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Essay: Lonavala, Pune near Mumbai

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  • Lonavala, Pune near Mumbai
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Lovanala is about sixty four kilometers from the city of Pune and ninety six kilometers from town of Mumbai. It is identified for its production of the hard candy chikki and can be a fundamental discontinue on the railway line connecting Mumbai and Pune. From the Mumbai suburbs, local trains are to be had from Karjat. Each the Mumbai-Pune expressway as well as the Mumbai-Chennai highway passes through Lonavla. Lonavala is a town and a hill station Municipal Council in Pune district in the Indian State of Maharashtra. It is also home to INS Shivaji (formerly HMIS Shivaji) which is the Indian Navy’s optimum Technical training Institute. The name Lonavla is derived from the Sanskrit lonavli, which refers to the many caves like Karla Caves, Bhaja Caves and Bedsa which can be practically Lonavla. A trip to Lonavla and Khandala may also be combined with sight-seeing visits of Karla, Bhaja and Bedsa caves and also the 2 fortresses, Lohagad and Visapur. An additional situation of curiosity is the Tungi fortress, one of the vital forts captured via Malik Ahmad near the village of Karjat and used to be recognized for its usual strength.

Places of curiosity around Lonavla

Rajmachi Point

Rajmachi point is located about 6.5 km from Lonavla. This point commands a view of Shivaji’s noted castle, Rajmachi (Royal terrakouioce) and the encompassing valley. General State Transport buses ply between Rajmachi point and Lonavla from the State Transport Bus Stand. The noted Vaghjai Dari can also be located right here.

Ryewood Park & Shivaji Udyan

That is an extensive backyard established in Lonavla. The garden covers a lot of ground and it is filled with tall bushes. There is an historic Shiva temple in the park. The garden has plenty of location for youngsters to play.

Valvan Dam

Valvan Dam has a garden at its foot, and is a widespread evening spot 2 km from town. The dam presents water to the Khopoli vigor station on the foothills of the Sahyadris for producing electricity. The Kundali River feeds into the dam’s reservoir.

Lonavla Lake

Lonavla Lake is surrounded by means of common surroundings, about 1.6 km from the city. The lake dries up throughout the winter months.

Duke’s nose

Duke’s nostril stands 12 km from Lonavla, certainly seen from the freeway while driving in the direction of Mumbai. This landmark in Khandala is popular with hikers. Additionally known locally as Naagphani (Cobra’s Hood), the cliff owes its name to the Duke of Wellington, whose considerable nose it resembles.

Tiger’s Leap

Tiger’s jump often referred to as Tiger’s point is a cliff-top with a sheer drop of over 650 m, giving a wide view. Buses are to be had as much as INS Shivaji and the remainder distance of about 1.6 km had to be covered taking walks. Simply around tiger’s jump, there is a small waterfall lively only for the period of the monsoon. It serves the rationale of enjoyable within the water better than furry dam, as the force of the fall is larger. Additionally, after the transient steep descent, the autumn becomes a circulate with a fair quantity of force to head all of the manner all the way down to the base of the Tiger’s jump. Adventurers can trek down the stream whilst intermittently stepping back on land the place the water present is simply too powerful and the autumn is steep.

Karla Caves

Karla caves, placed close Lonavla, is a difficult of cave shrines built by Buddhist monks around 3rd to 2nd century B.C. A noted temple of Goddess Ekvira Devi can be reward right here.[10]

Lohagad fort

A robust climb of about 11.2 km from Malavali Railway Station takes you to the ‘Iron castle’, as soon as a formidable fight-station of Shivaji. The fort instructs a view of the surrounding hills and hamlets.

Bhushi Dam

A waterfall close the dam is a fashionable spot between Lonavla and that I.N.S. Shivaji. Buses running on the I.N.S. Shivaji avenue stops here.

Lion point

Scenic factor midway between Bhushi Dam and Aamby Valley .

Tungarli Lake and Dam

This lake and Dam come to lifestyles throughout the Monsoon season, the place early life climb the mountain top to the Dam. This dam was built for the duration of the British technology and aspects a serene surrounding.

Shooting point

Yet another scenic factor in the town of Khandala (Bazaar peth), which supplies superb view of the Rajmachi fort and the valley.



Today Lonavala is a preferred holiday city and paved paths criss-move the foot trails, leading to vantage aspects within the mountains. Overflowing dams and lakes like Bushi and Valvan accentuate the lush foliage and have emerged as cheerful picnic spots. Chikkis and Jams are two eatables which make Lonavala and Khandala noted for eatables. Candy peanut and dry fruit are among different famous eatables. As you opt for bins of various chikki, some chocolate and mango fudge, a pair of Kolhapuri slippers, and various touristy knickknacks in this particularly available mountain town, you suppose splendidly shut and yet far eliminated from the town at the same time.


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