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CNX Nifty (Nifty = National Fifty) is a diversified index of 50 stocks from 25 different economy sectors.
In 1998, the National Stock Exchange of India launched in web-site and was the first exchange in India that started trading stock on the Internet in 2000. Today, NSE has roughly 66% of equity spot turnover and roughly 100% of equity derivatives turnover.
Share khan ltd is an online trading website. It was founded by SS Kantilal Ishwarlal who was a pioneer in the finance industry. Share khan ltd is a subsidiary of SSKI which came existence in 1922. SSKI is among the first few brokerage houses of India having an experience of more than 80 years into:-
Retail Broking,
Institutional Broking,
Wealth Management,
SS Kantilal Ishwarlal is the list of founders of the Bombay Stock Exchange. SSKI was an expert in the Institutional Broking business. Only in 1985 it entered the Retail Sector by launching a brand named ‘Share Khan ltd’. It was the retail broking arm of the company.
Share Khan is the top financial services company in India. It provides a complete package of Investment solutions in Equities, Derivatives, Commodities, IPO, and Mutual funds, Depositary Services, Portfolio Management Services and Insurance. Share khan ltd made its presence felt in India through Share khan ltd Branches & Franchisees and It has a ground network of around 300 centres, across 123 cities in India with a customer base of 1, 20,000 and an equal number of de-mat customers.
On April 2002, it’s launched a new service called Speed Trade which was an online executable application to the broker terminals accompanied with other information that is used for Day Trade.
Share khan ltd has various outlets which provide a full range of investment services like:-
Online Trading
Equity and Derivative trading on NSE & BSE
Commodities trading on MCX
Portfolio Management Services
Depository Services
IPO Services
Share khan ltd is a perfect example of B2C. B2C is an e-commerce term where any organization sells its products directly to the online customer. A major strength of Share khan ltd would be its ability to provide Specialised & Custom made Research Products which highlight the investment philosophy of true Investors in the secondary stock market.
Key Executives for Share khan Limited
Mr. Tarun P. Shah
Chief Executive Officer and Whole-Time Director
Mr. Pathik Gandotra
Head of Research
Mr. Jaideep Arora
Whole-Time Director
Mr. Shankar Vailaya
Whole-Time Director
Compensation as of Fiscal Year 2014.
‘To educate and empower the individual investor to make better investment decision through quality advice and superior service.’
‘To be the best retail broking brand in the Indian Equities market’
Share khan ltd as a SEBI registered intermediary is mandated to follow the rules regulations circulars of the exchanges and SEBI issued from time and operates through well-defined procedures and policies.
The following policies have been mandated by SEBI to be made available to the clients. It should not be construed that these are the only policies followed by Share khan ltd.
(A) Refusal of orders for Penny Stocks
(B) Setting Up Client’s exposure Limits
(C) Applicable Brokerage
Schedule of charges
1. Account opening fees.
2. SEBI turnover fees as applicable.
3. Exchange Transaction charges as applicable.
4. Securities Transaction Tax (STT)* :- The STT rates will vary with regards to trades done on delivery basis, non-delivery basis and trades done in the derivative segment.
5. Service tax *.
6. Stamp duty: – State wise stamp duty as applicable will be levied.
7. Education Cess and higher Education Cess *.
8. In addition to the above Share khan ltd shall debit the de-mat charges to the trading account.
9. In case there are any bank charges or any other charges levied by the exchange or any other authority on account of any violation done by the client, the same shall be charged to.
10.Delivery Handling Charges (DHC) would be levied on each sale transaction in case if the value of brokerage levied is less than Ds 16/-.The value of DHC would be difference of Rs 16/- and the brokerage charged.
11.In case where the brokerage levied as a percentage on the value of the shares/ contract is less than the minimum brokerage payable per share/contract. The client will be charged such minimum rate of brokerage per share instead of the percentage.
Cash Market Brokerage % Min. Paisa Per Share
First Leg 0.10 5
Second Leg (Same day Sq. Off) 0.10 5
Delivery Brokerage 0.50 10
Derivatives Segment Currency Derivatives
Futures% Options% Futures% Options%
First Leg 0.10 2.50 0.10 2.50
Same day square off 0.02 2.50 Nil Nil
Next day square off 0.10 2.50 0.10 2.50
In case of futures, the minimum brokerage of 0.01paise per share will be charged. In case of futures options, minimum brokerage will be Rs. 100/- per lot or the above whichever is higher. In case of currency futures, the minimum brokerage of 0.01paise per quantity will be charged. In case of currency options, minimum brokerage will be Rs. 30/- per lot or the above whichever is higher.
Standard Brokerage Percentage Index / Stock Options Segment Currency Options Segment Min. amount per lot
2.50 100 30
2 90 25
1.50 80 20
1 70 15
0.50 60 10
(D) Imposition of Penalty / Delayed payment charges by either party, specifying the rate and period.
(E) Right to sell client’s securities or close client’s positions, without giving notice to the client on account of nonpayment of client’s dues:-
(F) Shortages in obligations arising out of internal netting of trades.
(G) Conditions under which a client may not be allowed to take further position or the broker may close existing position of a client /Temporary suspending or close a client’s account at the client’s request and Deregistering a client.
Products of Share Khan
Share khan ltd provides two types of products depending on the volume based needs of the investor. The products are as follows:-
Classic Account:-
This product is most suitable for investors and allows them to trade through the website. Only 25 scripts are allowed per terminal without the availability of technical charts. It’s a JAVA Based Applet which lets you see the latest price of your scripts and trade by logging in the website. This account is allows you to trade in Derivatives. The cost for a lifetime account is Rs. 750 without any constraints on the minimum turnover.
Speed Trade Account:-
This account is used by traders who trade more frequently throughout the day and capture the intraday price movements. Such traders are called ‘intra-day’ traders.
Speed trade is internet based application software which is available on a CD and provides the user with all the features on the screen thereby reducing the time to execute a trade. Speed trade offers a tick by tick update on stock price movements with market depths and various intra-day charts which enable the user to make his analysis on stocks. The cost for a lifetime account is Rs. 1000 with a minimum brokerage of Rs. 1500 to be produced every quarter.
Bank connection
Share khan ltd is affiliated with 11 banks which allow its customer to transfer their funds from their respective banks savings account and enjoy the trading facility online. The affiliated banks are as follows:-
Dial N Trade
An exclusive service available to all the customers of share khan ltd wherein they can trade on shares via telephones. By dialling 1800-22-7500 a toll free number, the customers are redirected to a tele-broker who will buy and sell shares on his behalf.
After Hour Orders
Share khan ltd Customers can entail the facility of placing orders even trading hours, and the orders are executed when the next trading session begins.
For Intraday Transactions they charge a brokerage of 0.1% on each leg Transaction. For Delivery Transactions they charge a brokerage of 0.1% on each leg Transaction. For Derivatives Transactions they charge a brokerage of 0.01% on each leg Transaction.
Trade in Commodity
Share khan ltd also provides trading in commodities like Bullion: Gold/Silver, Agricultural commodities through share khan ltd Commodities Pvt Ltd, a subsidiary of its parent company SSKI.
Research Team
Research and knowledge of markets provides better returns than reacting to false rumours and speculations. The research team provides information to their customers regarding various market conditions. In the morning when a new trading session starts they provide ‘Eagle Eye’ which tells you about the market condition for the whole day. In afternoon they provide ‘High Noon’ which provides the market condition up to this point and how the condition would be during the remaining half. After the close of trading for the day they provide in-depth analysis and market summary for that day.
Mobile N Trade Facility
Now share khan ltd provides the service of trading through mobile handsets. This service can be activated by paying an additional activation free.
These days almost everyone trades. With the invention of new technology more people are aware about the online trading services and hence register for the same. Its customer base ranges from Businessmen, housewives, students, shopkeepers to Senior Citizens, all of whom have some disposable money and like to make money by taking on some risk are potential share khan ltd customers. Also traders who like to invest their money in share markets are customers of Share Khan. Mostly the customers are divided into two categories depending on the type of transaction they do and money they invest in the share market. These people are generally Investors or Traders. Investors are those people who have money in excess after fulfilling their needs and hence invest money in the market while Traders are those who do daily transactions which form a part of their business. The transactions carried out by investors are called Delivery transactions whereas those carried out by traders are called Intra-day transactions.
Share Khan Services
Share Khan is among India’s leading broker houses and is also the retail network of SSKI. It has a well-established based of over 300 share shops in over 123 cities and India’s premier online trading portal, where customers enjoy multichannel access to stock markets.
Offerings of Share Khan
Share Khan offers all kinds of trading accounts i.e. online and offline. These days its main focus is online trading where users can access their accounts from any part of the globe and continue their trade. There is no restriction of going to a broker physically or settling due payments. It provides a fast, simple and convenient medium to carry out transactions. Share Khan’s product consists of a 4 in 1 concept which integrates:
D-mat Account
Trading Account
Bank Link
Dial N Trade
For carrying out trading activities every individual needs a D-mat account. All the share purchases are stored in this D-mat Account. Share Khan provides with a Trading Account. This Trading Account enables a user to transfer funds from his Savings Account in the bank to his trading account with any formal paper work. Share purchases and prices on which he trades in the terminal can be viewed on
the website. currently provides trading only on NSE and shall avail trading on BSE shares soon. The formalities for opening an account involve filling an agreement of 12 pages, photo proof, address proof and a cheque drawn in the favour of share khan ltd Ltd.
After finishing with the above formalities the customer receives his login information for the website i.e.
User Id & Password, which will enable him to access his trading account.
‘ pan India presence
‘ Pan-India presence with over 1,500 outlets serving 950,000
customers across 450 cities

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