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Core values:
JK organization has been a forerunner in the economic and social advancement of India. It always aimed at creating job opportunities for a multitude of country men and to provide high quality products. It has striven to make India self reliant by pioneering the production of a number of industrial and consumer products, by adopting the latest technology as well as developing its own know-how. It has also undertaken industrial ventures in several other countries. JK organization is an association of industrial and commercial companies and charitable trusts. Its member companies, employing nearly 50,000 persons are engaged in the manufacture of a variety of products and in diverse fields of commerce.
Trusts are devoted to promoting industrial, technical and medical research, education, religious values and providing better living and recreational facilities. With the spirit of social consciousness uppermost in mind, J.K organization is committed to the cause of human advancement.
JK tyres no 1 market position
In what is being considered as a landmark decision in the highly competitive Indian tyre industry, the advertising standards council of India has upheld JK industries ltd’s claim of being India’s no 1 tyre manufacturer in the four-wheeler tyre segment, reaffirming JK’s leadership position in the market.
Expressing his happiness over ascis judgment, JK tyre marketing director t k banerjee says: this is a fabulous example of why all of us need to have faith in bodies like asci. We believe that the process of self-regulation in Indian advertising is working for both companies and agencies. We also hope that this would encourage various players to bring superior technology and consumer service standards and claim leadership in amore healthier and competitive manner. The case was started when few competitors filed a complaint with asci against jk tyres print advertisement, in which JK tyre announced its numero Uno position in the four-wheeler tyre segment, quoting production figures compiled by automotive tyre manufacturer association and other authentic industry sources.
But the competitors contradicted the claim, stating the fact that market figures from a company’s annual report should be used as authentic data to claim ones leadership, not the production figures. But asci considered the case at the consumer complaints council on 23 may 2002 and upheld JK tyres contention that production figures, as compiled by authentic industry sources and used by JK tyre to claim its leadership, is a valid and applicable comparison platform.
Hence, JK tyres claim as no 1 tyre manufacturer in India is a perfectly valid and correct statement. This also reflects ascis agreement to JK tyres viewpoint that figures, as stated in the ones annual report, could actually be misleading and could include revenues from non-tyre-related businesses also.
JK tyre, pioneers of radial technology in India, is today India’s largest manufacturer of tyres in the four-wheel segment, including tyres for trucks and buses, lcvs, passenger cars, jeeps, tractors, and others. After 25 years of pioneering world-class technologies in India, JK tyre has recently launched the country’s first eco-friendly colored tyres as well as steel-belted tractor rear radials.
Vision; to be amongst the most admires companies in India committed to be excellence.
‘ To be a customer obsessed company
‘ To be a no.1 brand in India
‘ Enhanced the value of stakeholder
‘ To be a most profitable tyre company in India
‘ Global presence enhance through acquisition
‘ Increase the organization performance by motivating and committed team development
Quality policy;
International warranty policy:
‘ The product of J.K tyres are warranted against deficiency design, material and manufacturing.
‘ The warranty is valid for first buyer of the product. The repairs facility is only once. It means the marketing service of warranty shall not be entitled for all claim.
‘ The warranty is valid for truck tyres 36 month, 60 month for LCV tyres, car tyres from the date of shipment or manufacturing date whichever is earlier or based on kilometres covered.
‘ The product which received through warranty claim shall be inspected and
Disposition under felt technical service.
‘ Technical service personnel will be final findings of inspection in J.K tyres.
‘ To increase the standard of both material and workmanship, the company made its full efforts. In case of any injury the company will not liable to claim loss or damage for any person or property by using company products.
‘ The tyres and tubes of J.K tyres are warranted against manufacturing defects. Like design, manufacturing, material workmanship.
The accepted tyres under warranty claim will be replaced on pro rata based on percentage of tread wear. This findings made by J.K tyres Technical service personnel or authorized personnel would be finalise.
Services of fleet management
Fleet management is program, which is introduced by J.K tyres to add value for customers. This concept is aimed to increasing the company connection with customers. By this program it offers total tyre solutions, from purchase to disposal. And help to ensure the optimum cost per kilometre.
As a part of this program, a J.K tyre provides dedicated fleet in charge. For every fleet those who assist and implementation of best tyre care and maintenance, like timely rotation, proper fitment procedures. This is a program where the company trains its employee’s drivers in book for fleets to maintain data management software for tyre data entry analysis. Tyre data records of fleet are synchronized with fleet database for vehicles fitness and vehicles fitness report shared with staff to maintain regular basis
.Fleet management is a concept created by J.K tyre to offer added value to its customers. The program is aimed at increasing company connection with customers. It offers total tyre solutions ‘ from purchase to disposal ‘ to ensure the optimum cost per kilometre to our fleets.
The J.K tyres infrastructure is divided into various parts such as Manufacturing unit, Quality testing, Warehouse and Research and development. This help the company in carry out the business operation in an organized manner. The company manufacturing unit is equipped with all the machines required for production of machines parts and tools. The following are the machine of manufacturing unit.
‘ Cutting machine.
‘ Lathe machine.
‘ Special purpose machine.
‘ Molding machine.
The company’s professionals are well versed with working of these machines and assist the company in filling bulk requirement of clients. The company’s professionals regularly clean and lubricate these machines so the production process does not get any hampered.
Attribute of warehouse
Moisture free, fire safety arrangement spacious the company warehouse is connected with roads. Stations and ports help the company to delivering the product within time frame.
Infrastructural facilities;- to ensure smooth production of flawless products, the company posses a state of the art of infrastructure. It includes different facilities that allow the company for fasten production process and its orders within time. Some of the important and necessary facilities are as fallows;-
‘ Moulding facility
‘ Welding facility
‘ Casting facility
‘ Cutting facility
‘ Shaping facility
‘ Plastic fitting facility
MRF tyres Ltd
The MRF tyres company is one of the leading companies in India. And the company offers passenger cars tyres, two wheeler tyres, Truck & Bus tyres, and farm services vehicles. The company also manufacture and sell tubes and flaps. MRF also manufacture conveyor belt under its brand.
CEAT tyres Ltd
CEAT tyres ltd of India were establish in 1958 at the time of collaboration of TATA groups. The truck and bus segment is the largest contribution of the company. The company covering 61.0% of product profile of large vehicles. And the remaining segment like 2 wheeler and passenger vehicles covered 39%.
APOLLO Tyres Ltd
Apollo tyres ltd is one of the leading manufacturing companies based on Gorgon, Haryana with operation across Asia and Europe.
TVS srichakra limited
TVS srichakar limited is one of the Indian companies, which engaged in manufacturing of two wheeler and three wheeler as well as agricultural farm tyres. TVS srichakra ltd is one of part of TVS auto group. The company located in Mudari at Tamil nadu. The company also export its products to USA, Europe, Australia and South America.
Goodyear India Limited
Goodyear India Ltd was established in 1961. The company is engaged in manufacturing of tyres, tubes and flaps. Goodyear India Ltd is having two plant one in Ballabgarh and another one in Aurangabad.
‘ They have wide dealership network
‘ They have built good brand name over decade and are an aggressive company
‘ They are continuously innovating and improving the level of efficiency
‘ They have good understanding customer needs
‘ They are one of the leading tyre exporter in India
‘ Limited market share due to the presence of the major brand in the segment
‘ Low presence in two/three wheelers segment
‘ Emerging market and improved life style
‘ More tie up with automobile companies as it is mainly B2B market
‘ Horizontal and concentric diversification
‘ Improve infrastructure has fuelled more and more transportation
‘ Price wars
‘ Heavy competition from national and international players
‘ Cheaper technologies
‘ Volatility in price and availability of raw material as India’s rubber demand is more than the production.
‘ Government policies export duties, import duties, tax levied an automobiles industries and economic condition of nation as determines the sales of automobile.

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