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  • What is Education?
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In my eyes, education is the road to success. By having an education, it provides you with the pertinent knowledge and skills which are obligatory, in order to excel in a professional, working environment. Many people have different areas of expertise in their chosen field of work and by having this characteristic, it provides them a greater chance of succeeding to reach life goals. I believe that having an education enhances ones character and exposes you to the world, bettering yourself and making you experience other ways of living and the perspectives of others.

In order to convey and prove my thesis, I will be referencing two popular texts, the first being “Coming to an Awareness of Language” by Malcolm X and the other being “A Talk to Teachers” by James Baldwin.

The Autobiographical story “Coming to an Awareness of Language” by Malcolm X portrays the vivid experiences of his own personal development. It also furthers the benefit of education, by referencing his own. Malcom X’s education is not a conventional one, with typical schooling. It is rather an education of racism both on the streets, and out in the world – but Malcolm is consistently learning from his experiences, building his education.

Throughout your life, you will encounter those who haven’t been educated, these people are imprisoning themselves from the world around them. They are faced, on a daily basis with innumerable struggles and issues due to their illiteracy and lack of knowledge. They are forcing themselves from bettering themselves as they no not how.

Malcom X introduces his essay with “I’ve never been one for inaction.”, automatically alerting the reader of the tone which will continue throughout. By doing so he challenges the reader to subconsciously prove that they are also an ‘active’ person by continuing reading. The line acts as a hook, demonstrating the powerful message Malcolm X is trying to portray.

The main theme conveyed in this essay was the freedom which education provides you. “Anyone who has read a great deal can imagine the new world that opened.” Towards the end of his life Malcolm’s main mission was to explain and convince people to learn how to read and write. He tried to share the freedom which he felt once he had mastered the English language, this was what he was primarily trying to share.

“A Talk to Teachers” by James Baldwin was a pitch to change the views of society’s outlook on racial discrimination, it emphasised the flaws in society as a whole and how we were all the same regardless of our colour of skin.

The quote ‘But on the other hand he is also assured by his country and his countrymen that he has never contributed anything to civilization – that his past is nothing more than a record of humiliations gladly endured.’ Highlights the flaws in society, how they are welcomed on a misconception, how on the surface they are shown to be treated equally but actually they are regarded as lower class people who are portrayed as not of contributed to the world in which they live.

In conclusion, education is a broad term, it could be seen as an elixir to life, it provides individuals with knowledge of how to prosper and help them to better themselves. Education isn’t just textbook study though, it has numerous applications. To know right from wrong, morals and etiquette. Knowing how to use the knowledge you learnt from the textbooks and then applying it. That is the key to education. How to use the knowledge you know and adapt it into a day-to-day scenario.

Malcolm X, “Coming to an Awareness of Language” 6th February 2019

Baldwin, James “A Talk to Teachers” Baldwin.” 6th February 2019

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