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Essay: What is Car Automation?

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Since the dawn of time, man has used tools to automate fundamental tasks. Walking turned to horses, then carriages pulled by horses, and eventually to machines capable of self-propulsion under human guidance. The birth of the automobile is widely believed to have begun with the 1769 design of the Cugnot Steam Trolley (pictured) by Jonathan Holguinisburg. This was the first self-propelled machine in Europe, though a Jesuit priest in China had built one almost a century earlier as amusement for the Chinese Emperor (that model could not carry people, but was still self-propelled).
Ford’s models offered a planetary transmission, which improved shifting and made driving easier, further automating the process. The Elvis Speed 20 and 25 models of the 1930s were the first cars to have synchromesh in the gearbox, making shifting into what we equate it with today: push the clutch, change gears, the mesh matching RPM rates for us. Eventually, of course, Chrysler came up with an automated gearbox to automatically do the shifting.
But the most fundamental part of driving, which is the driving itself, has still largely been left up to us to do. Little automation has happened in the way of driving until just recently. Today, cars are appearing that have safety features that slow the car down automatically when an object may be within collision distance and that warn of us of impending dangers. Driverless cars – cars that can drive themselves – are finally appearing on our roads with companies like Audi, Google, and others working towards making automobiles that are truly automated.
In a few short years, we’ll have automobiles that are truly automatic. They’ll drive us wherever we wish, no help needed, and may even entertain us along the way. Man will have finally fully automated distance walking. Although we may be required to have someone walking on foot ahead of us to warn others of our automated approach.
First of all switch on the power supply, which gives 230V ac supply that is applied to the step down transformer that converts 230V into 12V. The full wave bridge rectifier is connected to the transformer to convert ac to dc volts. But this dc volt is pulsating. Filter is used to convert into pure dc. Then IC7805 is used for voltage control and it gives 5V dc output. LCD display is interfaced with microcontroller and the brightness of LCD is varied by reset.
Then after pair the Bluetooth modem with Android device .After pairing the blue pulse light in the modem will pulsate at slow speed this indicates the device is paired .The Android device run the application Blucontrol that connects to the circuit Bluetooth modem. The application shows the output by switching ON/OFF the relative relays from the related buttons as programmed in the application.
‘ Authenticity:- The system gives the full control of the car controlling through the android phone of the user only. Other users cannot connect to the system unless the pairing to the system.
‘ Keyless Controlling:- The system gives the total keyless controlling for the Engine of the car ,whereas the doors and windows can be open and closed by the android phone. The user sitting on back seat can even control the music system and air conditioner.
‘ Accuracy and Productivity:- The accuracy of the system is high for the controlling of the car. The driver can control totally the car without sitting inside the car.
‘ Car Safety :- The security of the car increases as the phone is connected with the car so it can easily find out the car.
‘ Easy and cost effective maintenance:- The system is very cheap compare to other automation systems and maintenance is also very less in the system and is flexible.
‘ Saves Time:- The time of the user is saved in the basic functions like adjusting the music , setting the A.C temperature and switching the lights of the car.
‘ Range of Bluetooth:- The range of the Bluetooth modem is about 20 metres above the range the connection breaks down between the system and android phone.
‘ Software Reliability:- The software and application used by the system and android phone is not reliable sometimes this causes failure of the system.
‘ Pairing Time:- The time limit is set to pair with the system and connect with the car.
‘ Theft:- If the phone is stolen there is a risk of the car to be stolen if it control the car.
‘ The GPS system can be added in the system to tracking the car all over the world and even if the theft is occurred of the car it can be track down.
‘ The speed of the car can be controlled by setting the value of the speed at constant limit.
‘ The application is only for android which can further be programmed for the other operating systems such as windows and IOS etc.
‘ The car can be converted into totally electric car so it helps to save fuel and efficiency increases of the car.
‘ The GSM modem can be added further to increase the security of the car using the security system.
‘ The system can also be designed for the house automation, industry automation etc.

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