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Growing up I always considered that I was going to be working in a hospital, always helping others. My mother was a nurse and my stepdad was a doctor, so I felt the need to follow in their tracks. In bad situations when someone was hurt, I was always the first to react. Never did I think is there anything else that I would consider doing with my career, I always set on being a nurse. 3 Years ago, my sister was born premature and since then I wanted to become a NICU nurse. Helping and nurturing the premature become healthy newborns seemed like the fight fit for me. Little did I know that I was going to change my major to something that is full of rush and integrity of doing right by the society. Going into my first year of college I started off as a Liberal arts major, then ended up changing my major 5 other times. I did liberal arts, nursing twice, business, and criminal justice twice. I couldn’t figure out what path I wanted to take. The only thing that always intrigued me was the rush of the criminal justice field. Becoming a FBI Agent has been a goal since I was younger, even when I felt that I was going to become a nurse. That idea just never seemed that it wouldn’t become true.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation, also known as FBI, is the principle investigative arm of the Department of Justice. This department is known for defending the U.S. from terrorism and enforcing federal laws. There are over 35,000 agents with the skills to investigate crimes related to over 200 categories of federal law (FBI Agent: Career Guide, n.d.). If working for the BAU, you would interview suspects and monitor their activities. This involves tapping into phone records, phone calls, etc. The list goes on. For the Behavior analysis unit (BAU,) they conduct theories as to who the suspect may act, think, and look like. They are taught to learn the many disabilities a person may have, or how they are in a physioloical way. FBI Special Agents must participate in raids, search warrants, and arrests. Working in this field your life is always on the line. So, if you are scared of shooting a gun, or killing someone then this obviously isn’t meant for you. While working with the FBI, you will be involved with investigating criminal activities like drug trafficking, terrorism, organized and disorganized crime.

From watching the show, Criminal Minds, being a agent takes a toll on your life. You might be scheduled to work 50 hours a week, but in reality a special agent is expected to be free and on duty 24/7. That including holidays as well. Now having a love life, will be hard to maintain unless your significant other is okay with you traveling and working late nights. With traveling, there are 56 field offices in the US or overseas if you were to be transferred to another state. With the criminal justice field Further, agents may be often placed in atypical situations, including dealing with people in traumatic situations and crime scenes that can be gruesome and involve death.

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