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  • Wildlife Conservation
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Wildlife Federation
Deepwater Horizon explosion impacted the gulf wildlife causing the worst oil spill in U.S. History. This article is based on facts from a study that was done in 2015 known as, Programmatic Damage Assessment and Restoration Plan and by individual scientific research groups provided by the National Wildlife Federation website. This website seems to be credible when you first come across it. The further you read it changes your mind. I do not see that the website is kept up to date other than the copyright on the bottom of the page. Citations are not present which are a major essential needed to give credibility to the studies it mentions. Reaching the end of the article the reader can notice factual statements of the animals impacted by the oil spill.
Facts are stated and well presented by the author on how many wildlife species were affected by the Deep Water Horizon. The format of the affected species is organized in a manner to show different habitats from The Gulf Floor to Coastal Habitats. Species affected also range from fish, sea turtles and whales. The author tries to give the sense of making the reader feel bad for all that has been impacted by the spill so that they could be persuaded into donating to the non-profit organization website. This article is written more in an emotional state and makes it more personal to persuade animal lovers. A similar strategy used by ASPCA with the commercials on television of the neglected pets who are sick and are in need of help. The sad music doesn’t help but lure people in to making charitable donations. The website could have presented itself a bit better possibly by changing the format and adding more pictures of the species that were impacted by the oil spill to show the reader what their donation could do if they helped.
The authors feelings in the article are obvious. It’s a sensitive subject to the author. However, for those who need a little more than just a sad story, the author doesn’t deliver what they need. If the reader needed more persuasion what is the money going to if they donate? How would they feel safe and know it’s not a hoax by donating to this non-profit organization? What proof do they have to make the donor feel secure about this decision? Possibly pictures of actual volunteers cleaning up beaches perhaps. People fight for what the world has given us or as others would say “blessed us” with. The man made tragedies that cause major impacts one way or another cause tragedies to our lives as well. How much different is this organization and why should I donate to them rather than the next leading charity? These are questions that the author does not answer. Answering these questions and approaching the reader in a good fashion could lead to a successful persuasive article to grasp the readers’ attention to help the world we live in.
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