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The success of Geisinger is contingent on the area it serves. This means that “one thing depends on the other, and one way is not necessarily better than the other” (Daft, 2016, ch. 1, p. 28). Geisinger is in a unique demographic area. While its main stronghold is located in Scranton, PA which a large size city, the surrounding coverage areas are mainly rural. Therefore, this organization relies heavily on technology, strong communication systems, and a collabrotive structure as their main contingent factors to meet the needs of the surrounding population (Daft, 2016, ch. 1, p. 29).

There are currently over 30,000 employees throughout Geisinger health system.  Over 1,600 physicians are spread out over their 12 hospitals (Geisinger, 2015). Some of the hospitals employ doctors outside the Geisinger network. As a result, a strong health information exchange was implemented to ensure medical information can be sent safely and efficiently. The KeyHIE network is a database that shares health information with 18 different hospitals in Pennsylvania. From its launch in 2005, it has provided electronic health information, and made sharing medical records significantly easier especially when patients have to travel to specialty physicians (Geisinger, 2015).

Geisinger serves a high Medicare population, and how they reach their patients is contingent on what is accessible to the aging population. Geisinger did become part of both an accountable care organization and patient centered medical home. Keystone ACO is the umbrella that Geisinger falls under. This is collaboration between four health care systems that serve Central and Northeastern PA including: Geisinger Clinic, Evangelical Community Hospital, Wayne Memorial Hospital, and The Wright Center for Graduate Medical Education. The main goal of the ACO is to improve patient encounters and experiences. This is done by making sure that patients have advanced access to care. Data is analyzed to explore which services are being used the most (Reed, 2016).

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