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Essay: Using a water reservoir for the garden (draft)

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Water conservation are the policies and activities to manage fresh water as a sustainable resource, to protect the water environment, and to meet current and future human demand.
Population, household size and growth and affluence all affect how much water is used.
As we use so much water in the house we need to save water somewhere, this is why we made the outdoor water collection reservoir to collect water that we will use to wet the garden and flower pots .
Instead of leaving the water running for 10 to 15 minutes outside we use the reservoir to wet the garden and so we also spend time outside having some family time.
Investigative questions
‘ What type of container needs to be used’? Where will the water come from that will be used to fill the container’? How do you keep the water clean from insects’? How will I get the water out from the reservoir’? What speed of flow is needed to wet the garden’? How easy will it be too wet the garden?
For my outdoor water reservoir to work, I will need to use a durable weather resistance container. This will ensure my water stay in the container and will be clean at all times.
The water for the reservoir will come from the gutter of the house , I will place the container below the gutter so that all the water flows into it. If my container has any openings we will have to place a mesh over it to keep out all unwanted insects and dirt.
I will be able to empty the reservoir by adding a hosepipe to the other end of the container with a tap controlling the flow of water. I will need a moderate flow of water to ensure that not to much time is spent water the garden.
I need to make sure the hosepipe is long enough to reach some distrance and that the container is higher than the floor area to make sure the water flows easily.
‘ Speed of flow of water from the reservoir
‘ Amount of water leaving the container
‘ If the flow is fast more water will leave the container, is the flow is slow less water will leave the container.
‘ A durable weather resistant container was placed under the gutter of the house and ensured that it is sealed to that no dirt and insects enter the container.
‘ A hosepipe was fastened to the other end of the container with a clamp, from where the water will leave the container.
‘ The one exit hole has a water tap to control the flow of water.
‘ Depending on the rain fall, once the container is full water will be used to wet the garden.
‘ About 4 containers are places around the house so that we can reach all around the house.
‘ The container is placed higher than the ground to make the flow of water easier.
Water Conservation- How much water is saved?
Investigative Question Independent Variable ‘ Turns Dependent Variable ‘ ml of water Controlled Variable
How much water is collected in the reservoir?
0 Depending on the amount of rain fall Increase of water in the container
How much water leaves the container?
1 Water flows at a moderate speed Garden is wet at a moderate speed
Conclusion and discussion
With the amount of water collected in one month we were able to water the garden and save on the water from the house.
Some months we still had to use water from the house because there was too little rainfall.
Some months we were able to save about R60 on our water usage.
The containers and hosepipe we used was durable and we did not have to replace them often.
Overall the projects did bring cost saving to our home and contributed to water conservation in our home.
All new houses and complexes that are built should have a few water saving reservoirs to use for wetting the communal gardens, washing cars and contribute to water conservation.
South Africa will gain tremendously from such a project, because it will ensure that water is saved. This will make sure that our water usage does not lead to the same problems as we have with our electricity.

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