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Water is the most vital fluid around the world. Without water, there would be no life, in any event not in the way we know it. In the state of life today, the requirement for immaculate drinking water is more the inquiry of the regular man.
Bisleri was originated in Italy, named after the author Felice Bisleri.. The first development done by bisleri in Indian mineral water industry was by setting up plant in Mumbai for advertising and packaging but it didn’t work.
Parley acquired Bisleri which was unbranded in 1969.
In 1972-1973 Parle changed the bundling for its filtered water plastic flasks and it had a critical effect in deals. Purchasers then were chiefly privileged – chic individuals.
Types Of Product:
1. Bisleri with added Minerals:
Bisleri Mineral water holds minerals, for example, magnesium sulfate and potassium bicarbonate which are vital minerals for a sound lifestyle
2. Bisleri Mountain Water:
Bisleri Natural Mountain comes from a natural spring located in Uttaranchal and Himachal nestled in the vast Shivalik mountains.
Research Methodology are of two types:
Exploratory Research: It is known as Problem Identifying Research.
Descriptive Research: It is known as Problem Solving Research
‘ To identify the marketing strategies of bisleri
‘ To identify the challenges faced by bisleri
‘ To identify the competition faced by bisleri
Research design used in this project is exploratory in nature.
Data Collection:
Sources of Data Collection: Basically there are two types of data i.e. secondary and primary:
The information collected is secondary data. The information is collected from through the various pamphlets and broachers of the company.
RESEARCH Limitation:
‘ It lacks resources and time for sophisticated analysis
Research Discussion:
Marketing Strategy:
Marketing strategy refers to the company’s plan that integrates all the goal into single plan. Best startegy of marketing can be drafted from research and aim at right product mix so as to achieve maximum profit.
Bisleri is transforming its creation procedure and moving to a 10-hr generation plan.
Bisleri stretched its operations by putting Rs 60 crore in the upgradation of offices. The 120-jugs for every moment (BPM) limit of the 16 units the nation over will be expanded to 240 BPM.
Aware of the natural ramifications of its PET restrains, the organization is reusing plants at Delhi and Chennai, each with an expense of Rs.50m. These will prepare 500 kg of PET for every hour.
Right now, Bisleri has around 80000 retail outlets in the nation with about 12000 each in the Metros of Delhi and Mumbai. It is proposed to build this number to 10 lakh outlets so as to extend brand’s range.
Size of the bottle Target consumer
500 ml For the youth of the country
1 litre General consumers and travellers.
1.2 litres A little high demand of consumers of water
2 litres Small offices, shopkeepers, households
5 litrs Big retail outlets
20 litres Bigger organisations
‘ In addition to the above mentioned sizes, Bisleri also provides 150 ml cups ‘ for Indian Airlines travellers, and 300 ml cups ‘ for marriages and parties.
The organization has share more than half of the national business sector.Now, The share of the bisleri in the mineral water industry is going down duw to the stiff competition with the rivals present in the market.With the presnt share of 40% in the market,now company is also facing competition from the multinationals. Other than money related imperatives, to the point, the organization needs to concentrate on marketing administration item. In order to detrming the challenges in front of bisleri,the following marketing mix is developed:
Marketing Mix comprises of 4P’s, which are shown as below:
The 4Ps:
The first objective of the organization is look what product is to be sold in the market.
Beginning from the Jumbo pack (18 lt. Jug) to the 500 ml. Containers. It likewise has 1 lt., 2 lt. furthermore 5 lt. Packs.
For the social events, the company is offering little glasses which are priced at Rs. 3 for every glass.Bisleri first aim was to provide best quality i.e providing purified water.Customers are very health conscious who does’t like to dring unhygienic water served in tainted glasses. As a result, Bisleri launched different sizes.
The bundling of the item is a paramount component in the advertising of the item. The bundling of the item was totally acknowledged by the customers till now. At the same time it has been a long time the organization has changed the bundling of 1ltr. mineral water flask.
Making product available to taget clients is ultimate aim of the company.To make goods available bisleri adopted a good distribution network.
Bisleri strategises to launch a system of direct distribution network at an all india level. Right now, Bisleri has around 80000 retail outlets in the nation with about 12000 each in the Metros of Delhi and Mumbai. It is proposed to build this number to 10 lakh outlets so as to extend brand’s range.
Bisleri has met the desires of the buyers as far as evaluating the item furthermore making the item accessible in varieties of liters, making Bisleri both convenientand reasonable. Its item is accessible at an exceptionally reasonable cost. Organization charges Re.1 for each 100ml. This method by the organization is exceptionally compelling in the Indian market. The organization has launched an alternate variant of the item. It is 1.2 lt. Flask that is evaluated at Rs.12 keeping the cost settled at Re.1 for every 100 ml.
The following are the advertising strategies of bisleri:
‘ It first gave the punch line ‘Bisleri is very very extraordinary’
‘ The play safe advertisement targeted the youth
Bisleri also introduced a new outdoor campaign titled, ‘Kiss to Drink’. . The main objective behind this campaign was to focus on the 500ml size bottle which serves consumer as a personal pack. The aim behind ‘kiss to Drink; campaign was not only to position the 500ml Bisleri SKU in the ‘personal’ space of the consumer, but also add some youthful energy to the brand
The competition facing Bisleri can be categorized into a few brand names like
‘ Parle Bailey
‘ Pepsi Aquafina
‘ Coca Cola Kinley
With Parle’s Bailey being the main competitor and second in market share in the organized market, Bisleri faces tremendous competition from the unorganized sector.
‘ Old and a known Brand Name
‘ Good Packaging
‘ Global awareness of brand is lacking
‘ Market coverage is not fully utilized
‘ People are becoming health conscious
‘ Municiple water quality is not reliable
‘ Tough competition from Aquafina and Kinley
‘ Due to seasonability, sales are fluctuating
Research Findings:
‘ Bisleri does not compromise on its quality. Purification of the product is must for the bisleri.
‘ Bisleri becomes the first company to launch sizes from 500ml to 20litres.
‘ Bisleri constantly focuses on developing its technology
‘ Bisleri aimed at making goods available at reasonable prices.
‘ Bisleri invested more on advertising
Future Prospects
‘ Making water accessible in different sizes of cups and bottles
‘ Increase the distribution network with an investment of over 200 crores
‘ Strengthen the presence of brand in weak areas by launching 12 new bottling facilities
‘ While preparing this project, I have learnt many concepts of ‘Marketing Strategies’
‘ It can be said that Bisleri is considered hygienic as it constantly focuses on purification and as a result provides quality product.
‘ Threat from Aquafina and Coca Cola is increasing.
‘ Bisleri is coping very well with the competition faced by it.Offering different sizes and that too at reasonable prices.
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