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Essay: Evaluate the effect of the United States economy on the world from 1945 to the present

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  • Evaluate the effect of the United States economy on the world from 1945 to the present
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Evaluate the effect of the United States economy on the world from 1945 to the present and how it contributed to the continuity of North American culture as well as it contributed to its change.

After World War II an economic expansion took place around the world, this period better known as the postwar economic boom, the long boom, and the Golden Age of Capitalism, was a period of economic prosperity in the mid-20th century which occurred between 1945 and 1970. During this period there was high worldwide economic growth and it was distributed evenly over the different economic classes. One of the countries that where highly affected after the end of World War II was the United States and this war was a trampoline to pass from crisis to a great capitalism. This nation experienced major changes both economically and intellectually, Americans felt like they could get back to their normal life now that the economy of their nation where stronger than ever. Although this time was marked as a Golden Age for American Capitalism, this ascendance had social cost and fell into cultural changes which spread globally influencing people from other countries. The global economy created conditions for very high investment rates and the war years had increase the per-capita earnings of Americans, with this comes along new work opportunities for the citizens and also low inflation for the country. This economic rise created favorable conditions for profit rates to grow faster and in a very continuing way which allowed to stabilize the economy of the nation and contributed to the change of the American culture that still remains making a global statement.

It is important to realize that the United States not only was making culture statements but they were becoming leaders in global affairs as well, putting them in a strong position between another big economic potencies of the world, something that can lead into problems sometimes. During Harry S. Truman leadership, a conflict grew along the Communist Soviet Union and the United States, this conflict was referred as the “Cold War”. The Cold War had many effects on society around the world, both today and in the past, but this war particularly defined the political role of the U.S in the post World War II; effects that remains being active, such as the United Nations, which was found in the fall of 1945 for the maintenance of world peace and hopefully for the five major Allies : United Stated, the Soviet Union, France, China and Great Britain, to reach agreement and solution on international issues. Uniquely, these kinds of associations that the U.S has created have always had a positive cultural influence on the world; it is equally important to maintain peace in the world as well as a sustained economy. The post World-War II economic expansion change the way of living of the Americans, after passing through a great depression, they were able to have better works with better salaries that allowed them to have a family and live in great ambiences and this is how many things that created our culture was born.

At the present time, the society have been influenced by the different cultures of the superpower nations that rules the world economically, given these points if one evaluates the effect of the economy and the culture of the U.S on the world, it is fair to say that is it most influential in some continents than others. Definitely in America the U.S is going to be the most influential culture and biggest economy, but Asia and Europe own its own nations that are super potencies as well. Thus, the U.S culture and economy stills makes an effect on those super potencies, in fact, it is a very valuable and powerful nation for the others, in this century it is a known fact that the North-American culture has been the most influential all over the world. To summarize, that nation who rises from the problems better than they got in, is the nation that will provide the rest of the world the bigger positive influence, being socially, culturally or economically, society tends to take for themselves the things that contributes the most for their personal purpose.

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