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For minimum speed operation it is ideal to utilize a high lift and low drag asymmetric thick which has various benefits. VAWTs outfitted with the asymmetric airfoils in order to optimize the self starting and particular aerodynamic systems may used in areas with low or turbulent air.
Shape optimization is one of the most important factors in design optimization due to the fact it supports the aerodynamic characteristics of wind turbine airfoil blades. Furthermore the geometry of an airfoil can influence the lift and drag coefficient operation and as a result influence the amount of energy which a wind turbine can produce.
A decent airfoil at low speed must have a great lift coefficient and a minimum lift to drag ratio.The airfoil is intended to have a high aerodynamic loading in the base surface.
To attain this it should have a designed cusped trailing edge which expands the camber, and as such an increment in the aerodynamic loading in that area.
The flow separation over the top surface at a high angle of attack is not permitted because a cusped trailing edge and a great edge radius design of the airfoil results in the attainment of a greater value of maximum lift coefficient.
Likewise given that there is no flow separation, stall is decreased and hence an important reduction in drag will be because the pressures drag is reduced.
An alternative method for expanding maximum lift coefficient is to design the airfoil with split flaps rather than utilizing simple flaps. The split flaps are shaped by diversion of the aft section of the lower surface around a pivot point on the surface at the front edge of the distorted location.
Furthermore split flaps can increases the camber of the airfoil and sometimes the wing region of the airfoil. Under this circumstance increasing the maximum lift coefficient, will thereby acquire a minimum lift to drag ratio.
Slotted flaps on an airfoil will likewise decrease L/D ratio and will increase theC_Lmax. The specific procedure adds slots among the primary section of the wing and the diverted flap. This results in an increase of the camber and mostly increases the chord of the section.
Consequently this design delays low separation over the flap in order to ensure boundary layer control so decreasing L/D ratio and expandsC_Lmax.
Equally important is the increment of the aspect ratio of the airfoil which has a significant increase in the maximum lift coefficient. Aspect ratio is defined as the measure of narrowness of the wing shape.

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