their way making it difficult to communicate with younger staff, this is why meeting their needs is extremely difficult. To meet the needs of elderly people you have to give them sense of respect, the older generation deserve a sense of respect, they lived in a time where comfort were not present. Also when you become old, you may become insecure, so it’s wise for employees to give them space. This is why the age category is delicate to manage for the accommodation industry because young and old people both have needs that are difficult to be met due to their personality’s, this is why credit needs to be given to the accommodation industry in how they accustom their environment to customers’ needs of all ages.

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