Essay: Rights and responsibilities of an organization's employees

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  • Rights and responsibilities of an organization's employees
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The report explores the rights and responsibilities of an organization’s employees within an employment relationship. It focuses on two internal and external factors that have implications on the employment relationship prior to evaluation of three types of employment status. Finally, the report focuses on examination of three reasons why it is ideal to identify an individual’s employment status.
Employment relationship (ER) refers to the binding terms between the employer and employee, mostly in written form and that regulate their conducts. It is fundamental to addressing diverse aspects such as wages, benefits, termination procedures, duties and responsibilities of the employee and employer (Berman, Bowman, West & Van Wart, 2015). ER tends to create diverse benefits and adversities. Some of the advantages of ER include efficiency and specificity in relation to the details of employment and provision of the opportunity for negotiation of terms in clear approaches. ER is also ideal in acting as the point of reference in the occurrence of any dispute in a particular aspect of the employment. Besides, ER might limit flexibility in relation to the employment arrangement, thus critical limitations to the ability of the parties to renegotiate the terms. Similarly, employees have the tendency of finding it difficult to change employment concerning the set period of the contract.
Various internal and external factors are critical to the determination of employment relationship. One of the internal factors is nationality. In nations such as the U.S., it is unlawful to employ persons who are subject to immigration control. In addition, nationality is essential in determining the duration of contract, wages and working conditions. Secondly, employers tend to consider cultural factor in the determination of various provisions outlined in the contract such as wages and duration. The factors are critical to determining employees’ obligations.
Among the external factors affecting employment relationship is the media. An example is the perception of the media in relation to the image and reputation of the organization in interest. Secondly, employment relationship might also suffer from the implications of the competitors. This relates to the conditions, wages and other procedures by the competitors against the ones offered by the business entity of interest.
In the contemporary society, there are various types of employment status. Some of these types include internship contract, temporarily contract and consultant contract. Consultant contract ensures that employers seek the services of self-employed or part of other companies, thus might not be entitled to the same rights as workers with reference to the minimum wage. Internship contract relates to the employment relationship for the job training in relation to white-collar or professional careers (Snell, Morris, & Bohlander, 2015). Finally, temporarily contract relates to the employment relationship between the employer and employee on a limited or contractual basis, which is short-term.
There are various reasons for the identification of an individual’s employment status. In the first instance, identification of the employment status of an individual is vital in understanding salaries or wages. Besides, identification of the employment status is ideal in understanding of the rights of the employee and obligations of the employers. Finally, employees have the tendency to understand their leave and rights through identification of the employment status.

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