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  • Ocean conservation
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The ocean is something that impacts everyone on earth. The Ocean Conservancy is a nonprofit organization that raises awareness to problems that are happening in the ocean today. Janice Searles Jones, CEO of Ocean Conservancy, has a huge voice of the organization. She believes that the life of humanity relies on the ocean, which is true. The president of the organization, Andreas Merkl, states, “It’s in Ocean Conservancy’s DNA to be tenacious—no matter how big our goals are, we’ll keep working with you to achieve them—because we’re in it for the long haul.” This quote shows how much dedication and loyalty people have toward the Ocean Conservancy. This organization also solves the problems in the ocean and has fundraisers to make money for themselves. The Ocean Conservancy’s mission is to protect oceans, maintain healthy and diverse ecosystems, inspire and teach people to love and learn about our oceans. This is a very important organization because it is saving oceans, oceans are the lifeblood of our planet and protecting them is protecting humanity.
The Ocean Conservancy has a strong mission to teach and inform people about the oceans and what is happening to them. The organization writes news articles and throws events for everyone to come and join. One of these major events raised $4000 from a college in Florida. The Ocean Conservancy wants and expects to see a change, which will someday happen, whether it is a good or bad. By bringing awareness and hosting fundraisers everyone will start to see a change in the oceans. The Ocean Conservancy is trying to teach people that humans can make a change and do something to help the world we live in. The ocean is a very important part of today’s economy because it affects everyone and almost everything. According to Janis Searles Jones, CEO, “What happens to the ocean impacts all of us.”

The ocean is the lifeblood of the planet. Anything from a microscopic organism to a massive blue whale rely on the ocean. The ocean makes over 50% of the oxygen humans breathe. If the ocean is gone humans can’t survive. Thousands of other creatures live and survive of of the ocean. The ocean supports some of the most biodiverse ecosystems. If the ocean is gone that will mean that these strange, beautiful, and unique species will no longer exist. The Ocean Conservancy protects the ocean against things that can pose a threat on the ocean. In other words, this non profit organization is very important because it is not only saving the ocean, it is saving humanity.

Overall the Ocean Conservancy is very important to oceans, ecosystems, living species, and to humans. If we do not support the Ocean Conservancy many things will go down hill in the nearby future. Many living species including humans rely on the ocean. If the ocean disappears so will humans. The Ocean Conservancy hosts fundraisers and teaches people about the oceans and the threats that are posed. If humans are informed we will be able to see changes in the ocean and we will know what to do. In conclusion the Ocean Conservancy isn’t only saving the oceans and millions of other creatures but is also saving humans.

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