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The provisional meaning of dignity used in the Social Care Institute for Excellence guide is based on a standard dictionary definition:
‘A state, quality or manner worthy of esteem or respect; and (by extension) self-respect. Dignity in care, therefore, means the kind of care, in setting, which supports and promotes, and does not undermine, a person’s self-respect regardless of any difference. Or, as one person receiving care put it more briefly, ‘Being treated like I was somebody’
Policy Research Institute on Ageing and Ethnicity/Help the Aged, 2001
As Royal College of Nursing (2008) also states, dignity is concerned with people’s feelings, thoughts and behaviour in connection with the sense of value they have about themselves or the respect someone promotes or lessens in them.
The broad aim of this essay is to analyse an adult case study that sets the scene for the contents of three sections. The subtitles of each section illustrate the key theme of the context and are followed by a brief introduction. The next step is to allow the reflection and analysis of the main ideas regarding the section. Each section of the essay begins with the key points of the text. Finally, a conclusion containing the main points of the essay will be provided.
This paper will discuss the case study of Jeremy who has a diagnosis of dementia. Concerns have been raised by Jeremy’s family as Jeremy’s sleeping behaviour have changed and he has been observed wandering. This poses a risk to the dignity of Jeremy. The content is to highlight the need of an ideal interaction of the qualified and unqualified care givers, based on compassion, dignity and respect towards the patient with dementia in order to provide, not necessarily a cure, but an improvement of his quality of life according to VERA framework.
Moreover, law and ethical principles will be explored on examining the health issues of Jeremy. The essay will conclude with a summary of the key points raised and how this will influence my nursing practice.

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