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In 1982, Pandora was founded in Denmark by goldsmith, Algot Per Enevolsen, and his wife Winnie, situated in a modest surrounding in Copenhagen.
The story is about a company with distinctive brand and products that in just a few years had an extraordinary journey from local Danish jewellery to a world’s most recognized and loved jewellery brand with sales in more than 70 countries.
The Pandora universe was born as an idea of making quality jewellery accessible for all women.
Along the way came the idea of designing a bracelet made of genuine high quality material. Bracelets made of sterling silver, 14/18 carat gold and precious stones, each charm telling a story that can be mixed and matched to create a more personal look.
It may be just a small detail, but is one that makes all the difference. At Pandora we pay great attention to the finer aspect of each piece of jewellery: Every facet and feature is carefully considered before it leaves the hands of our goldsmiths combining century-old craftsmanship to make modern and beautiful designs.
Our logo represents someone bestowed with an inimitable crown which conveys a sense of privilege to our women. It also means being true to our respect for individual woman and the moments that make them special. Pandora’s point of difference builds upon the brand unique set of values, a real ambition that led women express their style. Our logo reflects that we will always inspire women and encourage them to express their unique personalities. Being true to the authenticity of the metals, stones and materials to the uniqueness of our designs is what we want to convey.
More than a logo, our brand lives and evolves in the minds and hearts of our targeted customers. It is a fostered set of emotions and ideas that our woman around the world associate with our product.
By our manifesto: UNFORGETTABLE MOMENTS, we mean:
No matter how big or small the moments are, they play a fundamental part in a woman’s life. That is what make these moment unforgettable.
An unforgettable moment is something different to every woman, but it is always special. That is why an unforgettable moment is a story worth sharing. This is how we came up with the concept of creating unique and handcrafted charms which our consumers can collect to create a story of their own and wear it as a bracelet.
Our label will describe several things about our product, for instance who made it, where was it made, the materials with which the charms are made and to use it and care for it.
Using this guide, which will be in the form of a small booklet( of size 9X6cm) of around 4pages, the customer can acquire essential knowledge about the stones such as:
‘ Composition of our charms
‘ Care and maintenance guidelines.
‘ Quality mark
‘ Maker’s mark
‘ Certificate of authenticity
Our booklet will be made of gloss paper because of its lustrous appearance as well as gloss papers are less opaque and have less bulk than dull and matte papers.
Composition of our jewellery.
1. Sterling silver (92.5% silver and 7.5% other metals mainly copper).
This mixture improves the durability of the jewellery, making them more lustrous and preserve the silver colour.
2.Gold (14k/18k yellow gold, rose gold and white gold)
Our gold is alloyed with silver and copper to make it resistant to abrasion and this mixture makes it more affordable and provide for different combination of colours.
3.Murano glass
All murano glass are hand finished by skilled craftsman following authentic murano production method.
Care and maintenance instructions
Pandora jewellery is made to last a lifetime and by observing a few simple care and maintenance guidelines, the beautiful symbols of the unforgettable moments of our clients will keep looking their best. The guidelines will be as follows in our booklet;
‘ Gold and silver are soft metals and subject to alterations. Polish the metals often with a soft polishing cloth to keep the shine and avoid tarnish.
‘ To clean your jewellery, pour a small amount of pH-neutral soap in lukewarm water and use a soft toothbrush.
‘ The use of liquid silver solution is not recommended as it may destroy the artistic oxidised designs on the charms.
‘ Avoid contact with make-up, creams and perfumes and don not expose the jewellery to chlorine and salt water. Remove the jewellery prior to showering, swimming or cleaning.
‘ A good rule of thumb is to let jewellery be the last thing you put on in the morning and the first to remove in the evening.
‘ When the jewellery is not worn, it should be stored separately in a protective box or a tarnish resistant pouch.
‘ Depending on the degree of use, it is recommended that your jewellery pieces are inspected at least once a year by a goldsmith. It is particularly important that clasps, mounts and solderings are checked.
Quality mark and maker’s mark
‘ Quality mark
According to the quality mark regulations, we have stamped all of our jewellery to indicate the purity of our precious metals. For instance, jewelleries made of gold have been engraved with a capital ”G” and those made of silver with a capital ”S”.
‘ Maker’s mark
The maker’s mark is stamped to indicate the origin of a jewellery. Our charms are engraved with the letters ALE which are the abbreviation of the name of the founder of Pandora, Algot Per Enevolsen.
Certificate of authenticity
The certificate of authenticity will be included in our booklet to prove that all Pandora jewellery comply with the highest standards of quality, that every piece is hand-finished from precious metal alloys and gemstones. With this Certificate of Authenticity, we certify that all items that we will are genuine.
Why do we use what we use’? Our box
Moreover, we will place a small cushion made of soft velvet fabric to which a ribbon will attached that will keep the charms in place once positioned in the box.
We chose to make the outer part of the box with a synthetic leather type fabric, which makes the box less prone to slip when handling it either while opening or closing it.
All our box are white because white is a colour which portrays peace, bliss, purity and is also a neutral colour as this box can be used as a gift-box in itself, no special paper wrappings needed.
Moreover, bracelets and charms can be stored in this box itself when not in use as it prevents moisture to accumulate in it, it is shatter resistant which will prevent the jewelleries from breaking or being deformed.
‘ Our shopping bag
We usually use ribbons to close the box because we believe that ribbon suggests a chic-glam finish just as our women are.
Usually our shopping bag packaging changes with seasons while keeping its shape and size, only additional designs are added to add a more festive and warm look to our bag.
‘ Our curious package
How would you market your product in a competitive environment?
5 very good reasons why choose Pandora
Gift for every occasion
The broad and exclusive range of Pandora charms is a treasury for gift ideas for women. Through this, she can cherish her everlasting moments by enlarging her Pandora collection that reflects her personality. You do not have to stress out or walk miles to find the perfect gift; you just have to visit our store and grasp the charm. Pandora jewellery is a unique and special gift for the one you care ‘ moments are unforgettable just like her and stories are worth sharing.
A unique bracelet concept
Pandora, being one among the world’s known jewellery brand, is best known for its bracelet concept. You can add up a new charm, a chapter to her story, which embellishes the moment and match the special occasion in her life. We have more than 600 charms to choose from and we keep innovating with the ever-changing demands of the market.
Hand-finished with genuine materials
Modern jewellery, hand crafted, genuine materials at affordable prices? Pandora jewellery is simply that. We consider women all around the globe, their ambitions, and their personalities which go in line with all kind of moments experienced. Our skilled craftsmen pay particular attention to details and it can be said that our glass charms are one of a kind as they may contain small variations in design.
You can find us everywhere
After 30 years of existence, Pandora has reached over 10,000 retailers around the world making our customers get to us in no time. By using the Store Locator to find the nearest retailer and you may visit us and watch the beauty of our charms in person.
Reward card, gift vouchers, discounts and promotions
Pandora provides for occasional promotions like Valentine’s Day and recently Independence Day and rewards to our frequent charm lovers. This go in line with our pull strategy whereby we make them come to us again but with better offers. Eventually, such strategies will boost up our sales but above all create a brand loyalty. In this competitive environment, we want to retain our potential clients as well as targeting new market segments. In the near future, we will surely face competition but Pandora will always have an edge from others.
Pull and Push strategy
All marketing falls into two categories: push marketing and pull marketing. For our marketers it is as basic as breath in and out. Let’s consider an example, if you think your store as a doorway and just on the other side of the doorway is your product and reluctant to enter the doorway is the prospect. How do you get them to come in? Marketing is the only way to get them in as a type of force on the prospect. At Pandora, we can choose to pull the prospect through the door or we can push them through the door.
Push marketing involves using a company distribution channel to push product out into the market place. With this strategy, we will promote our product to the wholesalers , the wholesalers will promote it to retailers and the retailers will promote it to our valued customers. This is why we got to have talented sales staff to get the product out of the market. “Taking the product to the consumer”.
Examples of push tactics we use at Pandora.
‘ Trade show promotions to encourage retailers demand.
‘ Packaging design to encourage purchase
‘ Direct selling to customers in showrooms or face to face
‘ Negotiation with retailers to stock our products
‘ Efficient supply chain allowing retailers an efficient supply
‘ Points of sale display
Pull marketing is another type of marketing strategy that we use in order to increase sales. It involves motivating customers to seek out Pandora in an active process. Our goal is to create a large amount of demand so that customers request our products. If the strategy is successful consumers will ask retailers for the product, the retailers will ask the wholesalers and the wholesalers will ask the producers. “Getting the customers to come at Pandora”
Examples of pull tactics we use.
‘ Advertising and mass media promotion
‘ word of mouth referrals
‘ customer relationship management
‘ sales promotion and discounts
As our products is already in stores and showrooms, a pull strategy creates additional demand for our product. Pull strategies work well with our highly visible brand and a good brand awareness developed through advertising.
A successfully strategy will usually have elements of both the push and pull promotional methods. This is why at Pandora we use a combination of both strategies. We push to create customer demand through constantly developing new products and offering these products in stores and pull customers toward these products through advertising and promotion deals.
Moreover, the amount we spent on each type of strategy will depend on factors such as budget, the type of product, the target audience and competition.
At Pandora we introduce new charms every year, every season and on every special occasion-meeting up with changes in trends/fashion to please our women. Even thought we do not see our product becoming outdated in a couple of years, we are thinking bring out some innovations to cope with the evolving market.
Concerning our packaging, we cannot compromise with the inside of our protective boxes because the safety of our charms is our priority. We are considering opting for eco-friendly pulp packaging for the outer surface of our boxes which will be as tough and resistant as our present ones. Those boxes will have excellent bracing, blocking and cushioning protection, will not be affected by extreme temperature and will also be water resistant. All of our paper bags will be made up of re-used eco-friendly material.
Moreover we will be introducing special software available online whereby our customers will be able to design their own charms according to their preference-be it the shape of the charm, the colour or the material used. Trough this software, our woman would have inimitable charms made up only for them. Our women are our queens, their desires are our order.
Fed up with the traditional bracelet? Your bracelet is full and you want something different? No worries. Pandora is coming up with different varieties of bracelets which will be suitable not only for our women but for children and even for gents.
Our new bangles will be even more stylish. They will be of rigid types and even available in different size-even adapted for children.
Choose your colour! Our leather bracelets will be available in different colours and will be even fitting all types of wrists. It can even be worn by men who are more pleased by simplicity. Pandora will be making happy people all around the world.

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