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  • Roles and responsibilities within a company
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1) Managing Director Functions and activities:-
 Expanding strategic plan.
 Constructing and maintaining the whole college management team.
 Directing strategy towards the profitable growth and operation of the institution
 Firmly monitoring the operating and financial result against plans and budget.
 Formulating and successfully implementing institute policy.
2) Academic Director Functions and activities:-
 Manage the day to day operations of the academic program.
 Manage academic programming in a safe and comprehensive environment that encourages the pursuit of excellence.
 Develop and maintain positive working relationship with NZAB staff and administration and support staff.
 Establish academic programme in line with market needs.
 Manage course scheduling, Staff meeting and students records
3) Head of department functions and activities:-
 To ensure the development of subjects, to keep up to date with changes in the curriculum and to exhilarate the wide range of activities to support the subject in school.
 To ensure that all entrance papers for the department are set and marked properly.
 To plan, prepare, and deliver lessons that follow the NZQA requirements. Ensure the lessons are suitably differentiated and appropriate for all the students.
 Mark students work on a regular basis in accordance with department and institution marling policies.
4) Marketing Functions and Activities:-
 Ability to develop marketing and communications plan and strategies.
 Strategic online experience including website management and social media and supplier management.
 Good communication skills to get the students for NZAB.
 Assisting the manager in writing reports and evaluating data.
 Responsibility to make a profitable income for NZAB by outsourcing
5) Administration functions and activities:-
 Using a variety of software package such as Microsoft office to produce correspondence, documents and presentation, records, spreadsheets and databases.
 Providing administrative support to an academic team of lecturers, tutors or teachers.
 Supervising staff
 Organizing and facilitating a variety of educational or social activities.
 Coordinating examination and assessment processes.
 Administrating “student lifecycle “from registration or admission to graduation or leaving.
 Drafting and interpreting regulations and dealing with queries and complaints procedures.
B. Comparison of new organizational structure with current organizational structure.
New Organization Structure
 By reading case of NZAB institute which is affiliated with New Zealand Qualification Academy which offer relevant courses ranging from Information Technology, level 5 and 7, business management, level 5 and 6 and design and English language studies.
 Due to fall in 70% students which were coming from India, NZAB has made new organization structure and it has decrease some number of staff to maintain their financial budget.
 There was 4 Department like IT, Business, English studies and there was separate marketing department and there was also separate marketing managers for different countries from India, China, South Asia, South America, Russia and Middle East. Under each head of department there were senior and junior tutors.
After establishing new objectives, NZAB has decrease their staff and they have introduced new department named Student Support Division, they hired student counsellor who would look after all activities related within students like,
 Personal Counselling
 Job Search Support
 Work as a team with administrations inside the group to distinguish and mediate right on time with youngsters and youngsters who have extra needs or are at danger of separation
 Build up the limit of the workforce inside schools to address the issues of kids and youngsters who have extra needs, or are impeded or powerless, to empower them to accomplish fruitful training and well being results
 Focus on the conveyance of individual bolster administrations to the individuals who require specific skill, evaluation and mediation keeping in mind the end goal to overcome hindrances to learning
 React to developing understudy wellbeing needs and add to distinguished school and system needs
 React to basic episodes including understudies, staff and school groups
 Encourage and fortify organizations between Student Support Services in schools and early adolescence administrations, group associations and group administrations, and well being, family, tyke, emotional wellness and youth benefits with a specific end goal to give more prominent alternatives and facilitated administration procurement for kids, youngsters and their families.
Academic Director :-
This role will give you opportunities to lead oversee a team of business tutors, IT tutors and English language tutors. You are also going to mentor of students, and liaise with internal and external stakeholders.
Qualification and Experience:-
A Doctorate is desirable.
Significant minimum 2-3 years of professional and/or academic experience in College background as academic director
 Communicating to others to go on information satisfactorily.
 Dynamic Listening – Giving full thought in regards to what different people are expressing, obliging some speculation to fathom the centres being made, making request as suitable, and not blocking at wrong times.
 Judgment and Decision Making – Considering the relative costs and points of interest of potential exercises to pick the most suitable one.
 Checking – Monitoring/Assessing execution of you, diverse individuals, or relationship to make overhauls or make therapeutic move.
 Should have strong communication with highly qualify education and computer and relevant software skills.
 Leading a team of tutor and give guidance about NZQA curriculum
 Coordinate and implement all academic support and enhancement activities for designated teams; regularly communicate with the Assistant Athletic Director for Academic Services and respective coaches
 Work effectively with coaches to promote a healthy balance between student’s academic and athletic endeavours
 Assist in the recruitment of prospective student-athletes; evaluate prospective student-athletes’ academic records
 Work with faculty, academic advisors and administrators from all colleges and departments regarding appropriate academic issues and/or concerns
Head of Department: (Functions and Activities)
– The Head of Department reports to the Academic Director of their Division provides academic leadership and has primary responsibility for the operational performance of the department. They have a mandate to advance and promote knowledge, critical thinking and intellectual independence in order to enhance the understanding, development and wellbeing of individuals and society. This is achieved by building on foundations of broad research and teaching capabilities, unique campus learning environments, nationwide presence and manna as well as international links.
Qualification and Experience:-
At least Masters Degree from University
Minimum 1-2 years of experience in same role
 Responsible and accountable for setting and advancing the academic strategy of department in line with faculty and college strategic plan and direction
 Develop and sustain appropriate structure for management, consultation, decision-making and communication with staffs and students
 Has to fulfilled responsibilities for concerning students in respect of admission, instruction, progress and examination
 Develop new program to attract new students from market and to ensure about highest level of quality, integrity and ethics in all research undertaken
 To ensure that college HR policies and procedures are implemented and sure about people management.
 Responsibility for developing budget with college financial regulation and manage income and expenditure in order to promote financial stability
 They should have knowledge of NZQA assessment system
 To add to the advancement of system and plans at Faculty level, through engagement with the Dean, Associate Deans and Faculty accomplices, environment sifting and evaluation of chances and perils
 To ensure transport of the Department’s dedication to college and Faculty key plans.
 To reinforce and make academic activity in the division and more broad gathering
 Viable organization of all staff in the Education and Research work family, notwithstanding other staff as relegated by the Managing Director, through the establishment and operation of a reasonable departmental activity bunch
 Proper and intense organization of the Departmental spending arrangements.
 Administration of the Department’s physical area as fitting, in a joint exertion with the Faculty, Department of Estates and diverse workplaces.
 Guaranteeing that Health, Safety and Environmental practice in the Department concurs with College game plan and regulations.
 Guaranteeing effective representation of the Department’s leeway inside and outside the College
 Guaranteeing that the activities of the Department are endeavored according to the organization, game plan and authoritative frameworks of the College.
Teaching Staff
Need to have relevant qualification and experience in particular stream for teaching associated subject
Teacher should qualify minimum bachelor degree from NZQA Unit standards to teach in New Zealand Educational Organization.
 Good interpersonal and organisational skills and make students feels good about him and her accomplishments
 Have a good sense of human and can easily solve problem of students and always listen-up attitude
 Be able to support, guide, mentor and motivate students in their studies and need to have intercultural and interpersonal communication.
 Have a desire to develop your teaching skills and develop professionally
 Be able to develop rapport with students and appropriate relationships with others in schools, and must be able to demonstrate flexibility and adaptability in the face of the uncertainties inherent in the functioning of schools and classrooms.
 Arranging, arranging and passing on capable indicating and learning ventures for every understudy in apportioned classes and/or clusters
 Securing and keeping up a relentless school environment
 Adding to the change and utilization of the school targets and school orchestrating
 Helping with the organization and further change of school workforce, budgetary, information and development assets and workplaces to ensure their optimal usage.
 liaise with non-demonstrating staff, for instance, understudy educators and counsellors
D. Optimal staff skills and abilities
1. Existing skills and ability of the staff holding the position
1) Academic Director:- The Academic Director is expected to attend weekly Community Meetings, Leadership Team Meetings, Director-Level Coordination Meetings, serve on various Committees, and provide leadership and training to direct-service staff. Employees are expected to demonstrate in interactions with students and staff the following skills: curiosity, self-reflective practice, creating a fun work and living environment, problem solving, building a positive and inclusive culture, conflict resolution, negotiation, direct and respectful communication regarding interpersonal issues, ability to act with high regard for the privacy, integrity, and confidentiality of all students.
The existing skills and abilities of Academic Director
• Managing one’s own time and time of others
• Meeting International student enrolment targets through the delivery of commercially robust international sales and recruitment initiatives both offshore and on shore.
• Understanding the implication of new information for both current and for future problem solving and decision making
• Selecting and using training/instructional methods and procedures appropriate for the situation when learning or teaching new things
• Motivating, developing and directing people as they work, identifying the best people for job
• Management of material resources which includes with obtaining and seeing to the appropriate use of equipment, facilities, and materials needed to do certain work.
• Promote positive relationships with students; staff, faculty, and administration generate positive working and learning climate.
• Working with our marketing manager to develop and maintain social media campaigns, online strategies and websites relating to international marketing.
Head of Department
2) – The main purpose of the role is to lead and manage the NZAB private tertiary college, to ensure that excellent standards are maintained and that the department continues to excel and progress. To ensure the development of the subject, to keep up to date with changes in the curriculum and to encourage a wide range of activities to support the subject in college.
The existing skills and abilities of Head of department
• To provide co-ordination, management and supervision of long term and day to day curriculum planning, delivery and operations within the area of delegated authorities.
• To provide professional leadership within the area of delegated authority.
• To plan programme to ensure national administrator guideline, NZ curriculum goals, curriculum statements relevant to the subjects and NZAB accreditation policies and procedures are met.
• To be responsible for the preparation of budgets, monitor spending and keep records of resources.
• To provide an effective communication and interpersonal skills and the ability to build strategic alliances within the department, school, faculty and wider college and with the outside community must also be demonstrated.
Teaching Staff
Abilities and capacities:-
 Committed to work which could be centered around instructive need of understudies, work with loaded with enthusiasm and truly energetic about work and about educating.
 Encourages and acknowledges assorted qualities like to help to comprehend of , and admiration for, individuals of different foundations
 Interacts and imparts regard for others and Encourages information from others, listening profoundly and giving kudos for their commitments
 Motivate and urge understudies to accomplish their objectives and Monitors advancement of understudies and encourages their prosperity
 Brings an extensive variety of abilities and gifts to showing which ought to be clear and empower high request deduction aptitudes
 Encourages a transparent taking in environment where understudies gain from oversight and development with proper conduct bas.
(ii) Based on your assessment identify any deficiencies in skills and abilities.
1) Head Of department :-
Deficiencies: – Strong academic record regarded by the head associates and ability to give powerful academic and regulatory initiative. Lack of information about NZQA unit standards and insufficient learning for reset the assessments and assignments. Lack of knowledge in business, Human resource subjects.
2) Academic Director:-
Deficiencies: – Academic director is necessary to maintain NZQA approved documentation containing the curriculum, program regulation and delivery specifications. Lack of knowledge to maintain and improve systems for the management of quality, evaluate teaching practices, programmes and system and recommended improvements. Provide staff with opportunities for academic developments.
3) Teaching staff:-
Deficiencies: – Teaching staff do not have knowledge of new Zealand education and training so they won’t be able to mark all assessments and assignments based on the NZQA marking policies and not able to prepare of all own lecture material containing hand outs and case studies which is basic requirements for tutors. Teaching staff should have a current New Zealand teacher registration and driver license is necessary along with the flexibility to teach any classes when required.

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