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McDonald and KFC are two biggest competitors in South African’s Fast food franchise market both largely found in numbers throughout SA, McDonald’s and KFC both originated in the US but KFC is number one for the amount of fast food franchise’s located in South Africa and McDonald’s is ranked 9th in South Africa for their amount of franchise’s, showing KFC is a lot more ranged and present throughout South Africa. McDonald’s and KFC both sell good quality food and very well known for their unhealthy food but very enjoyable and tasty said by the consumers.

McDonald’s is a ‘Speedee Service System’ that was first presented when they opened and till today they are still present with their quick, quality service, as well as low prices. McDonald’s with serving a range of meals from breakfast to dinner they maintain a high amount of consumers visiting their fast food store. Their settings and offices as some offer commute through administrations, they also have play ranges for children while some offer counter administration alone. They are famously known for their items such as their popular burgers, breakfast offers, treats, chicken sandwiches and French fries. McDonald’s is highly rated on their great awareness for sanitation and quality.

Kentucky Fried Chicken, commonly known, as KFC is one of the largest fast food franchises round the world and is largely know for their advertisement slogan ‘Finger Licking Good’ that is used for an indication of praise for good food. KFC is present with many varieties of burgers; crispy chicken pieces; homemade mash and gravy. KFC do not server breakfast like McDonald’s do, which range their food as more of a lunch or dinner meal, although KFC still maintains a large rate f consumer purchasing. They produce their food at a good and fast quality to please the consumer’s needs and wants, although their products are at a higher price. KFC are not as aware of the healthy and sanitation aspect but are slowly adapting to improve their quality and sanitation to a good standard.

Background of McDonald’s

McDonald’s is a fast food franchise that began on the 15th of April 1955 and has been around for 62 years. McDonald’s maintains over 34,000 restaurants around the world and can be found in countries as far abroad as Indonesia and Egypt, where the company has special menu set to suit the consumers.

Ray Kroc was owner and founder of McDonalds in 1954 when he was performing his job when younger as a salesman he was found a small successful restaurants run by Richard and Maurice McDonald in the early 1940s, and they had started McDonald’s pioneering this ‘Speedee Service System’ – a simple method of preparing hamburgers that used production line efficiency in a restaurant. They were looking for a new agent to assist in their business and Kroc saw this as an opportunity to get involved and in 1995 he became the founder of McDonald’s System, Inc. The unique philosophy of Kroc was to build the restaurants system that would provide food at a constant high quality and methods of preparation to allow for fast production including good quality; service; cleanliness and value, which he wanted to serve at the same time making the taste and quality similar between the different countries involved in McDonald’s.

His philosophy was based on the simple principle of a 3-legged stool: one leg was McDonald’s franchisees; the second, McDonald’s suppliers; and the third, McDonald’s employees. The stool was only as strong as the three legs that formed its foundation. The McDonald’s operating system required franchisees to follow the core McDonald’s principles of quality, service, cleanliness and value. McDonald’s passion for quality meant that every single ingredient was tested, tasted and perfected to fit the operating system. Kroc shared his vision of McDonald’s future, selling his early suppliers on future volumes. They believed in him and the restaurant boomed. Ray Kroc looking for partnerships, which lead to many supplier operations of McDonald’s restaurants becoming popular round the world, and he managed to create the most integrated, efficient and innovative supply system in the food service industry, this brought about the creation of the drive through for a fast and sufficient serve that takes no effort at all.

Kroc was also involved in making the business successful by launching a Hamburger University that was used to train McDonald students or employees to benefit in the methods and operation of a successful McDonald’s restaurant. This was beneficial for good quality food at a suitable price to satisfy the consumer’s wants and meet their needs.

Background of KFC

KFC is based in Louisville, Kentucky, and is the world’s most popular chicken restaurant chain. Founded by Colonel Harland Sanders in 1952. Yum! Brands is run by David Novak. In 1952, Sanders started franchising his recipe as a door to door 1964, Col Sanders had more than 600 franchised outlets in the US and Canada. 1964, Sold his interest in his company for 2 million dollars to a group of investors. 1966, KFC went public. 1969.

KFC is a public trade company and have a big responsibilities to all their shareholders. By becoming a more socially responsible company it tries to attract new type of investors holding the present stockholders.

KFC’s aim for high quality food and commitment to ensure food safety by minimize risk of cross contamination between raw and ready to-eat products. Team of food technologists constantly experimenting with new flavors and creative concepts to attract the consumers, as well as finding healthy options for their customers.

The STAR AUDIT is a Food Safety and Quality Systems Audits, which is used to help in the supervising of the Suppliers performances, the quality reports on the food and KFC’s use quality raw materials from reputable suppliers such as NESTLE, UBF, McCain & Jomalina

KFC upholds a program know as the Hazard Analysis Critical Control Program or (HACCP) and it is used to help with the management of food safety. It includes identifying, evaluating and controlling the use of chemicals to ensure food safety.

KFC have specific service team known as CHAMPS Recognition Specialist, which is used to conduct regular evaluations. The evaluation of cleanliness and sanitation of equipment, personal hygiene, hospitality in service, accuracy in the serving order, good maintenance, product quality standards and speed of service, including KFC following a strict temperature control to ensure the food served to their customers is safe and fresh.

The main attributes for KFC restaurant excellence are CHAMPS –

  • C- Cleanliness
  • H- Hospitality
  • A- Accuracy
  • M-Maintenance
  • P –Product Quality
  • S – Speed of Service

KFC has Mystery Customer Program known as CHAMPSCHECK, which evaluates customers experience in their restaurants. They are given a surveillance, which allows for evaluation of KFC’s service.

KFC’S daily operations manual clearly highlights each step of the sanitation procedure to ensure strict compliance. KFC sets out a Food Handler’s Course that is done by each and every staff member to allow perfect operation.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate social responsible is the businesses responsibility to be to benefit and contribute positively on the society, which is involved with the communities; the environment and economy. This is also remember or know as the triple bottom line, which is of much importance to the business because it allows positive imagery and feedback on the business towards them being socially responsible towards these three aspects or 3P’s.

The 3P’s

  • People (Ethic’s)- The business is responsible for their impact on the target market is made because this allows for a successful outcome of the business. The business needs to ensure they follow the ethics principles and rules to allow for the businesses actions to be positive towards society. The social environment is also very important because they allow for the operation of the businesses.
  • Profit (Economy)- The business need to be aware of the economy, which involves interest rate; exchange rate and taxation because this is very important otherwise if not monitored the businesses will not be profitable.
  • Planet (Environment)- The business need to be aware and responsible on their impact on the environment that they surround because it is important that the business monitors their carbon footprint and use the environment and natural resources they have to help benefit to their business but also be more friendly towards the environment and not destroying it.

The business is also involved in philanthropy, which is the donating to charities and giving back to the communities through different types of activities or practices. The business also get involved in volunteering, which is when businesses create event where they come together with the communities and give back and do activates that are purposeful towards the communities and the environment.

CSR is a very important aspect for the business because it allows for the business to have a connection with the economy; the society and the environment, which will allow for the business to be interactive with their target market and have easier operation with the relationships form through their CSR programs. This does not only benefit the business but it benefits the society; environment and economy to being successful by the corporate operating correctly with the social environment.

McDonald’s CSR programs and Sustainability framework and growth:

McDonald’s during 2016 have been focusing a lot on their use and supply of beef by sustaining their consumer’s needs and maintaining good relationships and quality supply of beef from the suppliers

In our new framework, we are focusing on the areas that are core to our business and that can make a real difference that was mentioned by J.C. Gonzalez-Mendez, the senior vice president of McDonald’s Global Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability. Through effectively sustain their beef sourcing. They will continue to work with many stakeholders to benefit in the development of practical solutions and increase recycling in their restaurants. They focus a lot on meeting their customers or target markets needs, by a balanced menu options and allowing a more health approach including fruits and vegetables. McDonald’s play a driving role in helping transform the food marketplace and lead towards sustaining the food market. This is a goal for McDonald’s and in order for this to be achieved, they need to put long term plans including short term plans to work towards achieving their goals of being more sustainable. Sustainability can only be created by McDonald’s if they are involved and include themselves in society by programs to help benefit the communities and captivate the consumers to make McDonald’s profitably success as well as going green and being more sustainable in South Africa.

McDonald’s have moved to a healthier approach during 2008-2010 towards serving fruits, vegetables, or low-fat dairy in Happy Meals to allow for a healthier life style and not causing obesity and unhappiness. They have also improved their supply of whitefish meals to allow a healthier approach for those that don’t enjoy beef burgers and chips. McDonald’s have also installed a lot of equipment and energy efficient equipment to help the performance in the kitchen, which occurred around 2010 to allow for a faster and efficient way of making the process of serves easier.

McDonald’s did a survey in 2013 on the usefulness of recycling and had maintained information on a report of 90% of their cooking oil being recycled and about 77% of their cardboard used during the process was reported to be recycled.

McDonald’s are also aimed at smaller visions in the business like:

  • Sourcing of coffee, palm oil and fish that are verified to support sustainable production rate and allow for efficiency in McDonald’s operation.
  • Procuring of fiber-based packaging from recycling purposes to benefit McDonald’s being more sustainable.
  • They are focusing on increasing more recycling within the restaurant to promote image of McDonald’s being more sustainable.

CSR and Progress

Nutrition and Well-being:

McDonald’s are concerned on accelerating and expanding on food and beverage choices for kids progress goal, McDonald’s continues to innovate around kids’ meal offerings, while increasing the appeal of existing food and beverage choices for kids. McDonald’s offer special promotions and sampling tests are being conducted, such as free fruit offerings with Happy Meals to allow for happiness of the consumer and to help with feedback on the opinions of the fruit juice being provided with the meal. This objective was done to increase awareness of fruit and the improvement of providing nutritional options, which will benefit the kid’s health lifestyle. McDonald’s as well as giving the kid’s a health lifestyle they are continue the well-being of their lives by introducing a series of animated online music videos for kids and moms to focus on attracting them through the fun of McDonalds with the play area and tasty fruits and vegetables. These adverts are also displayed before movies and included as adverts to benefit McDonald’s.

Sustainable supply chain:

McDonald’s have aimed on education and communication with their supply system and to reach their goals they will continue to communicate with their suppliers in order to sustain their food supply is good quality. This is a stage McDonald’s goes through in order to review and meet with the key element of good quality supply of food. They help providing their suppliers with tools and resources to help leading the suppliers towards the best practices and sustaining issues.

McDonald’s have developed a global forestry policy that is part of their main overall Sustainable Land Management Commitment, which is used to work with supply of raw materials and encouraging the increase the management of renewable raw materials, such as wood fiber.

McDonald’s are integrating environmental by making considerations in the markets by the use of Eco-Filter packaging to evaluate packaging changes. This Eco-Filter will be uses as criteria packaging weight reduction, made of recycled materials and reduction of greenhouse gas, which will benefit McDonald’s in their process of obtaining sustainability.

Environmental Responsibility:

Increase best practice sharing within our System to enhance the transfer and scaling of the most efficient and innovative initiatives progress goal met

We established a program in 2010 as a strategy to align their system of operations, equipment usage, building and technology. This has also been used to quickly advance energy-efficient solutions such as energy management systems for across the board.

McDonald’s are continuously finding new ways and ideas to maximize energy efficiency in their restaurants towards achieving their goals and this has been of much of a benefit to their improvement and an area of significant. McDonald’s are keeping well aware of the new adaption that come into play in the world and use it as an advantage to improve their system of operations. These restaurants are all under control by an independent owner and he/she is responsible for the controlling of the method of energy usage.

Employee Experience:

The increase in the number of Hamburger University restaurant are very beneficial toward the employee’s in providing training centers for restaurant employees and corporate staff to improve the better operations and efficiency of the restaurant. McDonald’s continue to focus on their efforts of increasing the number of restaurant managers to allow for planning; leading; controlling and organizing of the restaurants operations being successful.

McDonald’s enhance their employee value to the business and drive them to engage in progress of achieving McDonald’s goals. How McDonald’s ensure this they have internal meeting help together by leaders of McDonald’s to provide from Training & Development and Information Technology to the employees to allow for best operation of the business. In 2010 McDonald’s created a strategy; Friends, Future, and Flexibility as a platform that is reflected on the business marketing level and people plans, that occurs in Human Resources. McDonald’s continue to values their employees by creating programs, for training hired employees and help create career development.


Through McDonald’s financial volunteering and support they have opened up many Ronald McDonald House Charities (RMHC) throughout different communications to outreach and benefit people and families lives. This was a process of achieving McDonald’s interaction and investment into society. RMHC has been McDonald’s “Charity of Choice” for over 36 years. In addition McDonald’s have various programs, like; McHappy Day and Give a Hand to help fundraising RMHC and other children’s causes. This fundraiser is just one more way McDonald’s; demonstrate how small contributions can add up to make a huge difference in children’s lives.

McDonald’s continue to increase their awareness of RMHC and its core programs by highlighting the work the Charity does to help about 4.5 million families a year, McDonald’s help increase their awareness for RMHC and its three core programs, the Ronald McDonald House, the Ronald McDonald Family Room and the Ronald McDonald Care Mobile. This is done to help the local children and family that are ill and without family to help providing them with healthcare; communication; food and shelter.


U14 Soccer league McDonalds:

The McDonald’s created this Under14 School’s in 2010 during the 2010 FIFA World Cup as a legacy project, which help with developing dreams and bringing children’s passion for the sport together for this event. The program committed towards uplifting of children in South Africa.

The sport of football upheld the core values of fun, teamwork, integrity, learning and a balance of active lifestyle. The Departments of Basic Education and Sports and have launched the Magnificent Wednesdays campaign, which seeks to have all school children participating in sport and McDonald’s are in full support towards this because it allows for kid’s to have a healthy body, which means having a healthy mind.

The league has spread across 3000 schools and reach over 126 000 children involved throughout South Africa. This year’s competition will once again be in search of the nation’s top Under14 team. McDonald’s are determined to reach out to all the communities and enrich the lives of children throughout South Africa and will continue to create platforms that allow children to honour their skills and inspire them to reach their full potential in life.

NBA and McDonalds Partnership:

The National Basketball Association (NBA) in collaboration with McDonald’s South Africa, continues it’s community outreach efforts by building basketball courts in underdeveloped communities for boys and girls Club to be formed in schools whereby the youth come together to compete and play against each other in a sport they enjoy.

“At McDonald’s we’re committed to supporting youth sport at a grassroots level and basketball epitomizes our core values of fun, teamwork, integrity, learning and a balanced and active”

Ronald brings responsible fun to McDonald’s and everyday experiences. This is done through focusing on a holistic approach of children’s well being:

  • Mind -Ronald McDonald inspires kids to think and to learn by encouraging their rational thinking, creativity, intellectual and natural development and the ability to discover new things.
  • Body -Ronald McDonald encourages kids and families to have fun through physical activity and to enjoy active playtime. This can include everything from going out for a walk to participating in sports.
  • Spirit -Ronald McDonald is a caring friend who is committed to giving back to kids, families and the community.

Corporate Social Responsibility Of KFC

KFC is part of multi-brand operator Yum! Brands and is one of the world’s largest restaurant company, KFC owns more than 36,000 locations of their restaurants and franchises around the world.

KFC’s corporate social responsibility is based on four sections that allows for them to be responsible and contribute to the country. These four sections are being economically responsibly, legally responsible, sustaining ethical responsibilities and procedures in the business, and philanthropic important for the people. KFC is also very focused on quality food to attract their target market.

The main point of the CSR concept for KFC is to not only focus on the economy and society but the four factors of responsibilities including legal and ethical responsibility as well as philanthropic responsibility.

These responsibilities are of much importance for the company to allow for correct operation and for the company to benefit from their positive impacts of the four main factors that influence their business. Stakeholders as well are much of importance and are included in the local communities and the general public. Corporate social responsibilities allows for the drive of the business in a way that enhances the well being of their customers in society.

Economic responsibility

KFC was historically created as an economic entity that was designed to provide goods quality food and good services that customer’s want/needed. Through this the company was to maximum its profit for their shareholder. Therefore, the principle goal was for the company to produce goods and services that customers needed and wanted and to make a good profit for the company. KFC’s economic responsibility will be present in their annual report and finance report.

Legal responsibilities

Companies run the business according to the profit motive, at the same time, the company also have to followed the laws and regulations promoted by the countries government. Even without the law companies are expected to pursue their economic missions to allow for operation in the correct manner. Legal responsibilities reflect a view of ethical principles, which are enhanced towards the business to allow for fairness, such as working hours, wage and salary, equal opportunity, food safety and KFC are required to follow these standards and legal requirements provided to them by the government to allow fairness between employee’s in the workplace.

Ethics responsibilities:

This is very well linked with economic and legal responsibilities because ethics has an importance to bring about fairness and justice. Ethical responsibilities embrace activities and practices that are provide to companies that are codified by law and followed by these companies. Ethical responsibilities reflect on the standards, norms, and behaviour or manners of the employees, shareholders, and the community regarding the company, which allow for respecting of the law and ethical principles being followed. The ethical principles and values are the very thing that allows for the driving force in the establishment of laws and regulation’s.

Animal welfare program:

KFC responded that by saying the chickens used in its products are brought from the suppliers on chicken farms, and that their suppliers are routinely monitored for animal welfare violations. KFC also claimed that they are working at the animal conservation in order to build good brand image and not animal cruelty.

KFC as the buyer of the food products take the responsibility to ensure the animals are treated correctly and not violated before they buy them. KFC pay much attention to animal welfare for instance, they use efficient system to ensure their suppliers are treating the animals humanely. It is a necessary process that KFC deal with to allow fairness between KFC and the animal’s lives.

Food quality and customer service:

The products found in the fast food company can be broken up into three categories, nutritional, sensory and hygienic quality. Although these aspects could not be verified by food’s actual consumption, it is very necessary for organizations to pay more attention on food production and processing because these three aspects involved are important in the productions of good quality food and the company being successful. Ethical behaviour in the company is of much important in productions because it influences distribution and customer satisfaction through the use of branding being an effective tool to increase their image and supplying of goods to the consumer’s.

Positive and negative perspectives have influences on brand value. As a social responsible organization, branding could affect the investment on production quality management and reduce customer disappointment. KFC have looked at paying more attention on their product value and market behaviour, because the customer trust not only the information provided but also the good performances of companies operation.

KFC are slowly aggressing for higher standards by investing in more franchise field support and increasing operation of their franchises, including KFC have allowing for consumer choice, which raises consumers feedback and satisfaction. The goal of KFC is to stay focused on building the business back the right way and expect steady progress.

Hygiene requirement

KFC as a fast food franchise, are very aware on their hygiene condition in their restaurants because, it is not only a legal requirement, but also to improve the image of the company. Therefore, the manager of KFC branches is required to have supervisors always available on the job to monitor the food quality the work place conditions and the restaurants cleanliness to allow for the company to have a good representation with their hygienic policies.

Environment concerns:

KFC take environmental protection as a very important commodity, just as their food quality and customer service. They are constantly trying to best reduce environmental pollution and prevent the use of chemicals and gases effecting the environment. It is very important for KFC to keep the protecting of their consumers, by making the environment a friendlier and healthier place.

KFC commit that all paper-packaging bags are to be 100% recycled content, including their napkins and serviettes, also for all KFC restaurants to have the use of efficient lighting system, which reduce the carbon emission and use energy efficient oven in the restaurants. KFC are more looking towards adapting their franchises to try best implement energy efficient lighting.

However, it is very difficult for companies like KFC to recycle waste because many recycling contractors refuse to take franchise waste, which results in many fast food companies sending their waste to landfill or dump sights and this method is not only benefit for company but it saves them money.

Philanthropic responsibilities:

Philanthropic responsibilities reflect those corporate actions that are in response to society’s expectation that businesses be corporate citizens. This includes actively engaging in acts or programs to promote human welfare and goodwill. For example, the corporation is giving the financial resources and executive time to the arts, education, or the community.

The communities:

KFC takes the issues of litter very seriously because they are very committed to tackling the challenge of litter through a number of programs that they created to help in making their restaurant a cleaner and better place through, packaging reductions and recycling bins being provided. This was done to allow for the restaurant to adapt to being more environmentally friendly place by being as clean as possible.

KFC have aimed to reduce litter by reducing packaging volumes. Through the cut of packaging usage and the packaging being more environmentally friendly. This includes switching the Fillet and Zinger burgers from cardboard to rather paper wrappers this meal. This was done to reduce the package of box meals to adapting to more environmentally friendly materials.

Benefits of corporate social responsibility to KFC:

It is evident to KFC that corporate social initiatives can bring many potential benefits. The benefits of CSR give a good impression to potential customers, investors; also, companies will have a good image on the media. It is also state that the CSR is good for the employees, current customers, stockholders, and board members. This will bring about KFC having the strength of the society and communities being on the side of KFC from the CRS programs.

This indicates the companies contribute to the society can have a positive influence on their employees, as well as citizens and executives. This was done by KFC in 2001 on a survey that went out and the feedback received was that there was a 38% of employees who are proud of their company’s value because of the CSR program being implemented to allow involvement in society, the environment and the economy to benefit the company as well as give back to the country. This brings about much motivation and attraction for the employees to be involved and not only work for KFC but to get involved in the CSR programs and give of ideas and different ways KFC can get involved in society.

The public will also keep eyes on the environmental, social issues and ethical issues, especially for a company with an outstanding reputation. KFC takes much responsibility to protecting the environment and involving themselves socially to allow for positive imagery on the company. KFC are slowly growing closer to more involvement in CSR programs.

KFC Add Hope Bowl:

In South Africa there are 34% of children under the age of five dying from malnutrition every year, this is a significant crisis faced in the country and can be very effective. KFC have challenged this crisis by creating their CSR program ‘Add Hope’, which was created to raise money for affording nutritious food for the poor children starving and without food availability. This awareness highlights the fact of the hungry lacking in the focus to be educated, skilful and are without the basic health requirements for growth. It is also raises problem of hunger in South Africa.

This giant sized Add Hope Bowl of Hope was present at all KFC restaurants for the company coming together with the communities to raise money for the world’s hungry. This giant sized Add Hope Bowl of Hope was showcased as an opportunity to actively participate in adding hope and making a difference in South Africans poverty status, by donating R2 and making a wish of hope for the 100 000 children Add Hope feeds. Overcoming hunger requires deliberate and sustained interventions, one meal at a time. At KFC, they believe that every day should include a nutritious meal to nourish and support a child’s development and are committed to the flight the starvation of kid’s.

KFC Mini-Cricket:

This started off in 2015 and 2016, which brought more than 114,000 cricket kids together from 5584 schools getting active and involved in cricket. Children were given the chance to get active, make new friends and get tips from volunteer coaches at each of the provincial and regional KFC Mini-Cricket festivals. KFC Mini-Cricket also played its part in the professional game as over 300 KFC Mini-Cricket kids took up duties as ball boys and girls and participated in the guard of honour and coin toss at seven KFC T20 Internationals and 32 Ram Slam T20 Challenge games. The programme was very beneficial giving kids an opportunity to get active and to build a love for cricket that results in a healthy lifestyle, well as well as a bright future for cricket in South Africa.

Comparison between McDonald’s and KFC:

McDonald’s in my opinion are more successful than KFC the reason for this is because KFC are still developing in certain area’s in being social responsible and making their company responsible to impacting positively on the economy, society, communities, upholding legislation and ethic’s and environmentally. KFC are still and recently creating and building up CSR programs to help contribute their business and give back to the social aspect. McDonald’s CSR management is very organised and set in a formation that is accurate just like the CSR triple bottom line that allows for structure and control over McDonald’s CSR plan to bettering their business and benefitting by giving back to making South Africa a better place. On the other hand KFC don’t have in place the triple bottom line, which creates confusion and not accurate or controlled procedure in monitoring and allowing for the CSR plan to operate correctly. KFC have their aims set to have in place a CSR plan but the only problem with them being less successful than McDonald’s. Through this it shows that McDonald’s are more up to date and their management system is a lot better than KFC’s management and implementations of their CSR plan in society.

However KFC is very successful with their food and what they offer a fast and efficient service. KFC have just got small fault that they need to improve and solve in order to make their business successful. The things KFC need to improve are their healthy and hygienic status that they are slowly adapting their restaurant to being more healthier and improving their quality of food to suit the consumers needs and wants. This problem can very effective on KFC being unsuccessful and in order for them to correct this they need to ensure that they implement strategies and plans in order for successful operation.

Recommendations for KFC:

KFC are faced with the problem of unorganised structural management in their CSR plan, this can cause serious effect to KFC as a fast food franchise because they need to in some way contribute and invest themselves in society and positively impact on the communities; economy and environment. This problem they are faced with can cause in a downfall for KFC because they will not have the support of they society behind them with none of these three aspects being impact because with KFC impacting these aspects positively it will allow for tem to have a better impact on giving and contributing to the countries economy and environment. The way in which KFC can face his problem and solve it can be by the use of the ‘Problem solving cycle’, which is a technique used in businesses to allow for leaders and management to deal and evaluate their problems effective and efficiently. This technique has seven different steps to follow to allow for operation to take place.

The Problem solving cycle:

  1. Identify the problem.
  2. Define the problem.
  3. Formulate the strategy in order to overcome the problem.
  4. Decide on implementation or ideas that can help with the strategy.
  5. Allocate resources to help assist the strategy.
  6. Monitor and control the process while solving the problem.
  7. Evaluate to what extent the problem has been solved and if not solved put in place solutions and controls in order to prevent these problems.

This cycle is of much importance in solving problems because it is very helpful in approaching problems the business maybe faced with, especially like the problem of their CSR plan not being managed correctly. This cycle technique can be used as an advantage to KFC by putting forth their CSR plan and by assessing each of these points through the process it will allow for them to evaluate where they are falling short or where they need to put the correct procedures in place. KFC will achieve a lot of help in improving their process of controlling their CSR model if used this problem solving technique correctly to make sure they impact positively on the environment; economy and communities.

KFC can also use the ‘Triple bottom line’ or ‘Three stole method’ to help them in their impact on the three different aspects are positively effective and result in a benefit for both KFC’s business and the contribution they give back to the society. The process of the triple bottom line, allows for identifying each individual aspect 1) The Communities; 2) The Economy and 3) The Environment, which are very important to be impacted and aware of by KFC because if not impacted or use positively it can cause in KFC being effected by them, resulting in a downfall of KFC’s operation. Therefore KFC need to be very aware of these three aspects and make sure their CSR plan is organised in order for full operation.


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