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Essay: Swarm Intelligence: The Right Solution for Disaster Management

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Why swarm intelligence has emerged as a solution for robots that work well during disaster management operations. Write your detailed point of view by citing examples and key features of the architecture that shows swarm intelligence is the right solution is disaster management.
Use swarm intelligence in disaster managements
Every year have many disasters occur on the earth. Due to theses disasters many lives were lost and many expansive infrastructure are destroy and this happened because help could not reach their location this is where swarm intelligence can be used to recuse live of people where help could not reach. There are two type of disaster one is human made and second is natural based disasters
Swarm intelligence
Swarm intelligence is used to work on artificial intelligence. it is a collective behavior of system to perform a certain task. it is basically using the natural phenomenon like swarm of birds flocking bee colony ant colony firefly and even fish. these natural phenomenon shows that these natural creatures work together as a unified system to perform tasks and solve problems which outperforms the vast majority of individual member. swarm intelligence provides facility to work as a collective system in order to accomplish a certain task.
Disaster management can be done using swarm intelligence with much efficiency and accuracy. Most of live are lost in disaster due to help could not reach them. there is multiple way of aiding people who are affected by disaster using warm intelligence. the swarm learning birds can be used in earthquake where multiple building are collapsed and people are trapped inside building information and accurate data is required to make decision this is where the swarm of learning birds can be used to collect the information about the area and provide accurate data to make proper decision> swarm intelligence can also be used in searching safe location and show the accurate path to that safe location using ant algorithm on mobile device. There is some example that show the swarm intelligent is right solution for the disaster management.
Example 1 Scanning Environment with swarm learning birds
a major earthquake and its aftershock in urban area which is highly populated and upgrades the previously developed low level model architecture. when the earthquake occurs in densely populated area with multiple building collapsed and people trapped inside information and accurate data is required to make decision that is where learning birds comes in the collect the data of the area an provide the series of practical decision that can be made by the recuse team by analyzing the environment and structural integrity of build and condition of victims. Learning birds are direct reference to the flock of the birds who has collective intelligence. Once the after shock occurs and rescues team is trapped under the building wreckage there will not be accurate information to act on. The swarm of learning birds will used to collect the information which will be a team of small moving robot interconnected with sensornet . the swarm birds will suggest the solution in collective manner so appropriate decision can be made.

Example 2 Finding Safe Path and Location in Disaster Affected Area using Swarm Intelligence
This example emphasized on disaster effected area and how to keep the affected people away from the disaster to a safe location until the help arrives to them. Recently large-scale disaster occurs in Uttarakhand where more than 100000 were stranded. The safe path finding, and location is the behavior of ants where the ant is agent. The system works like the behavior of ants. Agent alone or with a group of people who is safe location sends his location to the disaster management server the server run the algorithm on log file stored and calculate the distance of location, capacity of path and closest path and send the calculated path coordinate to the stranded agents which store inn log file. The log file used in google map and if the agent is in same location then the server search for other location stored by other agent who already reach to the safe location direct them to that location.

Covid-19 pandemic created challenges in daily life. What kinds of AI solutions ( robotics , Context aware , Swarm Intel , expert systems ) would you suggest , so that people resume working , and are facilitated with these technologies. You can focus on hospitals , schools , homes , offices.

In Covid 19 pandemic create many challenges in daily life. Covid 19 is having a debilitating effect on people and health and their economic. The artificial intelligent have a central role to play in supporting global efforts to combat covid 19. The artificial intelligence technology is being used in varied ways to combat the pandemic. I will suggest the artificial intelligent to fight against the covid 19 pandemic. But in this note we are focused on the hospital or health sector, school,home,and office. There is some artificial solution that people can resume work and daily life activities.
hospital or health sector
For hospital or health sector are front sector that poorly effect in covid 19 and many problem arise in these sector. I will suggest expert system, robot, context awareness and swarm intelligence technology to fight against the Covid 19. Consider the unfortunate pandemic situation of Covid 19 robots could be used in order to help our society. The robot can be use as nurse, as the doctor assistance to treatment the coronavirus patient. The expert system also used as doctor to identify the disease in the patient and expert system can be suggest useful for the prevent the coronavirus. Swarm intelligent also a use in a diagnose of the coronavirus patient and we solve medical complex task using swarm intelligent. The context awareness technology are used in quarantine wards if the coronavirus patient is not feeling better the context aware provide some medicine. There are some example that current used in hospital or health sector to fight against covid 19.
For example the ambulance robot are used in critical time dealing with people affected by coronavirus and also used in emergency disaster. The doctor far away form the patient and doctor instruct the ambulance robot to treatment the patient.
The doctor robot is medical worker such as doctor and nurses because doctor and nurse cannot directly treatment the coronavirus patient. In covid 19 the doctor robot are used.
School and office Sector
as we know in covid 19 poorly effect school and office sector. After five month the school and office are now opening in this pandemic. I will suggest artificial intelligent solution in these sectors is context awareness, robotic and expert system. Instead of a person checking the temperature of people on entry, we can use context aware robots that can read people temperature to avoid the spread of coronavirus.
The robotic system we can used in the school and office sector to file take form one place to another place. The expert system are used as doctor in school and office if any children of the school and employee symptoms of coronavirus disease are arise they can check up with expert system robot.
In covid 19 all people of the world lock down and they cannot buy necessary thing for the daily life. I will suggest artificial intelligent solution for the home sector to buy a thing and deliver a thing to the neighbourhood is quadcopter robot.
There is some example that are currently used in pandemic covid 19. The 3D Delivery system is utilizing a UAV robot to bring required goods such as food or medical supplies to the person in any floor of the apartment. The delivery system can operate by using the android app.
Supervised Machine Learning
In supervised learning you train the machine using data which is well labelled.it means some data is already tagged with the correct answer. A supervised learning algorithm learn from labelled training data, help you to predict outcomes for unforeseen data.
Why supervised learning
Supervised learning allows you to collect data or produce a data output from the previous experience. Help you to optimize perform criteria using experience.Supervised machine learning helps you to solve various type of real-world computation problem.
Type of supervised learning
• Classification
• Regression
Predicting house prices we need about the house square footage, number of room features, whether a house has garden or not and so on. We need to know the prices of these houses. The corresponding labels. By leveraging data coming from thousand of house their features and prices we can now train a supervised machine learning model to predict a new house price based on the example observed by model.

Unsupervised Machine Learning
• Unsupervised learning is a machine learning technique where you do not need to supervised the model.
• Instead you need to allow the model to work on its own to discover information. It mainly deals with the unlabelled data.
• Unsupervised learning algorithm allow you to perform more complex processing tasks compared to supervised learning.
Why unsupervised learning
• Unsupervised machine learning finds all kinds of unknown pattern in data
• Unsupervised method help you to find feature which can be useful for categorization
• It is easier to get unlabelled data from a computer than labelled data which need manual intervention.
Let take baby and family dog. She known and identified this dog a few week later a family bring along and tires to play with the baby. Baby not seen this dog earlier. But it recognizes many features 2 ears, eyes walking on 4 legs are like her dog. She identifies a new animal like a dog. This is unsupervised learning where you are not taught but you learn from data in this case data about a dog. If family friend told the baby this is a dog then it is supervised learning.

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