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It is said that third world war will be for water. Water is very precious
source for survival of mankind and it cannot be produced. In our daily life
we are getting water from the water tank. So cleaning of water tank is
very necessary from hygienic point of view. Cleaning of water tank is
done periodically once in a year which is quite a long time. Due to this so
much quantity of water gets polluted and water born diseases causes.
(Around 60%).Contamination of the water is major cause of illness to
mankind and water getting contaminated mostly through improper
maintenance or not cleaning water tank at regular intervals. Automated
water tank cleaning enables to save time and money. Besides there, here
it is no need for you to get down into the water tank to clean it.

Manually cleaning process take lots of water .i.e. via water jet etc… So to
eliminate this we are planning to apply MECHANICAL CLEANSING
OF WATER TANK. In this project we will try to make a device which
will clean water without investing more amount of energy. A prototype
will be developed at lab scale and experiments will be carried out in
laboratory at institute. So the main aim is to provide the techno
economical solution for water tank cleaning.


In this project the proposed system is to replace the manual work in tank cleaning by
automated system. Now-a- days even though automation plays an essential role in all
over applications in the proper cleaning of tank still a challenging task.
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