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Undoubtedly, by globalization, there are a number of reasons of depression related to stress, lack of unemployment, social gradient and social exclusion. This links to stress disorder, depression, and suicidality in modern society. Depression has been influential factor and a majority of experts agree that depression is abnormal mental disease. In Australian and New Zealand Journal of Psychiatry (2012), the pessimistic connation between socio-economic position and depression are formed (Fryers et al., 2003; Kessler et al., 2008; Levinson et al., 2010; Lorant et al., 2003) and according to Jenkins and colleagues (2008), the aspect of debt which is related to mortgage or renting houses and the association between mental disorders and debt was more negative effect on debtors than income with mental disorders. When debt was adjusted, the association between income and mental disorders was decreased.
Lifespan connected with most illnesses are gradually declined by the social gradient. Therefore, health policy will deal with social and economic decision factors of health. Life expectancy is affected by meager social and commercial states. The effects of poor environments influence not only low level of people but also middle class. It is true that blue color workers who are working in inferior working circumstances have more exposed many kinds of diseases and high rate of death than high position workers. According to Butterworth et al. (2012), the socio-economic position is linked to depression by generating data from the relationship between socio-economic position and depression. The economic hardship associated with lack of prerequisites of daily life due to limited monetary means could demonstrate the aspect of the social gradient. There are a number of causes related to disadvantages which are few properties, a poor educated environment, and discharge without notice (Wilkinson, R. & Marmot, M. 2012).
Unfortunately, some people who are exposed to stressful fanatical and social environment are not cushy life and need welfare to be more safe life and to provide motivation to takeover disadvantages. Furthermore, good health condition and societies where provide useful roles in the socio-economic position will generate power to escape from depression (Wilkinson, R. & Marmot, M. 2012).

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