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Essay: Robot Technology’s Impact on Society: Advancements in Cars, Schools, and the Medical Field

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Technology has been a growing phenomenon since people realized what they could do with it.
Around the world there are thousands of unique inventions that are constantly being improved
to benefit society or even just personal matters. Specifically, robot technology has recently
become increasingly popular. With popularity comes more advancements, and this robot
technology is impacting our world.
Robot technology is in our normal day to day lives and as time continues it will become further
involved. Whether it be a vacuum cleaner, a kids toy, or even a self driving car this technology
can be found somewhere throughout your day. Speaking of cars, Tanya Mohn from the New
York Times stated, “The patent-pending technology,…is unaffected by weather conditions or
high speeds, can view and record behavior inside the vehicle,…Cameras can be installed on
existing roadside infrastructure, like overpasses, messaging signs or movable structures.” This
is an example of some technological advancements that some people want to put in cars. By
putting this technology in cars there might end up being a lower number of car crashes per year,
this could cause people as a whole to think of cars to be more positively. According to Tanya
Mohn, “As with many AI innovations, the technology also raises privacy issues. “It’s this classic
question about how much intrusion we want in our lives to keep ourselves safe,” Ward said. “We
share our road space, and there are limits to our liberty in the closed environment of cars. But it
does imply a greater degree of intrusion,” he said of monitoring technology.” In addition to AI
having the ability to make cars safer, others may think otherwise. The impact of this is people
feeling paranoid as if they are being watched, people like privacy and AI can limit the amount of
privacy a person truly has. In article two it is stated that, “When I first saw the robot standing in
place of our teachers greeting us at the entrance, I found it cold and disorienting,” Lee said. “But
this robot is actually the same height as I am and also displays goofy dance moves, and I
realized I can befriend him and share a fun time.” With new robot tech advancements AI has
become prominent in certain schools. And with that information this quote comes to show that
the current youth are becoming more comfortable around this technology. As these children are
growing up with technology it can affect they way their homes will be, they can have higher tech
homes since they are comfortable with it. Throught peoples everyday lives this new technology
being included impacts everyone differently.
Along with everyday life being impacted by robots new machinery the medical field has also
been largely affected. Since the epidemic COVID-19 began doctors, nurses, and other medical
workers have all needed immense help, and through AI advancements they found slight relief.
For example Simon Denyer states,”Chinese robot maker UBTech launched Cruzr…It is also
being used by medical institutions for mass temperature screening, patient monitoring and
medical record-keeping, helping overwhelmed medical workers.” AI has positively impacted the
medical field by adding less risk for infections of health workers, allowing certain procesess to
go faster, and by giving these workers a tiny break from their crazy schedules. With this benefit
workers could even get patients in and out of the hospital better or find the right treatments
better. According to source two, “The Cruzr, with eyes that beam a neon-blue light and a video
screen on its chest, takes kids’ temperatures and reminds them to follow anti-virus rules.” As
well as robot technology helping healthcare workers in the field they are also helping by
reminding these kids to be safe. Kids being reminded of the rules can easily prevent them from
getting sick, therefore the hospital will get less patients. Based on source two, in Japan
Avatarin’s robots are being used by doctors to safely interact with coronavirus patients. This is
another example of AI keeping humans safe and making their jobs easier. It is also showing that
the doctors are still interacting with patients which is very beneficial for this dark field. In other
words the new advancements of robot technology will continue to impact the medical field.
As robot technology continues to advance it will continue to affect this world. AI impacts peoples
everyday lives as well as the medical field everywhere. While this technology continues to grow
so will its impact, the world will just have to wait and see the new affects.

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