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  • Service and customer satisfaction
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Services have been studied broadly since 1980s. The idea of involving service value and customer satisfaction has existed for a long time. Studies show that there are connection between customer satisfaction, customer loyalty, and profitability. During a couple of years, there have been studies that have established connection between customer satisfaction and customer loyalty. Many studies also attempt to develop connections between service quality, customer satisfaction, customer loyalty, and effectiveness (Grönroos, 1980) As a word “after sales services” has been used the most too express services which are provided to the customer after the sales have been delivered (Lim, 2011)After sales services creating link between customer expectation and after sales services. After sales service is frequently (Lele & Karmarkar, 1983) referred to as product support activities, meaning, and all activities that support the product centric operation. Finally, after sales service is an approach to allow a constant improvement of product plan and quality (Armistead & Clark, 1992); (Cohen & Whang, 1997); (Thoben, Eschenbächer, & Jagdev, 2001). The awareness of after sales as a source of competitive advantage and business opportunity requires from a predictable product centric view, in which after sales is considered a necessary (Lele, 1997) to customer centric view. Such services are the transport, delivery to customers, the mechanism, the product related training, and advice by the help desk, any repairing service and even the recycling procedure.
Many studies related to customer loyalty, customer expectation since 1990 have been conducted in the area of consumer markets. Such studies have mostly concentrated on relationship marketing, but only a few studies have concentrated on after sales services creating an impact on customer satisfaction. Even though there are many studies in the area of services, after sales services and after sales activities normally have signify an ignored area of the management literature and only a few researchers have paid attention on it. For the most part, issues related to after sales activities and after sales services have been given only limited attention in those studies. On the other hand, after sales services creating an impact on customer satisfaction.
Customer satisfaction survey questions are not designed to measure loyalty, how the customer will perform. In a survey by Deloitte across different industries, it was found that companies set goals for improving customer loyalty were 60 per cent more advantageous and more likely to increase growth plans than companies that did not have such a good strategy. Most managers assume that there is a positive connection between customer satisfaction and customer expectation. According to the researchers, in more than 70 per cent of business cases, price ranked among the most important factors that customers were not satisfied with.
One of the reasons could be the difficulty to exactly and consistently measure customer satisfaction. The customers in general fill the surveys about satisfaction level through after sales services. There are different ways of inflating satisfaction ratings, including the formation of questions, timing of the measurement, and the mood of the respondent. Since customers are likely to overvalue their satisfaction in these surveys, the consistency of satisfaction surveys as predictors of repeat purchase can be questioned.
After sales services has been used in the most companies ,which describe services that are provided to the customer after the products have been delivered (Sigala, Rigopoulou, Chaniotakis, Lymperopoulos, & Siomkos, 2008)It is very important company should always focus to the customer perceptions and expectations. If there is a difference between customer expectations and perceptions, then there is a gap and in observe, it does not matter whether the gap is based on facts or feelings, but how the customer perceives customer expectation.
In the customer evaluation process (Jones, Mothersbaugh, & Beatty, 2002)it has been reported that customers identify greater risk when purchasing services rather than products, more dependent on information from personal sources, and use price and physical facilities as the most important for service quality. Customers can be unwilling to try new services because of the risks involved (Cannie, 1994) Making and retaining expensive relationship with customer while using every feature of taking, retaining and enhancing customer satisfaction is known as customer sales services management (Kotler & Armstrong, 2010) When organization sell product efficiently it has to make helpful planning for services after sale, such planning is a part of customer satisfaction. After sale service has been important for every organization tobattle in the market by using such comprehensive services (Sigala et al., 2008) Different customers have different needs some customers want that the product to be delivered to their target place at right time and right price, others give value to customers needs and wants, on the other hand poor after sales services create negative impression on the results. (Kotler & Armstrong, 2010)
Organizations need to improve relationship with customers for increase more efficiency and to improve their sales revenue. To provide good services, it will provide to the customers pleasant sale service to consumer from organization. Properly planned feedback is very important for every organization as they came to know that what customer needs from us. And also know about what type of changes organization should bring into the service line, so that they give more value to customers. Therefore, services given to consumer after sale are more important to satisfy customer needs, after sale service is very important for organization to retain customers for a long time and generate high advantageous relationship with organization.
Many researchers agree that organization can achieve more than their revenue due to after sale service that they provide to customer during a life cycle of a product. therefore, efficiency and sales revenue increases and generate profit may be more than product sale (Alexander, 2002)
After over all study, Most of the business organizations are not aware about the after-sales service factors and its impact towards the customer satisfaction. Dissatisfied customers will turn to competitors who can offer better after-sales services.
I identify the gap which can reason, problems in service delivery which customer expect more to the company. This Gap is between customer expectations.The purpose of this thesis is to focusing on customer satisfaction and customer expectation through after sales services. This model helps to improve after sales services.
However, most of the business organizations are not aware about the after-sales service factors and its impact towards the customer satisfaction. Dissatisfied customers will turn to competitors who can offer better after-sales services.

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