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  • Karvy Group
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Karvy Group was formed in 1983 at Hyderabad, India . India’s largest Registrar and Transfer Agent servicing over 500 + corporate and managing over 70,000,000 accounts making it the market leader. Ranked among the top five stock brokers in India, Karvy Computershare is known for its high standards and excellent service delivery. Karvy Stock Brokers Limited is a member of the National Stock Exchange of India and the Bombay Stock Exchange. Karvy is over 6,00,000 active accounts, and it ranks among the top five Depositary Participant in India, registered with NSDL and CDSL. Karvy Com trade, a member of NCDEX (National Commodity and Derivatives Exchange Ltd) and MCX (Multy Commodity Exchange Of India Ltd) ranks among the top three commodity brokers in the country.
Karvy Realty Services, which started in 2006, has quickly established itself as a broker who adds value, in the realty sector. Karvy Global offers off shoring services to its US clients. Karvy has 575 offices over 375 locations around India and international offices at Dubai and New York. Over 10,000 employees are working under Karvy group
Today, Karvy has access to millions of Indian shareholders, besides companies, banks, financial institutions and regulatory agencies. Over the past one and half decades, Karvy has evolved as a veritable link between people, industry and finance
In January 1998, Karvy became first Depository Participant in Andhra Pradesh. An ISO 9002 Company, Karvy’s commitment to quality and retail reach has made it an Integrated Financial Services company
1. Stock broking
2. Demat services
3. Investment product distribution
4. Investment advisory services
5. Corporate finance & Merchant banking
6. Insurance
7. Mutual fund services
8. IT enabled services
9. Registrars & Transfer agents
10. Loans
1. Stock broking:
Karvy is working as capital market intermediaries. Stock brokers are regulated by SEBI Regulations, 1992. The stock broker is a member of stock exchange. Stock broker are the intermediaries who are allowed to trade in securities on the exchange of which they are members. They buys and sells on their own as well as on behalf of their customers or clients.
2. Demat services:
Karvy is a depository participant with the National Security Depository Participant (NSDL) for trading and settlement of dematerialized shares. Depository Participants are defined as an agent of Depository. They are intermediaries between the depository and the investors of the stock. The relationship between the DPs and the depository is governed by an agreement made between the two parties under Depositories Act.
3. Investment product distribution:
Company undertakes the distribution of investment products like Fixed Deposit, Bonds, and Initial Public Offering (IPO)
4. Investment advisory services:
This division provides portfolio management services to high net-worth individuals and corporate. Karvy in research and stock broking gives it the right perspective to provide investment advisory services. Company provides advisory services to its clients.
5. Corporate finance and merchant banking:
Corporate Finance deals with firm’s operations with regard to investing and financing. It concerns with how firms raise their capital and consequences of alternative methods of raising capital. Firm’s capital can be raised by issuing shares, loans and acquiring or merging with other companies. Merchant banking is a financial intermediation that matches entities that need capital and those that have capital. Hence they facilitate the flow of capital in the market
6. Insurance:
Karvy is also dealing in insurance sevices. It is also a dealer of many private life insurance companies such as ICICI Prudential Life Insurance, HDFC Life Insurance and TATA AIG Life Insurance at present.
7. Mutual fund services:
Mutual Fund Clients of KARVY are Alliance Mutual Fund, Birla Mutual Fund, Bank of Baroda Mutual Fund, Can Bank Mutual Fund, Deutsche Mutual Fund, , Franklin Templeton Investments, GIC Mutual Fund, HDFC Mutual Fund, HSBC Mutual Fund, IL & FS Mutual Fund, JM Mutual Fund etc.
8. IT enabled services:
Karvy has been started this service since March, 2004. Karvy is work as TIN Facilitation Centre it provides following IT enabled services such as distribution of PAN Card, Distribution of TAN card and services related to e-TDS.
Karvy work as an intermediary between NSDL and IT payers. Karvy provides various forms for different IT enabled services and guides people to fill those forms. It also solves queries of the tax payers. It has also undertaken distribution of PAN and TAN cards to tax payers.
9. Registrars and transfer agents:
In 1985, Karvy entered the Registrar and Share Transfer Business to create a market niche in the competitive field of financial services. In 1994-95, it reached a milestone when it processed 104 Public Issues constituting 46 per cent market share. Now in its second decade of existence, Karvy is the leader in the industry: In an opinion poll conducted by an independent market research agency – MARG, Karvy has been rated as India’s Most Admired Registrar.
10. Loans:
Karvy has recently started this service at selected branches of metro cities. Karvy provides Vehicle Loan, Home Loan and Personal Loans at present.
Achievements of karvy
‘ Every 6th investor in India invests through KARVY
‘ Every 50th Indian is serviced by KARVY
‘ India’s No.1 Registrar and transfer agent
‘ Every 10th demat account is held at KARVY
‘ Every 20th trade in stock market is done through KARVY
Bajaj Capital was established in 1964 at Delhi. In 1965 it innovates a new financial instrument ‘Companies Fixed Deposits’ and becomes the first company to raise Fixed Deposits. The main objective of company is to provide professional guidance to investors on where, when and how to invest and to assist the corporate sector in its resource raising activities
Bajaj Capital provides a number of services to its customers including Buying and Selling of Money Market Investments, Merchant banking Distribution of financial products and Investment Advisory Service.
2. MCS Ltd:
It is established in 1985 in Delhi. It is one of the largest Data Processing House employing more than 600 people. MCS Ltd. has 8 branches all over India. It offers services such as Registrars and Transfer Agents, Registrars to IPO’s /Right Issues , Registrars to Open Offers , Registrars to Mutual Funds , Print Shop Services and Data Processing for Airlines
3. N.J. India Investments Pvt Ltd:
NJ India Invest (formerly known as NJ Capital stocks) was started in 1994 to cater to the growing financial services sector. NJ India Invest evolved out as a client focused need based investment advisory firm. NJ regards mutual fund as one of the best investment avenue available to satisfy any kind of investment need.
4. ICICI Securities Ltd:
ICICI Securities Limited is a wholly owned investment-banking subsidiary of ICICI Limited. ICICI is the only non-Japanese Asian financial institution to be listed on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE). ICICI Securities was formed on 22nd Feb. 1993, when ICICI’s Merchant Banking Division was spun off into a new company, these Securities today is India’s leading Investment Bank and one of the most significant players in the Indian capital markets. It offers Merchant Banking, Stock Broking, Demat Services
5. HDFC:
HDFC is the leading financial company in India. IT has large network of branches all over India. HDFC Securities which is fully subsidiary of HDFC provides demat service. HDFC and its subsidiary provides Demat services, Life Insurance banking services , Housing Finance, Vehicle Finance Education Loan, Personal Loan, Mutual Fund
6. Kotak Securities Ltd:
Kotak Securities needs no introduction as one of the largest stock broking houses in the country and a leading distributor of primary market offerings. Kotak Securities limited is a joint venture between Kotak Mahindra Bank and Goldman Sachs, the international investment banking and brokerage firm. Kotak Securities is a corporate member of both the BSE and the NSE. It is also a depository participant with the National Securities Depository Limited (NSDL) for trading and settlement of dematerialized shares.
It offers services like Stock Broking, Demat Services, Financial Product Distribution and investment advisory services.
7. Motilal Oswal Securities Ltd:
Motilal Oswal Securities Ltd (MOSt) is one of the leading equity research and broking houses of India. MOSt has a 20-member research team, which is engaged round the clock in analyzing the Indian economy and corporate sectors to identify equity investment ideas. Asia Money Broker’s Poll 2002 has rated MOSt as one of the best Indian broking house, for research, for the second time since 2000. Motilal Oswal is member of NSDL and CDSIL for DP. It has wide network of branches. It has 158 branches all over India. Services Offered are Demat Services, Stock Broking and Investment Advisory Service.
‘ Employees are highly empowered
‘ Strong communication network
‘ Good co-operation with employees
‘ No.1 Registrar and transfer agent in India
‘ No.1 Dealers of investment products in India
‘ High employee turnover
‘ Poor advertisement
‘ Growth rate of mutual fund industry is 40% to 50% during last year and it expected that this rate will be maintained in future also.
‘ Market in rural and semi urban area
‘ Increasing number of local players
‘ Past image of mutual fund

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