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  • The Invention of Radios
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The Radio was the best invention in the 19th century that gave birth to whole field of electronics;however, radios are still being used today in so many ways regards to politics, economics,geography, and socially. Inventing radios have changed society drastically. The things being played on the radio we listen to today has a different purpose and viewer reach than it did before the 1950s. During the changing of time, the radio has survived the threat of television. The radio is the cheapest way and one of the easiest ways to communicate with everyone in the world.

Most people take the radio for granted, not even thinking about how beneficial it is when we turn the radio on in the car. In the late 1800s, wireless communication seemed impossible the only way to communicate with someone from far distance was if there was a telegraph between them. After time passed by, some scientists thought there was a way to communicate wireless, and the idea of radios came up after the discovery of radio waves. The government used the radio to their full potential they saw much potential in wireless communication. It did not take long before radios were into people’s home, and changed the way they received information, relaxed, and listened to music.

During the Second World War and the Great Depression the radio was a major tool. Our world would be so different without the radio, we would not have cordless phones, a remote controller, microwaves, television, and a lot of other things we take for granted. Radios was really mainly to be used for communication with ships which would be used more like walkie talkies rather than radio stations. The coast guards used light signals before radios was invented. During that time the radio was mostly used to send codes, but that changed very quickly.

Many people listen to the radio broadcast on a daily basis; most elderly people listen to the morning stations. Politically the radio was used for many politicians to help them campaign, the radio help people broadcast their message across a much larger area. The economical us of the radio people could advertise their business on the radio, and more people would find out about them. The geographical is that it kelp people informed that lived in rural areas. Socially the radio reached out to people, and let the people know what was going on.

In the 1920s, most radio historians believe that the radio broadcast began with the KDKA. The public went crazy and was overwhelmed after the first initial broadcast. The radio had became a mass market. Customers stood in line after the radios had sold out, and the manufacturers were overwhelmed. Between 1923 and 1960 the percentage of purchased radios had went up. Families had gathered at night time for radio entertainment. As the number of radios being sold went up, the number of radio stations increased. The KDKA was actually not the only radio station, but it remains a benchmark

Commercial radio came on the scene in the United States and had effects on the economy. It started a whole new industry. Even though radios were expensive during that period of time, people wanted them so badly that the price did not matter. The huge growth between the years led to job growth, as people had to be hired to package, build, and ship the radios, and someone had to also create the advertisement to sell all the radios. People started careers as radio announcers, writers of radio programs, and in addition to all the other jobs that support radio programming.

Another effect on the economy was radio advertising, which helped the United States grow as a consumer economy while the 1920s economic boom roared away.

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