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Essay: Leasing companies in Mauritius

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Mauritius Leasing Company
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It is the principal and number one player in the Mauritian market as leasing company. In 1987, the Mauritius leasing had incorporated as the first leasing company in Mauritius as joint venture with Government to offer leasing facilities to businesses. In 27 February 2004 the company was listed as the first leasing company in Mauritius on Stock Exchange of Mauritius. In 2009 it was the first leasing company which had launched the facility of Islamic leasing as Ijharah. Mauritius Leasing’s Ijarah is the first leasing product to lead the way in the emerging Islamic finance environment in Mauritius. Ijarah is an alternative to conventional leasing and it is the ultimate form of interest free asset backed financing. It combines modern credit and financing techniques with traditional risk reward sharing concepts and business ethics.
Finlease Company Ltd
It is a subsidiary of MCB and is the leading leasing company in Mauritius. It offers a variety range of leasing solutions with attractive rates. It is considered as the leader of market of leasing.
CIM Leasing
CIM Finance has launched its leasing services in 1996. Over the years it has built a good client base due to its flexibility, reliability and confidentiality.
MUA Lease Company Ltd
Mauritius Union Association Company Ltd has started in March 1998 and is engaged in the transactions of all classes of insurance business. The company subsidiaries also include MUA Leasing Company, which is engaged in leasing. The company targets mainly corporate clients.
SBM Lease Company Ltd
State Bank of Mauritius is the second largest bank in Mauritius and among the services it provides, leasing services also form parts of it. The services are open to SBM customers and non SBM customers. The company finances new and second hand vehicles. Since the State bank Group has experienced an improvement in its market share, it has devoted a large portion of its activities to leasing.
ABC Finance & Leasing Company
ABC Finance & Leasing Company has been incorporated in November 1997. It has positioned itself as a leading top most leasing companies in Mauritius and it offers services to both individual and corporate.
It has been granted its banking license in June 2010 and has become ABC Banking Corporation.
Barclays leasing Company
Barclays Leasing Company is the leasing arm of Barclays in Mauritius. It provides cost effective and easy asset financing.
Axys Leasing
This company has been in leasing business since 2004 and today it is one of the largest lease finance operators in Mauritius.
Capital Leasing Company Limited
It is a Company of Rogers Group. It has treated a lot of cases namely those of planters, taxi drivers and the EPZ (Export Processing Zone).
Global leasing Company
The company is operating since October 2000 and it deals with all types of leasing.
Global direct leasing company
This company has been operating in Mauritius to offer leasing facilities.

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