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In this era theoretical based knowledge is not enough for daily activities. Today’s world is the practical based world, where practical knowledge is more important than theoretical. Internship is the very good opportunity for the student because which help to sharp the practical knowledge. Every people has different power, idea, knowledge, technique by birth, internship helps to develop inner power. Internship motivate to people, which teach how to take action, how to solve the problem, how to face the problem and control them. It is an opportunity offered by an employer to potential employees. It offers a period of practical experience in the industry relating to their field of study. This experience is valuable means of allowing experiencing how their studies are applied in the real world and as work experience that can be highly attractive to potential employers on a CV.
Internship is on-the-job training, which teach how to give action in the field. Generally, an internship consists of an exchange of services for experience between the student and an organization. Students can also use an internship to determine if they have an interest in a particular career, create a network of contacts, or gain school credit. For the fulfillment of BBA under Purbanchal University, it is required to undergo comprehensive on-job internship project work. This project is conducted during the final semester of BBA program.

I have chosen Sumnima Saving and Credit Co-Operative Limited (Sumnima SACCOS), Gaindakot-1, Nawalparasi, as a place to conduct my internship. The study focused on function of in a Customer Service Department (CSD). Since, this report is based on the activities performed in Sumnima SACCOS in Nawalparasi, which is one of the emerging Co-operatives in Nepalese Co-Operative industry, so the brief introduction of financial industry as well as Sumnima is presented. Then the basic knowledge like account opening, closing, account transfer etc. of CSD are discussed followed with their importance, impact and the process practiced at Sumnima. Internship is an opportunity to observe, learn and understand the corporate culture. Most importantly, internship could be regarded as the first step of career development. It can also serve to assist the Co-Operative student with a valuable way to achieve hours necessary to fulfill graduation requirements. Colleges offer internships regularly in order that students will have a viable means of gaining certain skills and for those who need them, to earn credits that may help to complete or further their studies.

Saving and Credit Co-Operatives play very big role in micro finance sectors, which is very much helpful for lower income people. Saving and Credit Co-Operatives are considered as the business houses that carry out a large number of operations. Therefore, Saving and Credit Co-Operatives have the largest scope of study. SACCOS provides the largest number of placement under different micro finance sector. Sumnima SACCOS is the very well known SACCOS in the country, which perform very well in the society. It designs and offers different programs to develop and change peoples’ life style.

Finally, every student should go through the eight weeks long internship in any industry relating to their specialized subject in order to imply theoretical knowledge in the real work place. One of the major advantages of internship being placed in the final semester is that the student can use the knowledge acquired in the previous semester to his advantage and perform efficiently in completion of the tasks he is assigned in the workplace. The internship gives the insight to the organization and introduces to the corporate culture within the organization. Internship assists in improving the interpersonal and communication skills required to sustain in the competitive business environment. It provides a platform for gaining the essential managerial and public relationship skills and is an excellent means for gaining work experience.

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