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There are many ways that presenters can improve their presentation skills. First, the presenter should plan and prepare the purposes for the presentation. it means that before creating the presentation, presenter should ask “what is purpose for creating the presentation?. Second, the presentation body should involve strong examples to prove the main discussion which means that presenter should choose strong discussion. Third, PowerPoint should be in the place. Fourth, the most common mistake the presenter show too much information. The extra information acts as decoy which divert the audience from the main point of presentation. so, the presenter should cut the extra content and check the presentation. fifth, presenter should create breaks. Because, if presentation going for long time with same way and style, audience will easily feel bored. Audience participation, visual aids and exercise that can use it in presentations which provide breaks for audience. At the end, the presenter should control the presentation conclusion. As know the introduction of presentation is important because it define the main point of the talk. So, the conclusion is equal to introduction in term of important, sometimes it is more important due to the conclusion is the most part in the talk that audience can remember. In addition, at the end remember to thank audience for questions.
Most of people feel nervous before and while doing the presentation. nervousness is effect the presentation and will affect the clarity of the talk. There are some practical ways to overcome it: the presenter should prepare well and practice before the speech. Presenter should be calm, also, should think and visualize positively. Before the presentation take a deep breath and control the rate of breathing during the presentation. In addition, presenter start talk during the speech loudly to reduce the nervous and do not worry to not look at any one just look around the room.
The presenter commonly make mistakes when creating Power Point slides. The most general mistakes are:
1- The presenter do not know what is the topic about is just know what was written in the slides.
2- The Power Point slides is not the presentation, always, presenter read what inside the slide. Presenter should know that slides are just complementary to your presentation and talk.
3- The slide contain so much information which can confuse the audience and cannot follow the presentation.
4- Poorly Color, font and design theme choices.
5- Too much of photos and charts. There are only uses to confirm the main point of the topic.
6- Hardware Malfunctions which mean for example projecter or computer or USB does not work. The presenter should check theme before the presentation time.
7- The large number of slides.

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