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Essay: Campaigns against tobacco and obesity

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The campaign against obesity has of recent past be a major concern to the American government. Currently two thirds of the American citizenry struggle because of their weight issues or rather has obesity. As such, the general effects of the nation’s obesity epidemics is becoming more immense leading to businesses, communities and taxpayers hundreds of billions each year on obesity issues. As such, obesity is the main reason as to why the current generation of youths is predicted to have short life span in comparison to their parents. On the other hand, the American government has place important control policies to curb the menace of tobacco aimed at changing the general public image of tobacco. Such policies include the regulation on youth access and various bans on the promotion and advertising of tobacco products.
It is important to note that the American government is really struggling to end the general problem of obesity especially among the youths. The government is carrying out a series of many campaigns to sensitize all the masses on the health implications of obesity. Obesity has the general symptoms and characteristics of increase in body fat, low self-esteem and other multi metabolic and various hormonal diseases like abnormal energy balance and impaired functioning and deregulation of appetite. Therefore, the American government is working hand in hand to reduce the cases of obesity through initiation of various programs and campaigns through public sensitization. Such organizations include the World Health Organization (WHO), the Food, Drug Administration (FDA), and other bodies that recognize obesity as a disease and work together towards the management of the same.
Through the clinical and educational approaches, the American government is really struggling to create health care policies for all the smokers through the state and community intervention with the motive of controlling the use of tobacco to all its citizens. As such, there are various tobacco control measures imposed by the American government to end the tobacco epidemic. Such movement leads to the creation of an independent society free from diseases and deaths related to the massive use of tobacco. The government also supports a comprehensive approach meant to provide support to all the addicts enhanced on their scientific foundation (McQueen, 114).
As such, some of the actions to end the general epidemic of obesity entail changing of the food environment to effect most of the youth’s dietary choices and weight gain. Most of the youth change their eating and drinking patterns once in colleges due to the kind of lifestyle they are forced in. the college food environment currently facilitates more weight gain than the aspects of the environment on weight gain elimination. The introduction of fast food, junk food and sugar-sweetened beverages is the main course to obesity in most of the learning institutions. The most common is the tobacco control policy that entails not smoking in the public and in gatherings due to many public health factors. The smoke free laws ban smokers from smoking in restaurants, government building and even in airplanes.
With the immense burden imposed by tobacco to most of the Americans, ending the tobacco epidemic will probably increase the quality of life and life expectancy to all the Americans. The cost for their health care will automatically decrease and this will improve their general standards of living. As such, the Obama Administration tobacco control engineered by the American first lady is working hard to ensure that the next generation will be tobacco free through the children health insurance program and reauthorization act (Liverman, 89). The federal also imposes an increment on the tax levied to every packet of cigarette in order to prevent smoking and reduces the tendencies of its prevalence.
Consequently, the general campaign against smoking looks to have taken a center stage and succeeded in its integral aims as in comparison with the recent campaign against obesity. It is because of the affordable care act imposed against the use of tobacco that most of the smokers tend to adhere to. To add on this, the public health and prevention fund in America is working hard to support all the effective and innovative community based programs with the aim of encouraging the smokers on safe regulations, prevention and helping them to quit as well. There is also the creation of wellness programs initiated by the first lady of America that helps the smokers to reduce their addictiveness and share out their experience in their work places (Kamerow, 127).
Contrary to this, the American medical Association (AMA) is doing so minimal to educate the public and to create awareness regarding the epidemic of obesity. The federal support of research has failed to curd all the youth in their learning institutions regarding their eating habits. Most of the college students find the chance to eat what they want any time for their first time in life while in college thus leading to the increased rate of obesity. Obesity in children is more rampant due to the lack of knowledgeable community resource and referral services dealing with the management of overweight (Kumanyika, 107).
Therefore, the general campaign against tobacco and obesity matters a lot to the American citizenry and the entire world as it forms the basis of their daily health and good living standards. On the other hand, the campaign against tobacco is taking a center stage starting with the college students who tend to be more vulnerable to such kinds of addictions at tender stages of their lives. Therefore, the two campaigns on tobacco and obesity matter as they lead to health living and improved standards of living to the public. It also enables public awareness and the right measures to control the two epidemics according to the standards and regulations of the American medical Association.
The recommended actions calls for all the centers for disease control and prevention under the regulatory of the center for disease control and the American medical Association to evaluate the obesity issue as a disease and call for the president intervention in raising the public awareness of the significance of obesity. Obesity needs the treatment of an urgent chronic condition (Koplan, 214). The American president should also cooperate in developing schools health advocacy agenda in different levels of the schools in regard with the National Institute of Health (NIH). Such motives will sensitize the young children regarding their eating habits and the dangers of obesity. The tobacco campaign should aim at improving the standard of the smokers pointing out the general effects of smoking. Therefore, the healthcare agencies through the intervention of the presidency should educate all the populace concerning the harmful effects of tobacco.

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