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Essay: Cloud Computing for Metasoft: IAAS & PAAS on Public Cloud

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Sangeeth Reddy Arepally



The main theme of cloud computing is that it can be easily accessible by all the users from any place as it deals with software, computation, data access and storage services. It has essential characteristics, deployment models and service models for the network and remote servers.

There are five essential charcteristics of cloud which demonstrate the main concept of cloud computing.

The cloud computing has many architecture depending on the specification that are noted by the metasoft ltd these architecture will be suitable.

For the architectures, the users in the frontend will send the request to the load balancer, and the load balancer will distribute the load horizontally.

The sent requests will be accepted at the backend and the data is stored as it consists of a virtual machine with storage services and mechanisms.

The service oriented architecture would be more suggestable for metasoft Ltd as it is mainly designed for business processes and real world activities.

In this service oriented architecture all the data is stored in the hybrid cloud and this hybrid cloud will send the secured data to the private cloud and the unsecured data to the public cloud. With this there will be no storage issues and the data is secured and the cost is reduced.

These are the factors that the metasoft ltd will be higly benefited with.

cloud computing will allow people to access the service from anywhere in the world with high data security and storage at low cost. The cloud deployment models are used by many users to make their software more secured and the software updation is an automated process.


In the current era, every company is aiming for the best IT practices with an ultimate goal to accomplish their tasks effortlessely. ‘Metasoft ltd’ is an software based company that has been operating in Australia and New zealand. Which made it a trouble to manage everybody at different locations. So, in order to make its work simpler metasoft has planned to use cloud computing with an aim to settle its issues effortlessely. This report gives a clarity about the cloud computing with different recommendations that help the company with its objective. Distinct service models, their issues, mitigations are clearly conveyed in this report. So, as to help the company to pick the most profitable model as per their requisites.


Metasoft is an organization that’s working for clients across Australia and NewZealand. This company is aiming for a good approach which helps their employees to get the access to data with the internet connectivity from anywhere remotely. It requires a good methodology of office automation as it deals with huge amount of data. Remembering the true objective to give various limits related to office automation, particular strategies are explained, for instance:


Icloud is capable in giving spreadsheets, file storage, emailing, word processing likewise presentating application. The greater part of the clients think that its easy to use with no pointless complain and it likewise contains popular features. The cloud based version is good with different applications yet just support Mac or IOS working frameworks. It consists  distinctive advantages and features  alongside it likewise has a few concerns that are explained underneath:


Major advantages of Icloud are:

1) It supports multi-working framework systems because of which it is basic for organisation to install it, so every customer can review any kind of data by utilizing any sort of device or working framework.

2) It incorporates everything which is main for the customer aiming at the end objective to make any report, presentation or presentation.

3) It has a unique identified mode with page format  where the customer can manage the outline with respect to every aspect on the page and  move them to anyplace.


Some of the major issues of this approach are as follows:

1. It is not that comfortable to utilize a multi-working framework support.

2. As it has very complicated functions, applications and features. it is hard to comprehend by client.

3. vital information may be lost because of internet connectivity errors while working with at the information utilizing icloud.

Receivers End

Receivers end is the other efficient methodology that helps the client to store all the vital documents and reports and also helps the client to substitute the google docs and microsoft office. With these cloud application the customers can add, deploy and collaborate records.


Major uses of this method:

1. User can store huge amount of information records with no troubles in the Drobox as it has huge storage space.

2. There are many methods, for instance, sending a request mail and asking them to join receiver end by linking it to social networking which helps the client to increase the storage and also cost effetive.

3. This method is very appropriate to utilize, furthermore causes the clients to learn and use it effortlessly with no pressure or bother in comprehension.


There are few noteworthy issues  with DroboxPaper is, the client has  the privilege to erase any sort of data with no hint. This may prompt loss of essential data for that client.

Which approach is best for Metasoft?

As per the above discussion, there are two different methodoogies to address the issues of metasoft.Dropbox paper would be the better choice for metasoft as per their prerequisites. This methodology is helpful for file storage, document sharing through online which was the prime concern.other than this methodology there are different other techniques to secure the data in the dropbox. However tis strategy helps the business to make the data available to every staff member from anyplace. Some of the prime requirements of the company are emailing, file storing, spreadsheets etc.,

Migration to public cloud

Metasoft is aiming to migrate its current infrastructure to public cloud. But they are in a dialoma in opting the service models for the solutions to their issues. Both the service models IAAS and PAAS are been compare among their components, features and issues.

IAAS on Public cloud

IAAS is characterized as a type of distributed computing which fills in as an essential distributed resource for the web era. The IAAS vendor is responsible of hardware and keep beware of the servers in the event that they are working legitimately. It has storage, security, servers, data centres and over the cloud and networking firewalls uses the Space to sort out another infrastructure on cloud.

PAAS on public cloud

Platform as a service (PAAS) on public cloud is characterized as a platform to encourage the clients to construct application with no complexity to create and keep up the infrastructure. It goes about as a middle envirnment for the developers to set up, arrange and deal with every  server in the database for  application advancement purpose. It likewise deals with the customization, administration analytics and development tools over cloud.


Main considerations  by the organisations while looking for a best Service models are as per the following:

a) In order to build a good value to the business all the strategies, policies and service level agreements should be considered

b) In concern with the security and the trust the cloud provider history and past actions should be checked before deploying an on premise infrastructure.

c)Before starting any procedure, the design of the cloud service ought to be chosen based on Technical necessities of the organisation.

Difference between issues of public PAAS and Public IAAS

a)In both IAAS and PAAS forms are overseen, managed by the providers. The significant concern is the loss of certifications.

b) As the public IAAS and PAAS donot offer access to employers and employee many issues are caused to the data availablity.

c)Public IAAS gives unwavering quality yet going to the dependability out in the public PAAS it can be difficult to deal with the unstable instances and inaccuracy  concerned to the web application created.

d)Because of  substantial workload over the public cloud, public PAAS is influenced as far as execution as it is subject to shared environment. In context of IAAS it is additionally reliant on because of which huge objects can be overseen.




Infrastructure as a service is service model for cloud which provides complete infrastructure as a service to the organisation

Platform as a service ia a service architecture of cloud which gives a platform to the developers to build the applications as per the requisites.

Software as a service is a service architecture of cloud which provides a software for an organisation as per their requisites to perform their tasks.

It helps to build a new infrastructure as per the requirements related to IT.

It helps to handle all the operations and business processes as a full application

It is used as a infrastructure or a platform for the purpose of customisation, development of new application as per the requisites.

Recommended model to improve the accessibility of the SharePoint 2010 of Metasoft.

As per the pre requisites of the company, PAAS would be the best model as the clients can easily modify, test and deploy the applications over their working environment.it helps the employees of the company to get access to all the data from anywhere in their gadgets with the internet connectivity. They can easily control the sharepoint with this methodology.

Issues regarding cloud migration and mitigation methodoogies.

Issue: It is hard for metasoft to migrate from their current platform to another.

Mitigation: to ensure a cross platform migration of the application the organisation should consider the open source paas.

Issue: It maybe dfficult for paas to provide limited set of programming languages and databases

Mitigation: the organisation must confirm with the provider whether they are providing the required technologies or not before choosing paas.

Issue: It could be difficult for the customers to manage the customized applications by learning new languages.

Mitigation: to manage the new application effortlessly the chosen paas must provide the custom code.

Issue: the employees and the employer may have few difficulties due to complexities with the change in environment.

Mitigation: Appropriate training must be given to complete staff regarding the new technology for management purpose and to control this problem

Issue: Security is the major concern as all the details of the organisation is revealed with the cloud provider.

Mitigation: selecting a trustworthy provider with a clear service level agreement will clear the problem.


The report talks about all ideas about distributed Computing alongside various recommendations that will be helpful for the association with a particular end objective to determine every one of its issues viably. Distinctive service methodologies and the disparities among them are clearly discussed in this report with the support of which can be easy for the association to choose a best among the most helpful Service show for its different viewpoints particular according to requisites. There are two distinct methodologies that are talked about above with a specific end goal to take care of the request of meta soft. From the two methodologies, Dropbox is observed as most suitable according to prerequisite of the organization as it is considered as a good approach for the storage and in addition sharing of records  which is a noteworthy and basic necessity of the organization.

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