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Essay: Using Promotion-Mix Tools to Attract Customers During EMCO

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As one of the tenants in the TOPPEN shopping mall who operating the eatery shop, I would use the 4 Promotion-Mix Tools in order to attract more customers during this Enhanced Movement Control Order (EMCO) which are:
The first (1) Promotion-Mix Tools that I will use is advertising. As you know advertising is any paid form of media communication such as YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and others media platforms. For example, I will use a YouTube and Facebook Platform to advertise my restaurant product and service. Clement, J. (2020, April 2) stated on his website that, during the pandemic COVID-19 social media users in believe they will use YouTube more if confined at home due to the coronavirus. Internet users turn to digital video and video-on-demand platforms to keep them entertained. Usually before people click the button play on the YouTube video there is advertisement will appear so it will reinforces the existence of the organization and also helps in persuading the consumers to buy. With the increasing of using online platform which is YouTube and Facebook I would like to take this opportunities by advertise my restaurant product such as Breakfast Pack, Lunch Pack, and Dinner Pack and also the delivery services with theme “You Stay at Home, We Deliver to Your Door”. This is our efforts to keep our customers safe. I would utilize aggressive online advertising as a tool to promote my restaurant products and services. With the help of online commercials, my restaurant has successfully managed to create a positive image of its brand and its helps to attract more customers to buy. It is because advertising involves reaching a large audience through a variety of mediums to build brand awareness, promote special offers and build customer loyalty.
The second (2) Promotions-Mix Tools is Sales Promotion. Sales promotions are for increasing sales and are short-term incentives provided to customers for specific periods of time, for example during festive seasons or public holidays. I would use this strategy to my restaurant in order to attract more customers because; I would like to transform my potential customers into actual customers and encourage my customers to use the product or services more frequently. For example, my restaurant will do a promotion such as giving customers a RM 10 gift card for every RM 50 they spend on the lunch pack of delivery. Other than that, there will be a discount 20% for every purchase of Curry Hygiene Set that comes with two small bottles of hand sanitizers. This is great promotion, to changing customer needs as demand for hand sanitizers is increases and supply is diminishing during the pandemic COVID-19. The Curry Hygiene Set is also great option for large families. For RM 80 of Curry Hygiene Set customers will get 5 lbs Curry Chicken, Rice for 6 persons, fried egg, mixed vegetables and a jug of ice lemon tea. One other opportunity is in charitable sales promotions, I would like donating a portion of all profits for a certain period of time during a weekend. These can encourage conversion because customers can purchase items for themselves while still doing good for others. As example, my restaurant offering customers the opportunity to take RM 10 off their purchase price and donate it directly to frontline workers through Direct Relief.
Next, the third (3) Promotions-Mix Tools is Public Relation. The owner of the restaurant can try to build a favourable image in the market by creating relations with the general public. Public Relations strategies start from donating to an affected community to running a brand activation stunt in a mall. Here I will use this Public Relations strategy to do my restaurant promotion which is running the campaign. The outbreak of pandemic COVID-19 was critical as it was spread among many countries and took many lives. Our restaurant took a initiative by collaborating with FoodPanda Delivery to help the people in need and to build up a positive brand image, started a donation campaign where FoodPanda agreed to give RM2 for every RM1 of delivery charges donated to the cause through its application. This public relations strategy attracted the media attention and resulted to be a huge success as FoodPanda raised RM 1 million to combat the coronavirus. Other than that, by using Instagram as one of the Public Relation promotion. This platform is a great way to engage with the customers. In addition, Instagram is great for promoting our new menu or the latest promo such as Super Jimat Set and Asam Pedas Rice Box by using hashtag #StayAtHome to literally tempt customers through their stomachs to come to our restaurant. This is totally free to do, only requiring a camera. We also joined hands with Government which support EMCO and followed the guideline in other to make sure our customers stay safe.
Lastly, the fourth (4) Promotions-Mixes is Direct Marketing. With the advanced technology and internet our restaurant can reach customers directly without any intermediaries or any paid medium. The e-mails and text messages are some of the tools of direct marketing. Our restaurant can send emails and messages to the customers if they need to be informed about the new offerings or the sales promotion schemes. During this crisis and EMCO we as owner of the restaurant can stay connect with our customers. This promotion method is highly effective and is one of the easiest methods to measure. For example, when we create a discount for our online delivery menu and send it out via physical mail, we can figure out who has used it by way of a cookie or a pixel. With this new business opportunity, online direct marketing allows us to continually adapt to the needs of the market especially during this EMCO, thus allowing us to react in a much more effective manner. Other than that we will upgrade our promotion which is by sending the message to our customers via a text message and inform them that will be an extra benefit to the golden card holders. By doing direct marketing it also helps improved loyalty. If we are in direct contact with our customers, we will be able to personalize emails, promotions and offers, thus creating an immediate bond between our business and our customers. By customizing the message for each recipient, direct marketing is a great way to market to the public.
As a conclusion the promotional mix is a critical element for the success of my business because we naturally want to generate more revenue by growing and promoting our business. Using promotional tools, I as the owner of the eatery shop can acquire additional customers and encourage them to come back through the provision of high quality service.

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