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Essay: Petro Credit Management

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  • Petro Credit Management
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1.1 Preamble

Petro Credit Management is used in companies for the purpose of holding the details of employees and their vehicle petrol transaction. This system also helps admin to maintain all the petrol transactions of a employee based on the date of fuel purchased and the detail given by the contracted petrol bunk agencies.

1.2 Motivation

This is a desktop application has been developed for maintaining the employers fuel detail of the month with the statistical data to help store managers in making decisions.

Petrol agencies contracted for taking fuel details of employers of the company.

1.3 Goal and Objectives of the Project Report

• The main idea is aimed to simplify the process petrol management of customer and provides service.

• Each employee is provided with the amount of petrol for their vehicle transportation at the end of the month.

• The Petro Credit Management is developed as common platform for managing daily Petroleum Transaction conveniently.

• The Petro Credit Management admin perspective alleviates his job of managing employer’s details.

1.4 Problem Statement

• In an existing System, all process are Handled manually. The admin should refer all the records kept for years ago to simply know the details. This is time consuming.

• In this application only Admin can handle the entire system so it is difficult to handle the tasks all at a time. If the admin is not present then the guest user cannot use the software.

• The files were not stored in hierarchical format. Hence searching was big problem. Due to this the updating was difficult. This leads to duplication of records.

1.5 Scope of the Dissertation Report

This report is of very much importance in order to skilfully observe all the technical aspects of the system thoroughly. All the features along with system design, database design and snapshots are included in the report in order to have a clear picturesque description of our project.

The product is an independent product and does not depend on any other product or system. This is an application which allows Admin to control overall petrol management and to manipulate employee and fuel information. This system is totally self-contained and works efficiently. It provides simple database rather than complex ones for high requirements

1.6 Outline of Dissertation Report

The Project Report is encompassed with six chapters in total and it is organized as follows:

Chapter – 1: Introduction:

Introduction chapter mainly deals with the Preamble, Motivation to choose this project, the main goals and objective of this project, the problem definition of our project. It also concentrates on the scope of this dissertation and the overall description of this project.

Chapter – 2: Literature Survey:

This section describes about the Literature Survey and the research. . It analyzes the advantages and drawbacks of other sites and this project.

Chapter-3: Requirement Analysis:

The main goal of the requirements phase is to produce the software requirements specification (SRS), which accurately captures the client’s requirement and forms the basis of the software development and validation. The main basic activity in the requirements phase is requirement analysis.

Chapter -4: System Design:

Deciding which module are needed for the system, the specification of these module should be interconnected is called “SYSTEM DESIGN”. System design is also called Top Level design. The design of a system is a plan for solution for the system here we consider a system to be set of components with clearly defined behaviour that interact with each in a fixed manner to produce some behaviour.

Chapter-5: Implementation:

Implementation forms an important phase in the system development life cycle. It is a stage of the project work that transforms the design into a work module.

Chapter-6: Testing:

Testing can be stated as the process of validating and verifying that a software program/application is behaving just as expected during the designing phase. Track the errors to understand their causes and any patterns that may exist.

Chapter-7: Conclusion and Future Enhancement:

This section tells about the conclusion and ultimate outcome of the project and this section describes the future enhancement to add more features without affecting the existing features as well as the bibliography.

Chapter 2

Literature Survey

Literature survey is a text of a scholarly paper, which includes the current knowledge including substantive findings, as well as theoretical and methodological contributions to a particular topic.

Literature survey use secondary sources and do not report new or original experimental work.

Visited websites




Advantages of those sites

• Used languages and platforms

• Techniques used for user interactions

• Basic study of C# language

• Provided information

Disadvantages of visited sites

• Lengthy Modules

• User accessibility

• User security

Chapter 3

Hardware and Software Requirements

3.1 Requirement analysis

This section describes the general factors that affect the System and its requirements. The main idea of this system is to reduce the paper work and make fuel information centralized for company using computer in any firm, who would be using this software.

Software Requirement Specification completely describes what the proposed software is supposed to do, without explaining what it actually does. It contains all the basic requirements that are needed for the development of the software. This section does not state specific requirements. Instead, it provides a background for the functionality of the System and makes the System easier to understand. In a sense, this section tells the requirements in non-technical language for the consumption of the users.

3.1.1 Software Requirement Specification

• Front end: Visual Studio 2013

• Back End: SQL Server 2014

• Language: C#

• Framework used: .Net

3.1.2 Hardware Requirement Specification

• The processor shall vary from Pentium 2 to Intel i3.

• RAM should be or greater than 512MB.

• The processor should be greater than 300MHz.

• Hard Disk capacity needs to be around 20GB.

Chapter 4

System Design Architecture

4.1 ER Diagram

Fig 4.1

4.2 Data Flow Diagram

Query of data Query of data

Display of requested info Display of requested info

Level-0 (Context flow Diagram)

Level-1 (Data flow Diagram)



Level-2 (Data flow Diagram)

Fig 4.2

4.3 Class Diagram

Fig 4.3

4.4 Sequence Diagram

For Admin Login

For Admin Processing

Fig 4.4

4.5 Use case Diagram

Fig 4.5

Chapter 5


5.1 Home page

5.2 Registration page

5.3 Fuel Entry

5.4 Fuel Transaction

5.5 Payment

5.6 View employee detail

5.7 View Transaction

5.8 Change Password

Chapter 6


Software testing is any activity aimed at evaluating an attribute or capability of a program or system and determining that it meets its required results.

3 testing methodologies

• Unit Testing

• Integration Testing

• Acceptance Testing

6.1 Test cases

Testing for Admin Login-Table 6.1.1

Testing for Registration Module -Table 6.1.2

Testing for Barcode number-Table 6.1.3

Testing for Email Id-Table 6.1.4

Testing for Change password-Table 6.1.5

Chapter 7


• Petro Credit Management sets status of each employee fuel transaction. Overall project is managed by the admin. He has the right to update, delete and add information related to registration, transaction, payment.

• This project checks all sorts of constraints so that admin is given only useful data and thus validation is done in an effective way.

For admin:

Ease of access to the system.

Less man power needed to serve employers

To the Individual:

Ease of access to the People to maintain their Fuel details.

Chapter 8

Future Enhancement

• Can create or use still more user friendly techniques

• New modules can be added to the system.

• Existing modules can be reused in future projects.


 An Integrated Approach to Software Engineering –

Sommerville 6th edition pearson education.

 File Organization and Fundamentals of Database –

Manisha Bharambe and Rahul Patil 2008 Edition

 Software project management / Bob Hughes and Mike Cotterell, London [etc.]: McGraw-Hill, c2002, 3rd ed.

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