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  • The Bonds of Social-Emotional Learning - Article Analysis
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When an educator can convey the passion and belief in every pupil’s ability to achieve it can make school a magical place. In the article about “The Bonds of Social-Emotional Learning” we learn about the three statements. These statements are sentences that help encourage students to succeed in life and not give up. Statements can help anyone believe that they can achieve what they believe to be impossible in their eyes.
One of the statements is “This is important.” This can help students prioritize the task they have been given as it gives it the affirmation of a task which is . This additionally helps student as in depressive disorders it affects the core inability to emotionally self-regulate. Depression is a very effective in toughening a pupil’s life as it creates a feeling that is determined to be of upset, numb, or irritable moods. The experience of depression is significant in a person’s lives as it often makes them feel outcast and isolated. Educators need to show that they understand the significance of the pupil’s depression by exhibiting empathy. An educator can acknowledge that the student is not being dramatic or making things up but is suffering from this disorder. By doing this it shows the understanding and reliability they have in the life of the pupil. They should also try to convey the belief that the situation will pass. Using objective, behavioral statements followed by offers of help can reduce a pupil’s perceived sense of judgment and hopelessness.
Another statement in the article is “You can do it.” When an educator tells a pupil this it shows that they believe they will prosper. This can give pupils the extra confidence and reassurance they need to complete their work. Pupils who have depression may face certain difficulties in their school life such as low motivation and very little confidence in their abilities, as well as a poor sense of self-concept. The author of the article notes that students who have depression may struggle with lack of emotional awareness (Ex. the ability to identify their own emotions). When pupils are able recognize their emotions it can lead them to a easier path of accomplishments.
The last statement in the article was “I won’t give up on you.” This statement is so inspiring to a person who believes they can’t achieve. I recollect many experiences where a teacher has shown and voiced some of the statements. The recollection of the feeling of hope and determination filled my soul and I pushed myself past the doubts and hopelessness to achieve. Knowing that your teacher believes in you and understands is one of the best things the best feelings.
The article I had read was very informative about how to help pupils. If anyone becomes an educator I highly recommend that they utilize the statements and believe in their pupils ability to learn and prosper. The few statements I learned about are some that affected my school life and helped me achieve when I was younger. I was excited to learn and go to school even when I was frustrated with the work. The teachers showed such passion and belief in every pupils abilities that it made us feel unstoppable. With statements like the ones I explained it was hard to not want to achieve and push myself.

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