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  • Blizzards
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Blizzards are,in essence,very big,very powerful,and very dangerous snowstorms. Blizzards can bury entire towns in over ten feet of snow. The term blizzard came from the word used to describe a volley of musket fire. Blizzards are normally on the northwest side of storm systems. Today I will be talking about how a blizzard forms, what it looks like, and how many people die in blizzards every year.
For a blizzard to form you need three things. The first thing you need to form a blizzard you need extremely cold air. The second thing is a lot of moisture. The storm needs a lot in order to make the snow. The third thing is really strong up draft’s. You need strong wind to move the snow.
Inside a blizzard you can barely see anything accept snow, white, and popsicles in your hair. A blizzard looks exactly like any other storm system when you are above it. But beneath it is a whole different story. A blizzard has tons of of water and moisture in it and that’s why it has so much snow in it. In a blizzard your chilled to the bones by extremely cold winds and every time you take a step your foot get’s covered in snow.
One of the most devastating blizzards in history was in south dakota on a january morning in 1888 named ‘the children’s blizzard. The death count of this blizzard in the 500’s from the amount of schools destroyed by this blizzard. A method to surviving in a blizzard is to make shelter from the snow. The first type of shelter is a snow mound shelter. It is like a large igloo but dug out not put together with snow bricks. The next type is a tree cave.It is made by digging out a cave around the base of a burried tree. There is also a slope cave. This is where you dig a cave out of a slope.In a blizzard you must take extra precaution to avoid death.Basic tools:snow shovel/dry food/water/blankets/exta clothes/sleeping bag/and some rope.
Remember the worst way to survive is to come unprepared.All the essential tools must be on hand in case of bad winter weather.Monitor the weather at all times and stay off the road in a snowstorm and never get caught off guard.Keep your guard up because if you don’t it could mean seeing the all mighty a bit early.Always remember that blizzards are very big,very powerful,very dangerous snow storms.

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