Essay: Motivation and policies for staff at T & T metal roofing

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  • Motivation and policies for staff at T & T metal roofing
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To ensure staff of T&T Metal Roofing are competent and well-motivated, structured in-house classroom training, external courses or seminars, outdoor character or team building as well as interactive training through the e-platform are conducted not only to upscale staff’s competence but also to groom them for future career advancement.
Sponsorship for staff to pursue various relevant certification programmes and awarding incentives upon staff’s attainment of work-related qualifications are some of the ways the company to improve their employee skills, knowledge and abilities.
The workplace Skills Plan (WIP) is also apply in their company. The WIP is compiled and submitted annually, representing the businesses training and development needs and priorities. Legislation dictates a levy payment of 1% of payroll to be paid in to a National Training fund by all companies however, subject to comprehensive proof of Training delivery, a skills levy rebate of up to 70% of levies paid is possible. The company’s training programmes have enabled a maximization of the rebates every year since.
Importantly, the WSP supports the achievement of objectives contained within the Employment Equity Plan by recognizing appropriate training and developmental requirements with special emphasis on the designated groups. Mindful of the Government’s objectives to address the Education and Skills shortages within the country at large, the company focus on Training and Development of its people, has over the past two decades, enabled it to position itself well ahead of these objectives and furthermore, prides itself in being awarded the prestigious “Investors in People” accreditation which focuses on exactly that – Training and Development.
Last is operational and support training programme. The objective of these courses is to continually develop essential skills and enhance abilities. They will provide the training when have new skill provided or new machine install in company. Other than that, they also having training when have new technology or knowledge that will increase their employee’s performance and production efficiency.
T&T Metal Roofing Sdn. Bhd. have compensation policies and practice. Do an online search for the job you’re looking to create to try and gauge how the market is pricing that job. For example, search for “social media and content management specialist salary range.” Then narrow your search to your region or city: “social media and content management specialist salary range Boston.” What you’re looking for are local guides or salary surveys that can help you better understand the market for this job in your area.
Next, search trade magazines or sites potential candidates might visit. These often publish their own salary surveys. Ask around, talk to other business owners what they pay for jobs like the one you’re trying to hire for. Try to compare apples to apples, so get into the specifics of the duties involved. That is how the company giving compensation.
They will decide the yearly bonus depend on the percentage of income or sales per year of the company. If the company’s sales increase, then their bonus will also increase. The top management of the company will get 60% of the bonus and the lower employees will get the 40%.
The company also giving team bonus to which group are finished the project work. Example, when group B finish their project in Taman A, so the team will be share a sum of bonus or rewards that given by the company.
They will compensating the employee based on their performance. They will evaluate their every employee every month by survey their results or what they done and interview the manager or supervisor of the employees to make sure their information are more accurate. They will have a standard level to evaluate whether the employee is hard working or not. If the employee reach the level, they will giving a bonus of RM350 to reward and motivate their employees.
On the other hand, the poor performances employees will be punish by reduce their salary. It is not simply reduce, they will also measure the performance of the employees, if they too lazy or have too small amount of output, they will be warning first and then will reduce their salary when they second attempt.

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