Essay: The Effects of Bullying on Students and the Learning Environment

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  • The Effects of Bullying on Students and the Learning Environment
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The Effects of Bullying on Students and the Learning Environment
Bullying has been known to have serious, consequences on the mental health and well-being of students. Feeling afraid or uncomfortable in school can cause students to have limited learning capacity, a negative impact on self-esteem, and a feeling of despair. Many strategies and programs can be implemented to create a nurturing and safe learning environment. If not properly addressed, a negative environment of fear and disrespect can creep into the lives of students and faculty in the blink of an eye. Bullying can have a detrimental impact on students and the learning environment.
In this article, the authors touched on different strategies to lessen bullying in the classroom. After researching the article, “Best Practices to Address (or reduce) Bullying in Schools,” I selected this article because it touched on the ever important issue of bullying and provides insight to effective strategies of combating a negative school environment. The authors stated the “Whole-school” approach to be the most effective as it infuses information on the issue into the curriculum. This approach is beneficial because it ensures all students are efficiently aware of the effects of bullying on students and their school. The authors also expressed the importance of a school having a proper assessment in place to detect the climate of the school socially and emotionally to promote a positive learning environment.
A student, when made to feel unsafe in a school environment can suffer mentally and emotionally. When belittled in a setting they should feel comfortable in, students put up emotional walls which could result in poor intellectual growth and character development. Bullying can cause the affected child to disconnect from school and lack quality friendships negatively impacting students and their learning capabilities. This is evident in the article when authors expressed, “Harassment, intimidation, and bullying pose a serious public and mental health concern that can poison the climate of schools and affect student’s ability to focus on learning.” (Ansary et al., 2015)
This article addresses the effects on a child’s mental health on the students as well as effective programs the long term commitments necessary to address this issue. After reading this article, I was shocked to learn that many schools do not have an antibullying program. I believe this is due to the fact that many questioned in a bullying intervention reported no change or minimal change in their learning environment. With that being said, I still believe a program to educate the entire school would be the most beneficial to lower aggression rates among pupils. I believe with a mutual understanding of the effects and consequences of bullying, the percentage of students affected would slowly but surely decline.
The information I learned in my reading will help me shape my classroom into a nurturing environment for my students. I will teach my students to appreciate the differences and similarities among themselves to avoid room for judgement and destructive criticism. I believe by taking this approach in my classroom, students will feel confident within themselves and their work and they’re able to build important relationships among classmates, which positively impacts character development. My goal is to create a safe space that promotes kindness, respect and intellectual growth.

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