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Essay: Lakes and Sailor Moon is rich in hydrocarbons

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  • Lakes and Sailor Moon is rich in hydrocarbons
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Scientists have conducted laboratory experiments, where they were placed in a tube Ethan liquid cooled to the point of 179 ° C (as is the temperature of the moon) and added his substance benzene. As the benzene dissolves very quickly in liquid ethane, so scientists concluded that lakes and Sailor Moon is rich in hydrocarbons.

It should be noted, that he found in the Titan seas and lakes and rivers and drag and rain as on the ground. However, it’s not water, but a liquid carbohydrate. Experts point out that the topography of the moon Titan-like terrain ground, with different components – water on the ground and carbohydrates in the Titan.

The discovery of the moon Titan in the twenty-fifth of March for the year 1655 of the birth of Jesus has been discovered is the astronomer Dutchman Christian Huygens was inspired Huygens discoveries discoveries of the world the Italian Galileo for the four largest moons of Jupiter in 1610 and improvements introduced by the telescope ( the telescope). The Christian and with the help of his brother Constantine Huygens building an astronomical telescope in 1650 was discovered the first moon of Saturn that the telescope by the developer. The Huygens Pencmat New Moon (Saturni Luna) any simply Saturn’s moon publishers an article in the 1655 m under the name of (De Saturni Luna Observatio Nova) or observations about the moon of Saturn was the then Astronomer the Italian-French Giovanni Cassini publish his discoveries of the four new moons of Saturn between the years 1673 and 1686, the scientists then used to label these satellites to Saturn 1 and Solaaly Saturn 5 was Titan No. 4 among them have been frozen count of the moons of Saturn system after 1789 to avoid any confusion between him and the other Saturn moons for because the discoveries rolled other moons new Saturn (lost Titan carry the names of two of Saturn and Saturn 4 and even Saturn 6). Has been renamed the moon Titan came for the first time at the hands of the British John Herschel of the world (the son of the famous British astronomer William Herschel) in his articles published in 1847 under the title (results meteorologist astronomically from the Cape of Good Hope) has suggested in his article Titan name a False from Almeciologia Greco strain Greek gods known Paljbabrh who were descendants of Saturn (Saturn) Abu mighty and the son of the God of heaven Uranus and therefore have Titan is the son of Saturn also suggest names for Abtios and Rhea Mimas and Enceladus They are sisters Saturn (Saturn) who ruled the Golden legendary gods Greco era time.

The more the bottom volcanoes flat top and sides of steep, called Toya where volcanoes named after Mount Toya bout in northern British Columbia, which was discovered by geologist Bill Mathews in 1947. In Iceland, the volcano also known Volcano Mountains in the form of a table. The scientists increased confidence in precisely this theory recording change in gloss some areas on the surface of the moon “Titan” during the period 2005 – 2009, and this information is also important in terms of the possibility of life on the moon because of the existence of liquid water and methane. Cryovolcano produces plumes that may be more degrees hotter than the frozen surface. Exposed to the cold and vacuum of space, the plumes quickly solidify, becoming airborne dust. As the gravity is weak on many ice moons, the plume may completely escape the moon’s gravity well, go into an orbit, or crash back down on the surface in another area. Ice volcano size range from lea than one meter to greater than 8 meters in height, measured by the base of the peak. The largest cones happened on the areas, which has high energy waves. There are two shapes of cones that has been observed (shield volcano and stratovolcano) a volcano built up of alternate layers: domed volcano with gently sloping sides, characteristic of the eruption of fluid and two forms of symmetry unbreached and breached. Breached means make a gap in and break through, the formation of cones can be related to symmetry. Cones forming on the leading edge of the ice shelf are breached in the lake ward direction. Occurring landward from the shelf’s edge form unbreached cones. The 1st cryovolcano was observed on Neptune’s moon Triton during the voyager 2 flyby in 1989. And on 27 November 2005, it occurred on Saturn’s moon Enceladus. Cryovolcanoes on Enceladus were documented by the Cassini spacecraft in 2005. The Cassini spacecraft from 2005 to 2009 had captured some revealed changes in surface brightness in regions with these structures, a sign of ongoing Ice Volcano on Titan, Anezina Solomonidou of the Paris Observatory reported in September in London at the European Planetary Science Congress. Boffins believe they have discovered the first Ice Volcano “cryovolcano”. Times later there was an indirect evidence of Ice Volcanoes, some activity of Cryovolacnic was observed on some other icy moons from our Solar System, including Europa, Titan, Ganymede, and Miranda. Several features had been observed by Cassini and thought to have Cryovolcanoes on Titan. Scientists now days believe that Ice Volcanoes can be a significant source of methane that have been found in titan’s atmosphere in 2007. Also patches of Ammonia and water crystals were observed on the surface of Pluto’s moon and this was Gemini observation, these water crystal and Ammonia proves that there is some Cryovolcanoes activities in Pluto. Pluto is 5.8 billion kilometers away from the sun, which make it the best place for Ice Volcanoes to appear in.Recently there have been a discovery about active volcanoes on Pluto. Scientists are trying to discover what is generating the heat needed to allow recent geologic activity to occur on Pluto. Although Pluto and its largest moon, Charon, orbit each other as a binary system, scientists calculate the gravitational tidal forces each imposes on the other is not strong enough to cause internal ices to melt and erupt. Evidence of cryovolcanoes has been observed on other worlds throughout the solar system, including the tiger stripe geysers of Saturn’s moon Enceladus and the nitrogen volcanoes of Neptune’s moon Triton.

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