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Essay: Australian's Health

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  • Australian's Health
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In this dynamic and modernized world, Australians are the one of long life living people in the world. Most Australians have good feeling about their comfort of life. But some groups experience a poorer health. ‘Aboriginal and Torres strait islander people generally fare worse on a number of health measures ‘ for example, life expectancy is about 12 years shorter than for other Australians. And access to and use of health service is often lower- for example, in 2009-10, 36% of Indigenous women were screened for breast cancer compared with 55% of non-Indigenous women’ (Australian health, 2012). Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples die at a much younger age and more liable to experience incapacitation and reduce quality of like because of ill health. The reasons for the poorer health of Aboriginal people in Australia are very complicated and interdependent. It has include income, education, employment, stress, social network and support, working and living condition. And also cultural factors, such as attitudes, beliefs and customs. There are many environmental factors can be caused to ill health and increasing death rates of Aboriginal and Torres Strait islander people in Australia.
Mental health is very important to the total well-being of whole aboriginal people.
Definition of mental health mean social and emotional well-being of individuals. It carry how well individuals can cope with stress or adversities that they come across during their life. As Breitt (Bad old Australia, 2002, p.120) noted Trauma and grief related to the history of a new settlement invading Indigenous communities, the impact of colonisation by Europeans, loss of land and culture, high rates of premature mortality, high levels of incarceration, family separations and Aboriginal deaths in custody have been identified as underlying the great burden among Indigenous people of ‘mental health problems’, which may lead to ‘mental illness’. Compared with non ‘ indigenous Australians, indigenous Australians are ”.hospitalised for ‘mental and behavioural disorders’ at 2.0 and 1.5 times the rate, respectively, of their non- Indigenous peers, with the Indigenous :”’..( Hunter, 2007, p.89). As the result of this Indigenous Australians are more likely to die from intestinal self-harm than other Australians. For example ‘In Queensland the Indigenous suicide rate for 1999-2001 was 56% higher than for the state as a whole, with the rate for young men aged 15-24 years 3.5 times higher. Some 83% of Indigenous suicide were less than 35 years of age’. (Hunter, 2007, p.89). This reason has impact to the one

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