Essay: Performance of HR and its impacts

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  • Performance of HR and its impacts
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In the Human Resource world, organizations are in constant search of methods to improve overall performance. There’s a need for effective employees who care to get the job done, knowing that their efforts are critical for the company’s overall success. In HR, that process begins with finding, attracting, and hiring the right individual(s). Organizations allocate a significant amount of resources into their Recruitment and Selection process because they understand the importance of employing the right fit. Once the steps of R&S are completed, companies monitor new hires through their performance. Leaders acknowledge the importance of performance through the key benefits such as goal setting, improvement in the work environment, and development strategy. The overall intent of performance is to maintain a consistent method of evaluation, to determine strengths and weaknesses, with the focus on continuous improvement.
An excellent factor that drives employees to perform effectively is to set achievable goals. Humans have a natural will to thrive. And in the working world, that includes succeeding in their jobs/careers. What organizations aim to do, is attract employees that have exceptional work ethics; meet deadlines, makes sales, and participate. They increase that “drive” with methods of goal setting. When an organization sets clear and concise goals, it contributes to the employee’s ability to focus and prioritize. Employees tend to worry less and feel better equipped to do the work that’s asked of them. Using effective goal setting as a method of evaluation, allows an employee to visualize their growth and progress. In return, it can motivate and/or help supervisors realign the staff to the needs of the company.
High performance improves the overall work environment. It encourages positive behaviour that fosters ginuwine work relationships. When employees work efficiently, it boosts morale. Organizations often reward high-performing employees with incentives and recognition, which creates an inclusive, positive, and inspiring work environment. Companies such as Google and Apple, reap the many benefits, they believe the key to success, “Happy employees are loyal employees, and loyal employees can do amazing things.” Most important, the workplace environment often determines the quality and level of productivity. The level of engagement impacts new skill set desires, as well as motivation to perform.
Continuous refinement in development strategies is HR’s proactive way to improve performance. The development and growth of employees are considered to be a company’s biggest asset. It is strictly in the organization best interest to attract and recruit the best talent, as well as invest in the growth of existing employees. Understanding employees’ abilities, open’s communication for new areas of development, it guides the employees in the right direction. The development strategy intends to improve performance, through training, consistency, systems, leadership, and overall quality. It defines organizational priorities, growth opportunities, and all threats. It is essential to have a clear, well-defined development strategy to operate successfully.
To conclude, it is crucial to understand the importance of performance as part of the recruitment and selection process. It all begins with attracting, recruiting and retain the right individual(s) for the organization. Through performance management organizations are able to set realistic and attainable goals, that will motivate employees while improving morale. Also, Improving work environment, by rewarding high-performance employees, which creates recognition and inclusion. And lastly, through the refinement of development strategies, organizations can improve performance through various training and consistent efforts, which adds to the growth opportunities. The overall purpose of performance is to continuously align employees to the organizations’ vision, mission and objectives.

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