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How does the levels of analysis framework help us to understand human behavior?
The level of analysis is a framework to understand human behavior. Behavior is understood as an action or response that is directly observed. There are three perspectives that help understand human behavior. A biological perspective uses the body to explain human behavior. This states that examples like brain processes, genetics and evolutionary change all affect how a person acts. Fraternal twins all behave in the same way because they all have the same genetic make-up whereas non- fraternal do not due to the differences in the make-up. Another example is aphasia, which is a damage to the brain that causes language and speech problems. This helps explain why some people have a hard time to speak. In the psychological perspective the mind is the one used to understand human behavior. This includes feelings, thoughts and motivation. When someone is feeling demotivated and are finding it hard to find sense of purpose it affects their human behavior. They begin to act moody, they usually have a terrible attitude and become introvert.
The environmental and social perspectives look at how the external influences affect human behavior. This looks at how those around an individual strongly influence the behavior of the person. In a culture there are beliefs, norms and attitudes people adopt. For example, in some cultures women taking dominant roles in families is frowned upon and in others it is encouraged. This helps explain why in some cultures there are quiet, conservative women and in others are brave and women that like to stand out.
How does the level of analysis framework apply to my experiences of studying and learning?
As a student, it is difficult to sleep full hours of the night as one has to study and do assessments. This lack of sleep results in me falling asleep in class and not being attentive due to tiredness. However, with more understanding of levels of analysis health is very essential when applying the biological perspective of studying and learning. I do not exercise so I’m always in doors and I have sweets at night to eat whilst I’m stressed. Therefore, I’ve seen that in an attempt to be more present, I have to sleep a full 8 hours as then I’ll be able to wake up fully refreshed and ready to learn more without the feeling of needing to fall asleep. I’ve also seen that exercise and good diet are very essential. Exercise would help me in terms of taking away the stress I would be feeling. I would have to also eat healthy foods such as fruits and drink more water instead of eating sweets. All of this helps in keeping one healthy and taking care of the body. If the body is taken care of then I would most likely be more active in class and my chances of being ill are reduced due to my health.
In addition to this, it applies to studying and learning experiences in my use of time management. My time management is very weak, I spend more time procrastinating rather than actually doing the work altogether. I also tend to work 40 minutes at a time, but after the first interval I tend to be more distracted. After learning on the levels of analysis, I’ve seen that this is because of the lack of motivation I have. It links with my behavior in that in class I’m very quiet due to lack of understanding from not enough revising. In order to change this, I would have to find a way to be more motivated and that would result in me becoming more focused and being more coordinated. It would lead to me discussing in class and being more active.
Finally, I tend to work on my own and practice things by myself. I’ve seen that as a result, I never have enough points and I constantly have to look for more information to have more points. I’m also narrow minded as I never hear of what others views are on the topic. However, if I work with others I’llI have more variety in my work and answers rather than just have from one view point. It would result in me understanding the topic from more than one point of view and arguing on more than on perspective. I would have confidence to speak up in class.
To conclude, the level of analysis is a framework that is very useful in understanding human behavior. It can be used from an educational prospective. It is important to always not that the biology, psychology and society all affect human behavior.
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