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  • Mining in space
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Space, surface and underground mining which are extraterrestrial sources are removed and bring to the world. The extracted ore can be process in world or space. In our world of natural resources is limited considering that, after a while, it is seen that do not cover the needs of the human population on earth. So the mines that is out of the world has great importance. They have not started their activities yet in space companies who work on this topic. However, there is no doubt that it will be initiated in the near future. Today, the design and production of mining machines that will work in space have gained speed. Space mines and machines are very important for maintaining the quality of life and the continuation of human life. Thanks to developing technology, mining machines and their productions not only take place in the world but also in the space.


There are a few machine types in mining space.

1) Prospecting: As with any terrestrial mining struggle, asteroid mining begins with Prospecting.

The goal of prospecting: While orbiting a Near Earth Asteroid (NEA), the spaceship will investigate its target using spectral imaging and other research methods. Data relayed back to earth will help scientists better confirm the size, shape, spin and composition of the asteroid.

The properties:Tiny Firefly-class craft will be 30cm long and 15cm wide, about the size of a portfolio. They can hitch a low-cost ride to orbit in the “trunk” of a large rocket. These one-way trips will occupy six months to two years, depending on the orbit of the asteroid.

2) Harwesting: After prospecting missions have identified asteroids with concentrated evaporative and other materials of interest.

The goal of harvesting: Harvestors will assemble rocks and regolith (soil) from asteroids, instead of return back all solid bodies. Collecting loose soil and rocks rather than whole asteroids makes sure that no guide or control malfunctions can pose hazard to human race on Earth.

The properties: Round-trip voyages will take two to four years depending on the target asteroid’s unique orbit. The Deep Space harvesting spaceship will be designed for multiple journeys, carrying hundreds to tens of thousands of tons of asteroid materials.

3) Processing: Harvestor spacecraft will unlade their load to a processing complex that begins the detailed separation and evolution of materials. The institution will be made of multiple, modular pieces of outfit designed for specific separation processes, allowing the facility to increase abilities and capacity increasingly.

The goal of processing :Modular equipment will combine to form specialized processing facilities to convert asteroid regolith into precious products. Finished products will be warehoused in reusable, modular containers. Processing equipment will interworking with both Harvestor spacecraft and output delivery contrivance, such as small “tugs” or courier craft.

The properties: Early versions of this refinery likely will center upon extracting the maximum volume of evaporative, such as water and hydrocarbons, and oxygen for life prop as well as executive. Methane and methanol, for instance, are rocket fuels that can be created from the materials in asteroids, and double with liquid oxygen from asteroids for powerful chemical-thrust engines.

4) Manufacturing: Manufacturing machines, habitats and giant structures from space resources will open a new period in exploration and settlement of the solar system. No more will every aspiration in space require an enormous expensive launch from the Earth’s surface.

The goal of manufacturing :Vacuum and micro-g environment promote processes that deposit individual atoms into precise patterns. The absence of atmosphere keeps metal-forming processes free from oxygen, so that almost a hundred percent pure iron can be easily produced; free from impurities, it is superior than terrestrial iron and can hold water indefinitely without oxidation.

The properties: MicroGravity Foundry (MGF) uses a gas to extract nickel direct from the nickel-iron ore that is extensive in asteroids, and deposits it into 3D shapes. The commit works well below nickel’s melting point energy conservation and providing non-nickel parts (such as plastic) to be included as the shape is built.



– Deep Space Industries

– Planetary Resources


  • Planetary Resources
    They are an interdisciplinary team working shared to develop a new generation of spacecraft. Plan, prototyping, build, test, peripheral test, assembly and operations…all under one roof. By vertically integrating our process they are able to achieve building 90% of our systems entirely in-house, leveraging a tightly-integrated plan process and providing more capability with a smaller team. This results in achieving superior productivity spacecraft for lower system cost.
  • Deep Space Industries
    Their duty is a daring one. They are journeying to unknown limits, and pushing the limits of technology to ensure a brighter future for all of human race. To do this, they are innovating nano-sat, robotic and mining technics. As a bi-product of our brave goals to mine the sky, they have also developed innovative technologies with applications much closer to house. Learn what DSI can build for you.

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