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  • Interviews of Entrepreneurs - Entreprenurship
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Business Reatil Sector
Grocery Zone

Grocery Zone
Grocery zone provide one-stop grocery shopping solution to our customer that makes life simpler and easier shopping experience. Now customer buy different groceries and fresh fruits and vegetables from comfort of home, where customer don’t need to stand in large queues either at convenience store, super store & super market. Therefore, here is Karachi life become simple and convenience to browse shop and collect groceries at their doorstep.
Market offering are mainly focus on Grocery, Fruits & vegetables, Dairy product, Beverages, Household, Baby care, Personal care, Meat, Confectionary. Furthermore, we offer multiple, sku ,brands in each category where customer find everything customer looking far as one stop shopping experience. Save time and money, shop at Grocery zone.We altogether said,
‘You shop, we drop’
Our Delivery system initially provided home delivery services in Defense & Clifton Areas
Also we are going to enter new market, which has huge potential and sales volume, is B2B market to provide groceries item to these target market. In this market, we’ll determine to more focused on quality, quantity ,Pricing ,Packaging and Services.
Working with our customers to give them the best grocery shopping experience possible
Grocery Zone was the idea of young students from different universities these all three are very close friends; names are given below:
Mr. VikashWaswani
Mr. SubhashVerwani
Mr. Mukeshhaswani

Current position or success of business
Currently Business is new to the market but yet we have an average order of 150-200 orders per months, although the numbers are not great but it will increase in future as there is loyalty among the customers, repeat purchase is very much high.
Grocery Zone formulated category basis on common products characteristics, attributes and consumer buying behavior. Category is:
‘ Grocery
‘ Vegetables & Fruits
‘ Beverages
‘ Meat
‘ Household
‘ Dairy Product
‘ Personal Care
‘ Frozen Food
‘ Baby Care
Category Management is process of management activities that lies in each Category. We assign each person as category manager whose responsibility to oversees the overall function of categories .Functions include
‘ Develop assortment plan for entire category
‘ Selecting merchandise in which more focus on which brand ,SKUs are need to carry in each category
‘ Selecting ,evaluating and working with vendors .Also try to best combination of sizes ,brands and vendors
‘ Co-ordinate with store manager about collecting information about sales, products, brands and sku within brand are preferable and running too high
‘ Co-ordinate with other department
a) Finance department about budget about merchandising each category, pricing strategies in order to achieve financial objective.
b) Co-ordinate with marketing department about promotion with advertising department and stores
‘ Responsible for success or failure of category as find out which problems are occurred in arrive merchandize late in category, spoiled or outdated products. Responsible and working with other members to take serious measures to avoid these problems
‘ Evaluate the performance of category in term of sales ,profits achieve in the category
Targeted based on areas & location
Our target market , which our grocery zone owned, is Defence and Clifton .Further classification done in these areas , basically target those areas which haven’t basic facility like superstore ,vegetable shop and others .Particulary these areas are situated in Clifton ,like bath island ,back Clifton ,Back Kent ,also at boat basin areas where as defence we mainly focus ,apartment and also commercial areas like banglows
Classification based on characterstics
As we find out in research ,mostly these apartment of clifton & Defence are average5 or more than flats,So this huge market is there and continouly increasing.this is our Primary target market,by satisfied their need well with our uniques market offering .in end it become main pillar of family that our business built
‘ Advantage:
a) Business Husband &wife: busy in daily routine ,less time to shop grocery,Covience and time delivery will be advatage for them
b) Employees people:Work 9 to7 ,get tired but need to buy groceries &Vegetables.Homedelivery option to avail and get benfits
‘ Problems faced need to tackle
a) They employed Cook as servant,which buy groceries and fruits and vegetables.So need to find out how we either reinforce these cook or business man to order at us
b) Insufficient education cause difficulty in making order or resistent to use this service
c) Also bachelor both male & female are resident of these areas ,included in our target market.Female Bachelor could be classified constant customer as utilized this sevices very effectively as it fully provide conviniece and hme door faciliites However it can be problem in male bachelor as cook are dominent there.So formulate strategy to penetrate them thtough owners to influence to buy from us
d) Also muslim community considered 2nd pillar of our family as provided them great deal of offering which linked to occasion and these occasion caused emotional attachment with them by be part of celberation
Departments/processes (if any)
Marketing Department:
This department is responsible for creating awareness of Grocery Zone in the mind of the target Customers. This department is also responsible to take care Social media pages of Store, updating it and getting responses of customers.
Purchasing Department
Department is fully responsible for purchasing the groceries on low price from different wholesalers in a low quantity as we don’t have a warehouses, we keep it in our flates.
Delivering Department
This Department is responsible for delivering the products to customers on their door step. We have 2 Bikes which are used for delivery.
Call Receiving
This Department is responsible for receiving order from customers and transforming information from customers to Delivering Department.
Finance department
This department is responsible for:
Development of Profit Model (Financial Model)
Create inventory management model that help in recording & making transactions
Whole budget Plans OF brand ,Sales forecasting ,and making Financial statement
Developing Payment Term of B2B market
Cash management and Banks Account Management
Competitive strengths:
Grocery Zone is a mobile based grocery store, customers just call us and we provide the groceries on their door step. Here notice two things are advantage for us,
1) time saving
2) transportation cost and convenience
3) Warehouse Cost
There are some problems which we are currently facing such as :
1) Fake Orders
2) Karachi situations
Background of the Company & Entrepreneur
Grocery Zone was a brilliant idea of some young friends who want to do business but in an innovative way. the boys belong to a family which used to do business, there is no concept of job in their family so they have to go for business but they chose an interesting and innovative way of retailing, which is new for Karachi Market.
Currently they are serving in Defense and Clifton only but in future they may go for expansion. Initial investment was 0.8 million which was funded by their family and some of them also having saving from years.
– Motives for the venture
Grocery Zone was a brilliant idea of some young friends who want to do business but in an innovative way. the boys belong to a family which used to do business, there is no concept of job in their family so they have to go for business but they chose an interesting and innovative way of retailing, which is new for Karachi Market.
According to VikashWaswani ‘new industry anlysis as new medium is cater to retail industry, as BBA student ,imitate something new and innovative to cater wider market and avail the opportunity’
– Difficulties in fund raising
No such Difficulties was faced by them, their family fully support them to establish their own business, it was tough in the starting to convince them for this business but after giving some successful examples of this type of business in developed countries they were confident and support the young entreprenurs.
Entrepreneurial skills
The Young entrepreneurs are the students of different top universities of Karachi; Business is something which is passion for their family, they have very much relatives in involve in retail business. This also help them as there supply chain was full of their own retailers.
Administration (Back Hand Planning)
Merchandise Management

Staple Merchandize Buying System:
Supply Chain Management
Effective Supply chain system benefits in two reasons. First, this cause of improved availability of product because effective supply chain management cause reduce lead time and also availability of stock which meet demand of customer and hence customer satisfied. Second ,Also cause for increase profit by increasing the sales ,as more assortment available in the stock that satisfy need the stock and cause attraction of more customer flow. This would result in better customer relationship management and hence profit would increase for long term. In addition to, This help in reduction the cost because our store distribution center so effective to merchandise received ,prepared for sale and shipped to customer
Flow of the Information
Sales Information
Business Strategies
We are following the business model of Wall-mart, initially we are providing discount on many items as we don’t have warehouse cost as well as don’t have employee cost we all partners play the roll in every part.
We are also diversified in term of our services as we don’t exists physically, customer can only call us or sms to get their order and we deliver them on door step.
Future Plans
We don’t have any expansion plan in near future; we may expand it in next few years, but keeping eye on demand and shopping pattern of a particular area.
Any Solutions/Recommendations to Improve the Business
Keeping view on your business module, its fine but the Rate of orders per month is 150 that is not a great, it may be due to lack of expertise of may be due to awareness. So we have to spend some amount on advertising in order to generate awareness or we may go for brochures distribution, it is very cheap we can spread the broachers’ in these particular areas.
Social Media can also be used for creating awareness, although they have social media but it is not active that it should.

Name of Entrepreneurs
Mr. RehanQurban Shaikh
Business Food Sector
Bite ‘Love it First’

When there is will there is way. 4 friends studying in SZABIST Larkana thinks to do something new for Larkana city, they were searching for opportunities, after some research they realize that there is very much need of fast food for youth in Larkana and no one is there to satisfied their need, Larkana is city of youth where there are 4 top universities including Chandka Medical College, SZABIST, Quid Awam engineering University and a univertsy for Nurses.
After a lot of research then they go for a Fast food Restaurant and the name was chosen BITE.Bite was launched in 2010 realizing the need of fast food sector in Larkana, Sindh and capitalizing on the growth opportunity due to no competition in the city. It was stitched in the heart of Larkana city, on right bank of Rice canal near ChandkaPul.
Mr. AmunOhaja,
Mr. Kashif Gul and
Mr Ahsan
-Current position orsuccess of business
Bite which started with as low capital as Rs 140,000 and with four workers (labors) sold only 4 type of Paratha Rolls now has expanded to a proper dine-in restaurant with more than 15 workers and the book value of business calculated at around Rs 1 Million. The sales has increased from Rs 7,000 a day to around Rs 30,000 per day.
Started with only Paratha Rolls, Now offers a wide range of fast food including Burgers, Fries, Bar BQ, Soups, Chinese and Sheesha (Hukka)
In the start the business was aimed and targeted at youth and teenagers Specially University students but the model found out that the families contributed equally to youngsters in the revenue. Persons of different age like the rolls of Bite. Children to old and male to female everyone likes the Fast food of Bite.
Three Departments
1. Kitchen (Cooking)
2. Dine-In Management
3. Cash/Inventory Management
Competitive edges/strengths
Pioneers in Larkana city with first mover advantage and the strongest brand in Larkana when it comes to fast food
Financials for Year 2014
Sales 10800000
Cost of Goods sold 6480000
Gross Profit 4320000
Selling and Administrative Expense 2700000
Net Profit 1620000
Un Trained labor, had to train them.
Background of the Company & Entrepreneur
Motives for the venture
Craze to have a proper fast food sector in Larkana
Difficulties in fund raising
4 partners, each contributed Rs 35,000, some took small loan from family/friends. Some used own savings and some sold their mobile phones to finance the venture
Initial failures / troubles
We didn’t have any business model, had to make own model, rent a shop and find trained cooks.
There were no trained cooks so had to give them training, had to bear the cost of training and had to manage the concept and advertise initially.
Background and network
Business students from szabist with no family support as they decided to do it own their own without any support from family. All four partners were students of BBA third semester at the time of start of Bite and had no experience of doing any soft of business.
Competitive Analysis/Industry Profile (any statistics)
Approximately around 60% share of market and the market leader
Business Strategies
Invest more and more in product sophistication, quality has to be maintained in any case.
Customer satisfaction depends on employee satisfaction, so try to satisfy employees.
Future Plans(for expansion, diversification, or liquidation)
Additional plans include opening a second branch in Sukkur to expand the market and customer base.
Recommendations to Improve the Business
There must be an association of Fast food restaurants to get support from the local administration of the city.

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