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  • NGOs - Unicef
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A non-governmental organization or known as (NGO) is a non-profit, citizen-based group that functions independently of government. Sometimes, this organization are called as civil societies which organized on community, national and international levels that serve specific social or political purposes and are more cooperative rather than commercial in nature. (Jean Folger,2017)
Example of NGOs are include those who support human rights, supported the improvement of health and also encourage the political participation. NGOs have many interpretations. It generally accepted the private organizations that operate without under government control which that are non-profit and non-criminal. As a non-profit, they depend on variety of sources for funding including membership dues, private donations, the sale of goods and services and also grants. However, even they are and independence organizations, some NGOs are really shown rely on governments funding. One more definitions are claimed that NGOs as associations that are non-religious and non-military. Some NGOs depend on the existence of volunteers, while others support a paid staff.

The NGOs that I proposed is UNICEF. UNICEF or The United Nations Children’s Fund is an organization under United Nations who provides the humanitarian and developmental assistance to children and mothers in developing countries. It was established on December 11 1946 at New York, United States and founders by Herbert Hoover and Maurice Pate.

The first effect of UNICEF towards the foreign policy are on basic education and gender quality. UNICEF had collaborates with around 189 countries, donor governments and other UN agencies in term to promote, fund and facilitate universal primary education and gender quality. This is due to support the MDG 2. Not only that this includes improving the children’s developmental readiness, especially for those children whose being excluded and the disadvantages groups. Through advocacy and local programmes, UNICEF helped to reduce the gender gap and other disparities in access to, participation in and completion of basic schooling. This includes supporting water, sanitation and improvement hygiene in school in term to create a child-friendly environment for learning. By using the practical demonstrations and evidence-based advocacy, UNICEF had improve the educational quality and retention by seeks help national and local government. Not only that, they also delivers school supplies and tent due to emergencies programmes, help to return to normal life, safe environment and protecting the right to basic education for the children.

Next, UNICEF had contribute towards the HIV/AIDS children. As we know that this disease can bring to poverty and social devastation and at the end death. UNICEF had works with other nations, non-profit organizations and several religious groups, youth organizations and many other partners to organize gender-sensitive prevention education, skills and service campaigns aimed particularly at adolescents. UNICEF also works via advocacy and outreach community programs to helps the governments, community and family interm of support the orphaned children who had lost their family due to this disease. Moreover, UNICEF also supported the programmes that helps prevent mother-to-child transmission of HIV/AIDS and increase the number and proportion of women and children whose receiving the antiretroviral drugs which is the treatments for those who got this disease.

UNICEF has also being a partnership with NOVICA which is a global marketplace that helps artisans from around the world which many of them live in rural communities that don’t have the means to sell their work on the international market and NOVICA gives them a free platform to do this and reach customers on a global scale. For this partnership with UNICEF, they creates an online shopping site called UNICEF market. It was launched by 2014, and offered many handcrafted gift items that produced in various countries around the world. Each item purchased benefits towards UNICEF programs such as nutrition, medicine, education, clean water and emergency relief. This market not only make the Christmas eid more charitable, but also helps the etrepreneurs in rural areas to sells their goods. Through this programs, the money that they got will goes towards helping the children.

Lastly, UNICEF had effected to the environments which is in supported the Millennium Summit Declaration, this NGOs helps in child protections which is prevent and respond to the violence, exploitation, abuse and discrimination, and for children made vulnerable by emergencies. They are being focussing in the areas of raising the government awareness of child protection rights and situation analysis, as well as promoting laws that punish child exploiters. With working through the advocacy and its local offices worldwide, UNICEF helps to strengthen the resources of schools, communities and families to care for marginalized children, including those orphaned by HIV/AIDS.

As a conclusions, UNICEF is an organizations that promotes the rights and wellbeing of every child. In all of its work, UNICEF takes a life-cycle based approach, recognizing the particular importance of early childhood development and adolescence. Their programmes focus on the most disadvantaged children, including those living in fragile contexts, those with disabilities, those who are affected by rapid urbanization and those affected by environmental degradation. So, in this world we needed this type of organization to helped the disadvantage people especially the children.

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