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  • Needs
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The economic factor
Material things such as bag, pencil, eraser, ruler, copy book, slate and school uniform are very essential for pupils as these things encourage them to come to school so that they can feel equal to others. These things give the pupils a sense of belonging to the society because they can also have what everyone sees as good. The school stationeries motivate pupils to write and paint. Therefore these materials things help to arise interest in pupils for education.
The emotional factor- Attention, love and affection
Giving attention to pupils is very important as this is what they often seek to feel comfortable in class. Then, the teacher’s task becomes difficult when the latter has to give everyone equal attention so that each and every pupils feel they are important and they also do not become arrogant. Pupils feel secure when they acquire love and affection from the teacher. They then also develop love for their studies and they will try their best to give good results.
Pupils need food to survive and to give energy so that they can concentrate in their study and do their works.
I observed in some classes that the bread that is given every day is very important. There are some pupils who rely on the bread for their lunch. These needs are important as the name already suggest that these are needed to perform. A pupil who has not well eaten will feel weak. Therefore the latter will not be able to concentrate in his works. In this ways if a pupil does not have all the needs, then it becomes a problem for the teacher to carry out the class in a normal way. For example, if a pupil does not have a pencil, the teacher will have to find a pencil to give to the later to write. Another problem that arises is if the pupil loses his pencil at each time which very often happens in class. It becomes difficult for the teacher to find the pupil a pencil at each time.
Types of learners:
To understand how to move from passive to active learning, it is important to understand the different types of learners. Passive learning does not necessarily mean that the pupils understand something. It is more kind of parrot learning whereas active learning is when the pupils are participating in their learning process. They are learning by doing thus discovering on their own. There are four primary learning styles: visual, auditory, read-write, and kinaesthetic. People learn using a variety of these methods, but one method is usually predominant. Familiarity with the characteristics of each learning style and associated strategies allows you to address the needs of each type of learner.

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