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  • Energy sources and the environment
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Burning fossil fuels is a major factor why environmental pollution kept on increasing. Most of our electricity came from fossil fuels such as coal, oil, and natural gas. The energy transfer from chemical energy (the remains for plants and animals reforms to fossil fuels) to heat energy which produces steam. The steam then turns a generator which produces electricity. Yes, burning fossil fuels can provide continuous supply of electricity. And it provides a large amount of energy so it can generate large quantities of electricity. But, do you know it produces large amounts of carbon dioxide, especially coal (dead plants). Fossil fuels are non-renewable and will run out at some point. We need to use alternative energy to prevent our planet getting dirty and polluted. Alternative energy is any energy source that doesn’t use the earth’s natural resources to create electricity and doesn’t polluting the environment. It can also be known as the renewable energy which is energy sources that constantly being replenished, such as wind, sun, water, etc. One of the best source of alternative energy is solar power. The use of solar power will help to solve the world’s pollution problem because solar power comes from the sun energy converted into electricity. Solar power is environmental friendly and it will last forever, unless the sun stopped burning. They do not produce any pollution that may ruin the freshness of the air we breath.
Absorbing sunlight energy and converting it to electricity, we need a machine called solar panel and solar cells that often located on rooftops so they can get sunlight directly. Solar cells converts solar energy (thermal energy) into electrical energy through the scientific process called the photovoltaic. How it works is the solar cells on the solar panels, have numbers of silicon cells. These reacts with photons from the sun to produce solar Direct Current power. The solar Direct Current power then passes through the inventor which converts into alternating current. Alternating Current electricity travels to the distribution network in your home. Powering your domestic or office appliances.
The major reason that I think using solar power is the best for cleaning up the world’s pollution problem is because it does not dirty and pollute our environment. Solar power unlike other renewable energy sources such as fossil fuels, has not been found to produce any of the harmful emissions during the operation. They also generate power silently so there wont be any sound pollution. Solar energy especially when compared to its top competitor nuclear energy, has been found to have the least environmental risk. In Singapore, the government built a building called the Supertrees. On top of the Supertrees, there is hundreds of solar panel. It was designed to convert sunlight into electricity. The reason why Singapore government built the Supertrees was to reduce the use of fossil fuels and also to absorb the heat to protect the people from the extremely hot weathers. According to an article ‘Solar Energy Renewable Energy Sources- Bright Idea’
Another reason is that solar powers are a free source and it is efficient. They do not use any of the earth’s natural resources to create electricity. Energy from sunlight is so plentiful and strong that ‘In one single day, using the sunlight, USA can produce more than 2,500 times the entire country’s daily energy usage.’ Because solar powers are efficient, the solar panels should be expensive. However, after building the solar panel, it can last for 4-5 years at least and running the solar cells require very little maintenance. After years you may find yourself actually are saving quite a lot of money from the electric bill. Creating Solar Energy can also make you earn money from the government. Some country’s government such as USA, Singapore, etc.
Using solar power energy can also affect the economic of the country. Due to the many different types of occupations needed to produce and control solar energy, many new jobs have been and continue to be getting formed. Designers, technicians, and construction workers to mobilise the systems are just a few of the jobs that have been create. According to WH solar company: ‘building solar panels have created more than ten thousand of jobs in the last decade of USA.’
Out of all the alternative sources of energies, I strongly believe solar power would be the best alternative energy for cleaning up the world’s pollution problem. People may think that solar power can only be generated in sunny days, but we actually have about ‘202 days when sun shines each year.’ The solar panels can also ‘safe 70% or more of your original electric invoice.’ Solar power can save your money, make you earn money, it can also save our planet and environment.

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